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History of Restored Republic via a Global Currency Reset:

Since the 1800’s what was later known as US Inc, had been collecting US Taxpayer dollars through their privately owned IRS and Federal Reserve. Private individuals and bankers owned US Inc. and used the monies to gain personal wealth under the auspices of the City States of London, Vatican and their Central Banks across the globe. About a month later the money was returned to New York and corporations on Wall Street, where the US government was charged interest to use their own monies.

By Tues. 9 Feb. 2021 it was no surprise to anyone in the financial world that the Stock Market was about to collapse, some experts said within the next 45 days. That was because the US Inc. had taken out bankruptcy in 2008 and the US Inc.’s privately owned Federal Reserve which had held the Stock Market up for so many years by printing fiat US dollars, had been functioning on an expired license since way last Dec. 12 2012.

That 2008 bankruptcy was the same year the Alliance nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS – which included hundreds of powerful people and eventually 209 nations across the globe) formed to take care of the problem by implementing a Global Currency Reset. They would set up currencies of their 209 nations in a gold/ asset-backed standard and away from the fiat US Dollar.

Going into his 2016 Election Trump and the Alliance were well aware of the misuse of US Taxpayer dollars, plus the Election fraud used to insure the power stayed with these private individuals and bankers known as the Cabal. Election fraud had been taking place since at least the time the CIA devised the computer programming under President George W. Bush.

On the 2016 Election night a group of Alliance Patriots used the CIA vote changing system to their advantage. In a couple of key states they were able to insure Trump votes were unable to be switched to C*linton. That was the reason Hillary Clinton had a melt down when she didn’t win her fixed election.

President Trump didn’t think the Cabal’s private use of US Taxpayer dollars was good business practices. On Sun. 31 Jan. 2021 that whole system was shut off cold when US Inc.’s SWIFT financial system gave way to Trump and the Alliance’s Quantum Financial System. We were in the middle of a Global Currency Reset and return of the US Dollar – as well as currencies of 209 nations – to a gold/ asset-backed financial system.

To do so and for over twenty years the Alliance had been deeply involved in ridding the population of D*eep State Cabal Sat*anists who had been stealing our money since those 1800’s. Military Alliance heads had selected Donald Trump to run and win the US Presidency.

On 4 July 2020 President Trump signed the Declaration of Independence for the restored Republic.

In preparation for the 2020 Election Trump had imprinted all official ballots with watermarks and chips and verified of such to a couple of Supreme Court judges. He also signed an Executive Order saying that if there was any foreign interference with the 2020 Election it would be declared null and void.

On 2 Nov. 2020 President Trump officially turned his authority over to the US Military, tasking them with restoring the American Republic to original concepts of the 1776 Constitution. He instigated the Insurrection Act put in place by Bush Jr. after 9/11, using Code 11.3: “The Military can arrest and try traitors when the system of law and order breaks down and courts are no longer trusted to dispense justice due to such wide spread corruption.”

Meanwhile the Alliance’s global military action would be installing NESARA / GESARA in 209 nations. NESARA would begin to be revealed this February while GESARA would begin to be revealed as early as March 2021.

On Nov. 3 2020 Trump signed an Executive Order that verified NESARA. The US was now in a 120 day transitioning period from a bankrupt US Inc. corporation to implementing basic principles of the 1776 Constitution on 4 March 2021.

By the end of Trump’s first term in office there were more than 222,000 indictments filed in US federal courts across the nation against political and global elites, (many of whom worshipped Satan through paedophilia and Child Sacrifice) and more than 3,000,000 global elite arrests were taking place around the world.

Around the first part of Nov. 2020 Joe B*iden was inaugurated president of a defunct and bankrupt US Inc. in a pre-recorded ceremony at the Castle Rock Studios in Hollywood. A few weeks later on 20 Jan. 2021 Inauguration Day, the major networks portrayed the Inauguration ceremony as live, yet the “live” feed timing was off on all three networks. https://www.simonparkes.org/post/biden-s-oval-office-studio

CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos, the richest man on the planet, would soon step down with the help of Military intervention. Amazon had leased the Castle Rock studios where B*iden Inauguration took place. Presently “B*iden” was not at the White House, but was signing blank Executive Orders on the Castle Rock movie set of the Oval Office with a signature that didn’t match his own.

Since 12 noon 20 Nov. the US has been officially under Martial Law for the purpose of transitioning from US Incorporated to a restored Republic with a Presidential Inauguration scheduled for 4 March 2021. The Department of Defense had called into DC more National Guard troops to stay through March / April for a transition to the restored Republic / NESARA, where Trump would be revealed as Commander-in-Chief and a new election held via the Quantum Voting System (QVS).

