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You cannot get what you’ve never had unless you’re willing to do what you’ve never done.


When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it - always.
- Mahatma Gandhi


The Lion asked the Wizard one time, "When does a slave become a king?"

"When You start acting like one! "

Otherwise You remain a slave all Your life.

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Awesome Blessing

I am so happy what the wellness treatment did for my whole body.  First of all something attacked my back.  I could barely walk, sleep and sit down.  I received a "Wellness Checkup" and "Creator's Awakening Gift".  I woke this morning and I got out of bed feeling so much better.  I went to work today.  I am walking normal and I can bend over.  Just want to thank Lois and Tom for this blessing!!!!!


FCUSA Improved My Quality of Life

"I have been a member of FCUSA for many years and have enjoyed the information on the weekly updates and recorded calls, as they have much valuable information. I find new things all the time and new ways to improve my quality of life here. I am looking forward to the future of prosperity and blessings for all of us. Thank you for your continued perseverance for the good of all mankind."

Member Angie

My Favorite One Stop Shop for Everything

I've decided FCUSA is just about "a one stop shop" for everything!!! :) Financial, Spiritual, Practical, Health, Political, and basic common sense education with muscle testing thrown in to make it all work. Then add Quantum Energetics and we'll be 5th dimension before we know it. Many, Many Thanks to you and your wonderful crew for bring the best and brightest and especially, "coming from the HEART" which perhaps is one of the best things to give to HUMANITY and this precious EARTH. MUCH MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL. YOUR TIME AND EDUCATION WILL BE FELT FOR GENERATIONS AND DIMENSIONS... 


Unexpected Self-Worth & Self-Love

"I meant to write this a couple of weeks ago, got busy then remembered how important sharing my experience with FCUSA is.  Freedom Club as a whole, is a God send.  Whether it's Monday calls or Wednesday and especially Thursday's calls.  Yes, money is probably what attracted you here, myself included but what it's become for me is gaining an unexpected sense of self-worth, self-love, walking in love and a raised level of consciousness that is now my life. What you Lose is Fear, Anger, Self-Pity or blame.  What you learn is Self-Love, spreading  Love, Inner Peace and Creating Your Happiness. Thank you a million times to Tom and the Crew of Freedom Club USA.  May YOU be blessed!" 

Martine F.

More Than I Could Have Hoped For

"I was introduced to FCUSA approx. 5-6 years ago. I initially was told about the AR's but I have learned so much more that is even more valuable. All the information and guidance and help in my awakening is so appreciated. This has started my journey into awakening and living in love, light and gratitude. My spirituality has grown so much and I see the world and life so differently and feel so at Peace and in Joy even through some stressful situations. FCUSA has already given me so much more than I could have ever hoped for and there has not yet been any monies received. This has by far been my best decision to join for my own personal growth and to share with others. A Big heartfelt THANK YOU to Tom and your team for all your Love, Time, Knowledge and Caring that you have shared with me and so many others. May you all Be Blessed!"

Cheryl M.

Knowledge Is Priceless

The font of knowledge that is available on this FCUSA site is without peer ... no other site on the internet compares to the info that can be learned, just from this single site.  At $30 per month, it is an absolute bargain.  The info is priceless.  Congrats to all of you that comprise the staff at FCUSA.  You are visionaries, and we intend that ALL existing members and prospective members will realize that FCUSA is fulfilling one of the most basic of needs in this life on earth ... KNOWLEDGE.  We love FCUSA, and we thank you, FCUSA.

Ken & Diane

Ride of Your Life

 I completed my test and though I don't usually participate in writing testimonials and the sort I would be remiss if I didn't express my true feelings that are literally "almost un-expressible" smile! While testing it was like "somebody turned on the light" and I could hear you speaking about being ascended from the "darkness to the light" and realized that if you are you are a FCUSA member you are truly "in the right place, at precisely the right time" and because of the undying, and  relentless efforts put forth by you Tom and your team we will all be tremendously "Blessed" beyond measure! Needless to say, the test was "bug free", and I am a better person for making the decision to join the great organization. People need to understand that when Joanne makes statements like "get ready for the ride of your life" she means every word of it! People need to know that FCUSA is "NO JOKE" it is as real as real can get!!!...

