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Removal of all darkness on Earth.


# Multiple Creator blockages: Resolved.


# Multiple Mother Earth blockages: Resolved.


# Everything/Everywhere:  Restriction of the natural flow of life:  Resolved.


# Everything and beyond:  Laser is upsetting the frequency of peace:  Resolved.


# Everything: A dark source is outside sending an energy of despair using a projection of itself:  Resolved.


# Everything:  Darkness constraining freedom:  Resolved.


# Everything:  Darkness constraining truth:  Resolved.


# Everything:  Darkness constraining logic:  Resolved.


# Everything:  Darkness promoting divisiveness:  Resolved.


# Everything:  Darkness promoting LGBT:  Resolved.


# Everything:  Darkness promoting homosexuality:  Resolved.


# Humanity:  Energy of insanity:  Resolved.


# Humanity:  Energy of irrational behavior:  Resolved.


# The beginning of darkness: A divine essence went dark with fear of separation and retaliation for being abandoned. Resolved.


# Nest of FEAR:   Resolved.


# Nest of SEEDS:   Resolved.


# Many subparts of FEAR:   Resolved.


# Compassion provided with the Frequency of Gold to all remaining FEAR and its protectors.  Resolved.


# Creator has returned the spiritual essence back into a healing containment.  Resolved.


# Mop up of all the harm done by the rogue essence. Resolving.


# Returned all changes to Everything and beyond to their original state.  Resolved.


# Something is connecting all remaining dark/harmful nasties:   With creation of the ‘essence’ also came the dark power source.  Resolved.


A copy of the dark power source still exists.  Resolved.


Our Future World:

Time to Leave Darkness and Uplift to Our New Earth!

Imagine a world without the need for government, laws, police, military, guns, bombs or missiles.  No big pharma or big Agra poisoning us.  No fake media, politicians or anyone lying to us.  No rules or regulations limiting us… just free will, common sense and heart guided living in total peace.  No polluting factories, business or need to work. No need for money or banks. Optimal health in youthful bodies with all your needs met through personal manifestation generators producing our clothing, furnishings and optional food/drink (we can but do not need to eat or drink).  Our luxury homes and self-driving vehicles heated and cooled by free energy.  An internet without wires, satellites or towers with 3D holographic viewing for communications.  Nothing is extracted from Mother Earth and her waters and air are pure.  There are no harmful bugs, rodents or aquatics nor anything producing disease, aging or harm to anything or anyone.  Explore the wonders of nature or gather with friends at the beach, cruising or at a mountain resort in your 30 year young vibrant attractive limited light bodies.


This is the future for those worldwide who have stopped chasing the money (a tool of the dark) and connected/engaged with their hearts and their higher-selves while moving to ‘of the light’.  This pathway and more was provided by Creator’s 6 step process.  Congratulations to those who are graduating with honors… you’ve earned it!


Here are the many stages of AWAKENING:


  1. Awareness that this 200th paradigm was constructed by darkness inducing “duality” where light and darkness coexist with darkness in control.
  2. Awareness of the frauds (banking, government, legal system, medical and drugs, induced wars, fake news, food, religion, etc.).
  3. Awareness of centillions of DARK invisible entities, essences and aspects locally and remotely invading and manipulating humanity to do harm to others and planet Earth.
  4. Awareness that “God” is a powerless manifestation by the darkness hiding the true Creator from humanity.
  5. Awareness that “love” brought by Jesus and other spiritual leaders did not eradicate darkness.
  6. Awareness that “money” was the “god” of darkness controlling everything in this paradigm.
  7. Awareness that dispensing the dark’s fake “money” consumes the bankers with darkness.
  8. Awareness that seeking legal compensation from fake “loans and taxes” from the dark system leads to harsh treatment: put out of business, imprisoned or killed.
  9. Awareness that there are NO BAD PEOPLE but people deeply infused by darkness controlling and abusing the others.
  10. Awareness that the only way to end darkness is to “remove” it and follow Creator’s plan to leave duality and uplift to a new paradigm of light.
  11. Awareness that Creator has provided the means to uplift oneself in preparation for the new paradigm using the “Elite Member 6 Step Process” which will increase your ability to: engage with their hearts, connected to their higher-selves and align you to beings “of the light”.
  12. Awareness that the manifestation of this paradigm of duality and all its components continue to be found and eradicated.
  13. Awareness that only those who have engaged with their hearts, connected to their higher-selves and are “of the light” will be moving forward on Creator’s upliftment plan… all others will no longer exist.


As you will see below, we have made HUGE strides in recent weeks culminating 7 years of purging darkness thru 38,000+ sessions.  This past week is no exception.  We have found a host of new challenges listed below, INCLUDING THE EXTINCTION OF ALL DARKNESS (the darkness that manifested our current paradigm of duality)! 


Every evil thought, word and action ever done on planet Earth and throughout the paradigm originated from this wizard.  Following 199 paradigms of pure LIGHT and LOVE from Creator, “the cowardly wizard of darkness manifested this 200th paradigm of FEAR beginning with the original cesspool (dark heart of fear) and the 10 components bringing us fear, chaos, jealousy and stealing mankind’s power to name a few.  Every act of blame, harm, evil, destruction, theft, invasion, rape pillage, lies, deceit, cheating and much more has been rooted in the cesspool of FEAR.


These have been administered thru countless invisible entities, essences and aspects of FEAR invading everybody and everything in this paradigm.  Some have become totally consumed by them and they then became the dark’s masters controlling the rest of humanity thru politics, banking, wars, police, big pharma, big agriculture, media, laws, courts, dis/misinformation, taxes, inflation, races, genders, religions, disease, etc. 


While we’ve been busy blaming each other for all these woes, we never saw the invisible hand of darkness invading our bodies blocking common sense and heart access producing the liberal left and insane manipulation of all of humanity.  Also darkness was invading our biology producing gender confusion and disrupting organs, glands, joints and systems producing all diseases.  They manipulated our minds promoting war and violence rather than resolution and peace.  When truth would set us free, they inserted lies.  When prosperity would set us free, they substituted debt.   When good nutrition would bring us health they brought us poisonous drugs.  When access to Creator’s love was blocked, they brought us divisive religions. 


When darkness ends, humanity will find and function from their hearts, their center of truth rather than their ego that is easily controlled by darkness. This is why we offer the 6 step deep cleanse Wellness Program at our sister company www.BioRenew.com. For those who choose to continue further, the next step is the Elite Membership. Access to all of these is outlined in previous newsletters found here https://freedomclubusa.com/newsletter_history2/. Our future is to ascend to a New Earth of light. It is ready for us now and will be available to those who have learned their lessons in this duality school, are of the light, found their hearts and cleared their baggage. There will be only a small percent of humanity that will graduate from this very tough Earth school. Most will/have dropped out, others will flunk out, others will squeak by and the few who excel will ascend to the awesome New Earth. I hope that will be you!


May you be blessed, Rev. Tom, Lois, Debbie and our FCUSA team.

The best way to predict your future is to create it."
- Abraham Lincoln

We appreciate ALL who HAVE supported us during difficult times. 

1 Step to Your New Life!


Humans and Elite Members Who have Engaged with their Hearts and Higher-selves and are OF the Light


Here are your upcoming gifts for those who have uplifted themselves and will find their new home on a new Earth of Light:

You will be rewarded with a new youthful limited light body, a luxury home and vehicle plus abilities to manifest all their needs and all the benefits as described above.

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May you be blessed,

Rev. Tom



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