On Wed. 6 Jan. 2021 millions attended a Trump Rally in Washington DC. As President Trump was giving his speech two miles away vans loaded with Antifa rioters emptied and were let into the US Capitol grounds by DC police. A riot ensued – which was blamed on President Trump and was later the basis for a charge of impeachment. Though, Special US Ops forces had integrated themselves into the Antifa rioters and confiscated certain Democrat laptops, including Nancy P*elosi’s. The laptops had evidence that proved P*elosi and company coordinated the rioters within the Capitol Building.

On Sat. 9 Jan. 2021 US Special Ops raided a CIA Office in Germany and took control over the Dominion servers used to switch Trump votes to B*iden in the 2020 Election – that proved foreign intervention and fraud in the 2020 US Presidential Election.

By 13 Jan. 2021 Pope Francis was out of the Vatican and the next week the Italian government collapsed. They were both broke. They had both participated in throwing Trump votes to B*iden in the 2020 Election. Trump had overseen 730 plane loads of gold and precious artifacts taken out of tunnels beneath the Vatican and returned to their rightful owners – including the new US Treasury near Reno and two other locations in the US.

On Tues. 19 Jan. the Department of Defense and Congress received the Department of National Intelligence Ratcliffe Report on foreign interference in the 3 Nov 2020 Election. It showed that there WAS foreign interference in the election by China, Venezuela, Germany, Spain, Iran, Italy and the Vatican City State.

The Department of Defense was conducting it's own internal investigation based on evidence in DNI Ratcliffe's Report, plus the evidence seized by a Marine raid on CIA headquarters on Sat 9 Jan 2021.

That Sat. 9 Jan. raid on the CIA yielded unequivocal evidence of the stolen election as well as a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) "kill-list" of US military Generals who would be ki*lled by Chinese & American D*eep State communist leaders.

D*eep State Communist leaders in China and the US wanted to purge the US Military of patriot military leaders who would stand in the way of the D*eep State CCP plan to take over and control the US.

By that Jan. 2021 there was hard and overwhelming evidence that Trump decisively won the 2020 Election by an over 80% vote. The courts and Congress had failed in their duty to protect the Constitution, so the Military now had the responsibility to take control, with a mandate to install a lawful Republic to insure that the Constitution was enforced.

On 20 Jan. Inauguration day B*iden showed up in DC not on Air Force One, but on a private plane for a motorcade lined with National Guard troops called to DC, who stood at attention with their backs to the president’s car. He was not allowed to fly on Air Force One, be on Marine One, to enter the Pentagon, nor have security briefings and was locked out of the White House.

Over 60,000 National Guard troops had been called to DC, who then erected eight foot high fencing around Capitol Hill and Supreme Court buildings. The barbed wire atop the fencing was facing inward, the security designed to keep people in, not out.

On that Wed. 20 Jan. at 12:00am EST day of the fake made-in-Hollywood-Castle Rock Entertainment Studio’s Inauguration of Joe Biden as president of a defunct, bankrupt US. Inc, an Interim US Military Government was enforcing Martial Law in Washington DC and throughout the US. As much as the fake Mainstream Media wanted you to believe otherwise, Congress was not functioning and the White House was empty.

In reality the B*iden Inauguration was an Alliance Sting Operation to catch B*iden, Congress, US Courts, the Mainstream Media and other bad guys in acts of treason – for they had coordinated with foreign powers to flip votes from Trump to B*iden in an attempt to install Communism in the US and around the world.

With B*iden’s fake Inauguration the Alliance had just called Checkmate. On Sat. 23 Jan. Military Tribunals began on Capitol Hill, trying Congress people and other D*eep State traitors who were under arrest.

By Sun. night 24 Jan. – Mon. morning 25 Jan. between 3-6am Joe B*iden, 355 Congressmen and 109 Senators (in office or retired) were arrested.

On that Sun. night 24 Jan. – Mon. morning 25 Jan. 3-6am lawyers attending tribunals of their clients were caught on video going into the military secured Capitol Hill grounds. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ywfXNGNvvuU&feature=youtu.be
https://www.bitchute.com/video/GddeqfvsubPG/. https://youtu.be/ywfXNGNvvuU 'Mass arrest at the capitol' (bitchute.com)

In the early morning hours of Fri. 29 Jan. US Special Op forces recovered bo*dies, bo*dy parts and at least a hundred surviving tor*tured, malnourished ba*bies, chi*ldren, te*ens and adults from a tunnel system that lay beneath the White House and Capitol Building in Washington DC. – that extended over 200 miles. Multiple troops were seen coming out of the White House with at least a hundred children in tow – one of many chi*ld rescues that had taken place since 2017 out of the Cabal’s extensive tunnel network across the globe. So far they had found over a million tortured children, and many more deceased.