I for one can't begin to thank you and the entire team for all you do to not only "right the wrong" that has kept us down for so very long, but empower us with the life tolls we will need to move forward in our lives!! I can't thank you enough!


Light Does Work

I am so thankful for freedomclubusa and all that I have learned and use and practice in my everyday life. About 4-5 (losing track of time) weeks ago, I sat quietly in the morning as I have set aside time to do everyday. From my heart I wanted to spread the white and golden light around I learned at the club.. as I sat ...I got deeply sad because I read that groups are much more powerful at this with greater results... but I continued ON in my heart totally determined to make a difference... and suddenly my heart opened wide and I remembered I was not alone.. so I called on the company of angels and I asked for 80,000 of the light angels to come forward... and with the biggest smile and glee that you could imagine a small child having at Christmas time... the most beautiful picture unfolded and "WE" all held hands and paws all around the Earth, our Earth.. Mama Gaia... and I called forth Saint Germain and Archangel Michael, Saint Mary Magdalen, Mother Mary, Master Lady Nada, Hilarian, Segkment(the really nice lion person), The White Flying Lions, Ashtar, Metatron and any one else I had read about and followed and have acknowledged and love... and we all beamed white light golden light all around Gaia and I could and can feeeeeeel tingley and high and spread out and smiling beyond smiling - I could see the smiles coming up all over the world and I could feeeeeel the joy the peace the calmness and I could hear the laughter. Every chance I get I do this exercise ... even when I drive or have a moment outside during work. I opened my macbook this morning. I don't follow much news.... there starring me in the face was the news of 3 young women found after disappearing for ten years at age 14-16.... my heart filled with tears and with GREAT JOY... for I knew what I knew what I knew.... this stuff of the light DOES WORK.. I DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE...each starfish is thankful to be thrown back in the water ... to be back in the flow of life... I just finished a at home QE... on our purple couch:)... I missed the live session this week... no matter it works just as good if not better when you are fresh in the morning!!! I usually do 3 QE's out of each QE session. I set aside the time and just DO IT.... even when I think there is other STUFF to do.  What a difference FreedomClubUSA and QE has made in my life, for the better! I have never given up and I keep reading and practicing what I can do... 100 or so QE's later I am lighter and smiling more ... and unloading and unloading.

SO Thank you LIGHT and LOVE for finding and bringing those young women home THANKYOU!  And I leave this letter for all those who read and I hear John F Kennedy speaking... Ask not what your freedomclubusa can do for you, but ask what you can do for your freedomclubusa and our Gaia... for each one of us makes a difference, we are all connected, and LOVE and LIGHT does heal all.

I love you


Blessed Beyond Measure!

Testimonial:  I completed my test and though I don't usually participate in writing testimonials and the sort I would be remiss if I didn't express my true feelings that are literally "almost un-expressible" smile! While testing it was like "somebody turned on the light" and I could hear you speaking about being ascended from the "darkness to the light" and realized that if you are you are a FCUSA member you are truly "in the right place, at precisely the right time" and because of the undying, and  relentless efforts put forth by you Tom and your team we will all be tremendously "Blessed" beyond measure!

Needless to say, the test was "bug free", and I am a better person for making the decision to join the great organization. People need to understand that when Joann makes statements like "get ready for the ride of your life" she means every word of it! People need to know that FCUSA is "NO JOKE" it is as real as real can get!!!...

I for one can't begin to thank you and the entire team for all you do to not only "right the wrong" that has kept us down for so very long, but empower us with the life tolls we will need to move forward in our lives!! I can't thank you enough!


Paying It Forward

I just would like to say how grateful me and my family are, in getting all the education and understanding of how and why this so call governmental/corporate world arena has financially, physically, and mentally demised us all.  We've learned so much from you Tom, Judi, and Joanne, that it's hardly any words that can express the heart-felt gratitude and the appreciation that we feel everytime we are on the calls. We sincerely appreciate how you and your team has spent countless hours making sure that we the people understand why we are here.  We all have a purpose for being part of a journey that is catered to our calling. There are so many opportunities that one can interest themselves in, so that he/or she can be awaken to a higher level.  It is because of you and your team that has given us hope that one day, which I feel deeply within my soul that this financial blessing is going to be very soon so that we can help to heal ourselves, our families, and those less fortunate.  Most of us have expressed that it isn't about the money, but the money is very important in our everyday life.  What we do with the money is most important because before we can receive, we have make sure that not just our pockets are lined up, but our mind and bodies should be as well.  We need to understand what this journey is truly about. There are so many wounded souls, we need to be able to look them in the eye with a stretched out hand and say; I'm here for you.  We need to be able to discerne the spirit of those people who need help, and that comes with being in tune with your heart. To all of my fellow Club members, I asked that you reach out by paying it forward for those who are less fortunate. This world would be a better place to live in. We must give back. paying it forward is the only way.  We thank you so much Tom for your knowledge and passion to continue this challenging but rewarding journey. We send you and your team much Love and Light.  Thank you so much.  


Quest For The Truth

During economic turmoil of 2008 when nearly all businesses were reporting loss, I noticed it is only banks who are reporting otherwise. This really intrigued me, so this awareness became the beginning of my quest for the truth. Then after many efforts in darkness I finally found FCUSA. Though I lost my home and car, I knew I've gone through these pains because I refuge to be their slave. But that was a lonely fight as I found my ally nowhere within my reach, until I came to FCUSA. God bless you all, Tom, Judi, all FCUSA teams and my friends who invested time, money and heart for this cause! Nothing is more meaningful in our life than learning new things such as what we learn from this club. This I strongly believe.



Very Impressive I have just worked through my testing set up and I have to say "Wow" The intigration of knowledge, teaching and technology working supported by the great team we have at FCUSA makes for ease of use. Having now witnessed our new program first hand I can not stress enough, know and feel good about the tools and information Tom, Judi, Joanne, and the team have put together for all of us. The site has the answers be confident everything you need to learn to grow and to protect and prosper is at your finger tips. "Be Excited", we are truly blessed.

Bruce T

Shining Light

Since I think I just missed the member appreciation call, I wanted to still let you all at the club know, Tom, Judy, Joanne and all the people behind the scenes, how much I appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for the members and for humanity.

When I found Freedom Club back in late 2010, I was at a very low point in my life, mostly due to financial problems.  Freedom Club gave me hope, a shining light at the end of the proverbial tunnel and a reason to fight on.  Since then, life has definitely improved for me, and I am grateful to be around and be a part of the club at this very exciting time in humanity's history. 

Thank you for the hope, love, light and courage you give to the world.


The Real Thing

Freedom Club USA is the best there in on the Internet.   Over 8,000 members put their faith and trust to our FCUSA management for their dedication and commitment in making sure their promises and commitments are fulfilled.  

I would like to express my sincere thanks to our Founder Tom and your dedicated working team who spent countless hours making sure that FCUSA will succeed.  Well Hurray to all the members and anyone who is sitting on the edge of the fences,  I can see that its only a matter of time before we reap the benefit of our Founder's great love for humanity.  This FCUSA will bring great relief to anyone who is in financial distress at this time.  Please tell everyone that Freedom Club USA is "The Real Thing"

Wayne W

Graciously From the Bottom of My Heart

I have been with your camp for the past 4 years (2009). Prior to that I ventured into several Companies that advertised themselves as the Next Google or Better that Facebook or E-bay with a difference etc. two months into the program they were all gone off the WWW as "they succumbed and gave up" when they encountered the first obstacle !. You have lasted 10 years and never did once let us know any real obstacle that you could not overcome, because you saw them as an opportunity to change course and you all were determined , steadfast and persevering !. You finally won and you never left any holes where the ignorant or the power hungry lawmen could twist and turn words and phrases as that's what they are good at !. So, I am so glad that I listened to my Consultant Viran G in 2009 and joined right away. Unfortunately, Viran passed away, unexpectedly from a severe stroke. As I am a busy surgeon serving in 6 hospitals, I did not get much of a chance to listen to the web events as the timing was never suitable in my line of work!. I , therefore, depended heavily on Viran to discuss the meetings etc. Now that he is "gone" I have been trying to make time and also call Carol D and Ida Lee S who are tremendously helpful.