On Fri. 29 Jan. 6 p.m. EST the official announcement of Martial Law was sent to the Mainstream Media, which refused to air it – an act of High Treason for censoring official communication regarding measures of national security from a legitimate US government source, the action of which caused an immediate danger to the nation.

As of Sun. 31 Jan. the US Inc.’s fiat SWIFT global financial system was no more and as of Mon. 1 Feb. the new and transparent Quantum Financial System was in place. The Cabal’s corporate manipulation of the global financial Market through the Stock Market had been stopped, but their attempt to destroy the US and world economy was an act of war that would give permission to the US Military to overthrow the communist governments which took part.

On Sun. 31 Jan. 4:35 pm EST the official announcement of the arrest of Joe Bi*den, 355 Congressmen and 109 Senators was sent to the Mainstream Media, which refused to air the announcement – another act of High Treason for censoring official communication regarding measures of national security from a legitimate US government source, the action of which caused an immediate danger to the nation.

On Mon.1 Feb. the Global Currency Reset was completed and the old Cabal fiat US Dollar Central Banking System was no more. The Quantum Financial System Computer was now in full control of the global financial system, and the Interim US Military Government was in full control of the US financial system.

On that same Mon. 1 Feb. and as per Trump’s Executive Order #13848, assets were frozen of those under indictment for treason and/or found to have conspired in and/or covered up 2020 Presidential Election Voter Fraud.

Even more important in the early morning hours of that Mon. 1 Feb. Joe B*iden and 464 elected government officials were said arrested and released inside the DC area guarded by over 30,000 National Guard troops, Capitol Hill surrounded in eight foot high barbed wire fencing designed to keep people in, not out and empty White House. B*iden has not moved in, nor has H*arris moved to the vice president’s residency.

The B*iden presidency didn’t appear to be working out so well. His bankrupt US Inc. had no money. All embassies of countries registered as companies in DC were closed. The US Inc.’s manipulated Stock Market was about to collapse – the corporations of the defunct US Inc. were expected to destroy themselves.

Since that 1 Feb. 2021 Military tribunals have been going on in the Russell Senate Building across Constitution Ave from the SCOTUS building in Washington DC. That was the reason that National Guard troops and police have surrounded, stood outside and along the fence with razor wire on top. https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/2021/01/military-tribunals-in-russell-building.html?m=1#more https://twitter.com/i/status/1355333598023450631

On Tues. 2 Feb. arrests and tribunals were still going on at the US Capitol according to this video: https://youtu.be/YQ2WXPUZpE4

As of Wed. 3 Feb. these arrests of political elites continued as they had been since Sun. 24 Jan. Juan O. Savin text: from my friend on the DC police force, “Something out of the ordinary is taking place today. Black Suburbans and armored vehicles running all around the city in tandem with emergency equipment blaring. There aren’t any scheduled presidential movements so it’s not POTUS. Looks to be fed swat type personnel in the motorcades. They’re rolling in pairs and fours”

Overseas Alliance SOF units were arresting up to 100,000+ D*eep State Central Bankers. Russian forces had arrested a top D*eep State bankster in Moscow Mon night 1 Feb. There were around 100,000 such agents from Germany, France and the USA. https://t.me/RGiuliani/748 https://t.me/WeAreTheFaithful/566

In October 2020 the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) bought the Dominion voting machines that turned Trump votes to B*iden. With the help of Democrats, other traitors in Congress and foreign country communist parties including Italy and the Vatican, they had interfered with the 2020 US Presidential Election.

Now the CCP was being dismantled. China’s President Xi was seeking to make China a [republic] democracy so to qualify for implementation of NESARA and the Global Currency Reset. During the months of Feb.-March the US, India and Russia with the cooperation of President Xi, would occupy and help to establish a transitional government of the Republic of China.

Prior to 5 Feb. an official announcement was sent to all Mass Media outlets globally that the US Interim Military Government was in charge and that Joe B*iden, 355 Congress people and 109 Senators were arrested on Sun-Mon 24, 25 Jan.

None of the Mass Media outlets aired the official announcement and by doing so it was determined they had committed treason. The Illuminati Media had fallen into the trap. Now the Interim US Military Government could take over provisional control of all such terrorist media as dictated by the law and Constitution. That would include acquisition of all US channels broadcast on satellites in Europe.

On Feb. 12 the US Military Gov would officially submit to all world governments publication of all evidence of conspiracy of the French, Chinese and other governments who created a false epidemic to overthrow the US government. This would give the US Military Intern Government permission to destroy the politicians of those governments.

The US Military was on High Alert (Defcon #2). There were three Air-Craft Carrier groups (with 100 ships strong for each group, with support ships) off the West Coast, two Air-Craft Carrier groups on the East Coast, one Air-Craft Carrier group in the South Chinese Sea and one Air-Craft Carrier group off the coast in India. Our Allies including the Russian Navy, were covering the European Coasts.


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