In 2004 I had a painful brush with the IRS for unpaid taxes for 3 years while I was going through a bitter D and was paying 5 lawyers in two states! I had no money to pay the taxes. Spent over $10,000 on Tax Relief Lawyers who ran away with the money and later declared Ch.5 themselves. Two other outfits came to "rescue me", Schiff and Adminstrative Relief from Las Vegas who were not able to help. One is still in jail!. I lost another $6000 on them.

With all that behind me ,when Viran G explained how FCUSA is going about it and what other educational matters the Club had, I did not hesitate one bit and jumped in with both feet!. I am so Glad that I did trust your Honesty, Steadfastness and Determination to bring out the truth to the Vain public, us!. I have seen an amazing journey in the short 4 years that I have been in. I expanded my experiences in learning hugely from the excellent educational material that you have on your excellent website including the Spiritual, Supernatural, Music and the Animations! to simplify a Deep Story!.

I Thank you Tom for your patience in giving us your knowledge in such detail !.

This January my wife and I went to India, Bodhigaya Tour (Buddha's Story) and Sri Lanka. I saw HELL ON EARTH on the way to see these HEAVENLY places where Buddha was born, Lived as a prince, Attained Enlightenment, Spread his gospel and eventually passed away. The 4000 miles by van was hell where we saw poverty like we have never seen anywhere else. At the end of the trip I had a plan already.When our plan comes alive I have already made plans with the Sri Lankan Govt. to help me build 500 houses to the poor and needy and teach them to earn a living by cultivation and becoming self sufficient!. I plan to propagate throughout Sri Lanka first as I am from that Island and later help other nations in Asia and Africa and South Africa. Actually, there is nothing much that we really need here in the USA when I see how other countries are living. We are SO BLESSED that we don't even realize it as we take it for granted!. So, I am eagerly waiting for that day when I can open a FREE surgical clinic in these needy places.

So again, Dear Tom, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the great deed you have done and still doing so that we can share some good living with a decent meal and decent place to rest for the rest of the world who are less fortunate.


Graciously from the bottom of my heart

Lambert A. MD

Thank You

I wish to thank you Tom and all the other staff as well as those who supported your actions behind the scenes over the past several years. The enormous tasks associated with making Freedomclubusa into a reality. On top of all of that, being someone who has been on the spiritual path for sometime now, I appreciate the opportunity through Q.E. and the other inward examination offerings on the website. These are a great asset even if some are not currently ready for them. Coupled with the enormous library of news and overall enlightening nature of the links to outside sources for info makes it all time well spent, So, thank you again for all of this!  


I Am So Amazed


As I sit and read all these testimonials I am so amazed by the work of Tom and the rest of the team. I keep saying God did not send these people into our life by mistake these people were chosen, especially Rev. Tom. This is a man of knowledge that for me passes all understanding. How could he put such a puzzle together to help us in these troubled times? He is our Moses. I give thanks for all I have learnt in this club and and continually learning. God bless you all and I am very anxious to meet everyone in person.  

Karen M

Awakening Divine Potential


Thanks for the 24/7 updates. I have been working as a dishwasher for 4 years at a local Marriott. I once had a million $ years ago & lost it all. Last night I had the huge surprise of getting the biggest raise ever to just under $13 an hour! Apparently the Marriott family felt all Marriott's should be on the same pay scale job wise.

I can't say enough about how my health has improved by hard work & letting of past losses. Freedom Club USA has been Godsend to awakened the divine potential of giving all that I will receive from their hard work to give back to the common folks of USA & Canada & hopefully the world as well. Thank you everyone & my sponsors, too, of course!


Together We Stand


Giving thanks to our Supreme Creator who has allowed us the choice to be a part of mother earth and the changes that are getting ready to take place.

Thanks to Tom and their team for their dedication and hard work over the last eight years that it has taken to bring the truth forward.

They are the pioneers, i'm sure that has not been the easiest thing for them to do. One of the most important things we can do as a team is focus all of our energy on the success of this club.

Knowledge is power, and we are a very powerful group of people. The truth has given us the power to move forward with the confidence that we are doing the right thing.

We are heirs and joint heirs to the  kingdom. It all belongs to us, let's take it back we have the power. There is an old saying together we stand, divided we fall.  This is our world let's us take control of it.

Much love to all, if i could hug you all at one time i would. Love is the key let us keep the door of our heart unlocked. We are the light let's take it to the world.

Blessings To All

Joyful and Patient

I have been a member six to seven months and I thank God I was referred to the site. I know some have been a member since the beginning and maybe coming weary. But what I have seen in the months that I have been a member is amazing. I thank Tom and Joanne and Judi for making sure everything works before it is open to funding. If we all remain joyfully and patient we will reap the rewards and do what God has purposed us to do with the wealth. I am passing information forward to others and looking forward to help those that are in need. We are made a blessing to be a blessing. In the meantime while I a waiting I continue to educate myself so that I will be wise when I do receive my wealth.


Magic in the Skies

 I Love you guys!!!!!!!!!

I have so much appreciation for Freedom Club USA ... always.  I have read, watched and learned so much from your site... I love it! I have always been one to look up ... I love the sky, the blue and the clouds... I talk to the sky, to God, to passed animals, to passed friends and family... I daydream in the sky and make pictures with the clouds and it all is so very nice.... since all my reading this last year... I now talk and give thanks and love and light to the galactics in the sky too. Anyway... now I look up even more.... I look for the chem trails ... I used to get mad at them and fume.... oh I see that helped a whole lot!!! :) Now when I see them I send them light and love and to the planes spreading them... and I let go of my anger and hurt at them....So yesterday Harry and I are in the car and I look up through the front windshield... two planes flying parallel one in front of the other both spewing out chem trails.... Harry says yes I see them.... I smile and send light and love.... WOW and then all of a sudden appeared this translucent black road/path running parallel to both planes on the right... it started at one end of the sky and looked like it went to the opposite end of the sky... and the chem trails evaporated!!!

within a few seconds.... Harry and I both saw it!!! WAY Cool!!

I just know it was the galactics cleaning the sky... Thank you to the Galactics and Freedom Club..... for giving me the opportunity to be so aware and do my part ... sending light and love ... to all.. IT Works!

And thanks for doing all you do...

I feel so at home on the FCUSA site!

love, Alex

Way Too Awesome

 I would be a fool to admit the funding we are all waiting for isn't an important consideration in my life.  However I wish to share some deeper thoughts of what Freedom Club means to me. I have been doing the calls for the 25 percent bonus (more money for me and for sharing); but having an important cleansing during one of the QE sessions was totally way too awesome.  Then I listened to the 7 Essene Mirrors video by Greg Braden and it was fabulous.  I wouldn't be perusing the internet so much to have found this Youtube post on my own.  Thanks to Freedom Club for making my life more meaningful and awesome by sharing this info posted.  This group of leaders is spending countless hours of their own to make our lives better.  Kudos to all who rock our world!


The Eagle Has Landed

Our Ship has come  in!

It has been a long venturous journey across this vast web of rules of instruction. Now that the navigation has been set and the route determined we are now ready to fulfill our greatest desire.

The full release of the power of Freedom Club USA!


QE Has Revolutionized My Life

Tom and Joanne, I have been a member since August 2010, and I believe tonight was the best Monday night call ever. Tom, your overview of the Club and history of money was clear, concise and smooth. I always learn another tidbit no matter how many times I've been on this call.

Thank you for your love and patience in answering members questions, even though this is a newbie night.

On a couple other notes, Quantum Energetics has revolutionized my life. Had I not known how much you both love all of us, I would never have stood in for my dog on June 19th. He has not had a seizure since I stood in for him, and he has been more active and playful than in a very long time. He also has benefited from the negative energy release and I can't thank you enough for loving him too.

I'm grateful that funding is around the corner and the changes it will affect, but I'm more grateful that through the many programs and calls you offer, I have been forever changed, emotionally and spiritually. I have sought out other like-minds to have a positive affect on our precious world.

There are not words enough to convey my love and respect for you, Joanne, Judi, Robb and the many working behind the scenes to make funding a reality.

Thank you, thank you, thank God for you, the Wind Beneath My Wings.

With much love and hugs,

All In Proper Time

As a member since 2007, I am amazed at many biblical parallels to FCUSA. For example in the King James Version of the Holy Bible look at Proverbs 28:8 "He that by usury(interest) and unjust gain increaseth his substance, he shall gather it for him that will pity the poor." Oh, my what will be happening very soon at FCUSA? And basically, how was this done? Check out verse 11 "The rich man is wise in his own conceit(eyes); but the poor that hath understanding searcheth him out." Yes, for 7 plus years!! Proverbs 28 has many more verses about wealth and crime. While the new members are scrambling to learn all they can, we older members are practicing a lot of patience and doing a lot more praying that everything will be done orderly and in the proper time. We will be handsomely rewarded in due time.


Biggest Rainbow I've Seen!!!

Biggest Rainbow I've Ever Seen!!!

Thank you for the double rainbow Freedom Club on June 25th around 8:00ish pm !!!

I thought of you all and knew you were a part of the making of it!!! I saw it as a sign of whoooooooo hoooooooo in the skies above and touching Mother Earth with it's arms !! It was soooooo big my camera lens could only get half of it!!!

God Bless you all !!


Sincere Gratitude

I'm still reading and learning what Freedom Club has laid out for us; and the more I read, the better I understand what is really happening out in the real world. I truly appreciate your time spent in gathering all the information you have disclosed to us. Sincere gratitude Tom, Judi, JoAnne, and all your staff.


Opportunity Is Knocking

Words are inadequate to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the education, support and guidance that you provide to all of us members. I am most excited for the funding and I would like to say, if I may, that this is my best B'day present in my whole life. It comes in an opportune moment when the economic crisis is at it's height. Lost my homes, but the reward will surpass what I am about to receive and will "Pay It Forward".

It is a humbling experience that holds me because of the situation I'm in right now, but a big part of me wants to share the whole world what is forthcoming. I encourage everyone to join the club and participate what FCUSA has to offer. As the saying goes: "Opportunity knocks once and comes when you least expect it".

Thank you Tom, Judi, Joanne and the whole crew for all the hard work, dedication, sacrifice and vision for the club and members.


A Great Experience

I want to thank everyone at Freedom Club including my fellow members for this great experience.  I have been involved with the club for a few years.  I appreciate the information and life changing courses such as QE, coaching and other calls. I have a saying that I live by....I do my best and God does the rest!  I have been extremely blessed in all areas of my life.  I am sending positive, loving energy to everyone involved in the club and to all inhabitants of the earth!



Dumping My Excess Baggage with QE

 I am impressed beyond belief about QE sessions.  I have been on about 6 calls now and I actually think I lost about 6 1/2 pounds of "excess baggage" after the last session!  What a relief!

I also wanted to express my thoughts about something else.  I feel as though I have found a home with FCUSA.  The club is about honesty, integrity, education and all to assist us in living a life of "sovereignty" from the "thugs".  Thanks to all for allowing me my home with you!  A deep sigh of of relief and heartfelt gratitude to the entire team.! After funding; I hope each member of the staff takes a long & much earned vacation!  Cheers! 


A Happy Heart

My dearest Tom, Joann, Judi & Staff All of the prep work has been done. The Seniors are waiting for the yarn and 26 needy families being taken care by a Social Worker, Darlene, I am in touch with our wonderful vets every day and also in communication with our Senators.They want to help.


Only One Regret

My only regret is that I didn't know about FCUSA 7 years ago.  Tom and Joanne have been unbelievably amazing.  I have not missed one Monday or Wednesday Call for the past 7 months.  It's not just about money, it is about understanding our very existence on this great planet and how we can make a real difference to others less fortunate than us.  Thank you Tom & Joanne.


Giving Joe Average a Chance

As we draw ever closer to finishing all phases of this program and begin the funding process , I can reflect back and look forward to this wonderful time that is about to commence .

I came here in hope of ending my financial stresses . I know in my heart and my soul this is about to happen . I am excited and nervous for myself , wondering how I will handle being financially worry free. I believe now I am better able to handle this certainly more so than when I first joined, thanks to all the help provided by the Club. I am prepared to be responsible for my own finances and prepared to provide benevolence for all the needy I have witnessed in our crazy world .

I think about the Founders , Tom , Judy, Joanne and my wonderful sponsor Sandie C. I wonder how they have done it, to hang in there, to keep believing in something and keep trying through all the twists and turns and detours and to just keep working toward this goal - you all are special people .  This club will do more when all is said and done to solve our countries woes, the economic crisis and devastation to so many with money and freedom and knowledge from government policies past and present . To allow Joe Average citizen the chance to share in the pie and give them the enlightenment will do more to uplift this economy than any Government Bureaucrat . Thank Yo So much for saving us all!!      


Can't Wait to Change the World

Hey, just looking at the meter and letting all the emotions that have washed through me since I joined the FC wash again......

Sending love, prayers for direction, guidance, inspiration and creative problem solving ;-) but mostly sending gratitude. whatever happens from here on out, the ride has been the blessing. Thanks friends and blessings, blessings, blessings. Can't wait to change the world with you!


Never Doubted FCUSA

I joined FCUSA 09/2010.Previously I had talked to Tom a few times about BioRenew Products. Being curious about FC I inquired about it and was blown away when he explained it! Since then it has been an amazing journey for me! I feel so connected to the club and our world! I have found invaluable information about everything. I feel so uplifted when I listen to the calls! I am grateful to Tom, Joanne, Judi and all those working behind the scenes. Their diligence and countless hours is unwavering! I have NEVER DOUBTED FCUSA even when many around me wonder if its a scam. I can't wait to meet everyone in the club! Judi's program and QE have been so beneficial to me too. Much GRATITUDE for all!



At Peace

I can and do appreciate  all the time/work and all the energy put forth towards funding by those I AM aware of, and those I AM not..

The energy runs high, within the club, and throughout our Mother Gaia and I have lately, really  been feeling it (as many of us have been) the 'lower vibrational' frequencies (unusual for me- which caught me by surprise---aaah, time to get back to QE?!) and my focus has been on 'funding' more than ever..('are we there yet?)

Rather than let my 'imagination run wild' (which I must admit, did so, for a brief time)  I focused on last thursdays QE call, and then shifted my energy/focus  to all the incredible things that FCUSA has given me, thus far,

 I was indeed reminded of what originally attracted me to the club. (which was the wealth of information, all in once place!)

Gratitude is my attitude, and with that

I AM, at peace

My love to all of you!

The Party That WAS!

Tom and Judi are AWSOME!  I still am amazed at the wealth of information available on Freedom Club USA's staff. Including many interesting topics.  I am so inspired daily that both my intention and gratitude meters are pegged. At that fever pitch I still am trying to limit the endless hours of research I spend on this sight.


Grounding and Spiritual Fulfillment

FCUSA has been both my place for grounding and for spiritual fulfillment. I cannot find words in any language to express the immense gratitude I have for being a part of such a special group, at the most important time of human history. Thoughts of joy, peace and excitement fill my mind and heart each day - you have given me so much already, funding will be the icing on the cake. My life has colour. It has depth and beauty because of you. I humbly thank and bless you all for being in my life and I cannot wait to take this club to the next level and shine shine SHINE!



My Heart Smiles

Thank you Freedom Club USA Thank you and Thank you again and again and Thank you again for all that you are for all that you do. YOU SHINE, FREEDOM CLUB USA:) My heart smiles.  Love you.


An Amazing Journey

This is an amazing journey that I am proud to be a part.  Past three or four years, I have seen you FCUSA team working diligently, persistently, and ever so hard.  I have never seen a group working 24/7 for 365 days.  You have achieved a nearly impossible task: educated us, healed us, walked beside us, yet remained tall and proud.   I thank you Tom, Judi, Joanne, and your great team.  Thank you. Thank you.


Ripples of Prosperity
As the pebble drops the ripples of prosperity, benevolence, and freedom become clear as the new golden age emerges as a lotus from the mud. Sending Love , Light and Gratitude!

Namaste, Damon
All For One, One For All

How appropriate for what all of us are trying to accomplish here in FCUSA. For me personally, I see FCUSA as being   "Justice For All". My father, God rest his soul, told me standing in his driveway more than 20 years ago that everything he had been taught about the American Dream had become clear to him as a sham and he wanted me to know that it was all a bunch of smoke and mirrors. The corporate pyramids, special interests politics, banks stealing money from it's customers, etc. My father was a simple man with minimum education, only high school, but be knew how to find the truth when he needed to. I was much younger at the time and thought I knew more than him and thought the conversation with him was a bit goofy.

I had just accepted a corporate promotion and was moving to another state with my family to be a big time corporate "hot shot". What I didn't stop to think about in that conversation with my father was this was the man who had taught me what he had been taught from his up bringing about the American Dream. He had it all figured out, but I just didn't know it yet. Well it took me another 15 years, but I started figuring it out too. In closing, knowing the truth has set me free and I will complete this journey with FCUSA in honor of my father. I can at least use this new found "Justice" to make sure my mother gets all of her needs met, my family, and so many others who need the help, respect, and love they deserve so much to make their lives here on earth as fruitful and peaceful as possible. Thanks so much to Tom and the FCUSA Team for staying the course with this opportunity. I and all members of FCUSA are truly blessed to be a part of making history here with something that has never been done before.

"All For One, One For All"      

My Poem about Freedom Club

The best school in the world is of course our one and only FREEDOM CLUB.

This is a place where sweetness of caring, gentle passion of love, wisdom of ages, and selflessness of service all come together for a nobel goal ? GOODNESS FOR ALL PEOPLE.

This is a place where drops drip not at a leaky faucet, but in a torrential downpour.

This is a place where we can witness waves in the gentle ripples of a blue pond, just as well as in the savage inundations of a tsunami.

This is a place where science is made simple, tides caress the shore, and tears shine like dews in sunrise.

A place where dreams are realized, hopelessness vanishes, far-fetched desires are attained, and horizons expand into never-never lands.

A place that teaches us to go up the hill just as swiftly as to go downhill; togetherness is always better than loneliness.

Our motto is Liberty & Law, Justice & the Pursuit of Happiness for all. With our iron will, and thunderous voice, our battle cry shall echo across the universe, louder than the crow of Edgar Allan Poe:


With deepest LOVE &respect,

and appreciation to our teacher dear Tom, my dear Carol , dear Judy & dear Joan.

Our Eyes Can See

"You can't stop us on the road to freedom. You can't keep us 'cause our eyes can see..." Van Morrison, Tupelo Honey.

I joined the club last year with a desire to see what life could be like if money worked for me, instead of chasing money while life seemed to pass me by. But I knew I had a lot of work to do to release old emotional burdens and make room for prosperity in my consciousness. Quantum energetics (along with BioRenew remedies) has been more effective than years of trying other techniques. My friends have noticed a transformation in me, a new light in my eyes. Your comprehensive program of prosperity, truth-telling, release and service is a short-cut to ascension. My gratitude to FCUSA is boundless and I am at your service.


QE Was Fabulous

Tonight's QE session was so beneficial.  Had no idea how I have suppressed feelings... Can't wait to see what my dreams say about the diamond crystal.  I kinda saw images of my future as a light worker but wasn't very clear.

Thanks so much you two are fabulous!

love & light



Here is a YouTube video that connect with what Freedom Club is all about: (2010 now happening in 2012)

Very inspiring!

I have first watched this video on January 2010, was a little suspicious about the predictions written in the video.  Now today, with a much greater spiritual awareness, I deeply feel (and see daily) with smile that the predictions were right on target!

We have just started to see the changes, just appetizers for now, I can't wait to see more and be part of the change!

FCUSA is definitely THE vehicle that will drive me where I want to go and will help me choose which road to take to reach my destination: illumination!


Lead by Example

Freedom club members, now is the time to think like leaders. Lead by example stay positive, encourage your self that others may follow


Strength and Wisdom

Warm greetings to all who are working so diligently. May our Creator richly bless you with strength and wisdom and lift you up with encouragement .

Thank you all so very very much . With much love and energy .


Welcome to a Self-Sufficient Life

Welcome to our new members. We welcome you to our family where all shall be free... and those who haven't joined yet, now is the time  Move away from this stagnated life, away from gov control.  The banks can't defraud you any more.  I'm proud to be one of the leaders working with good people, ready to make a difference leading a self-sufficient life.


Great Things Are Not Impulse

Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.

 -Vincent Van Gogh

Dear fellow members, lets all bring our small things together and contribute to the greater, common goal. Even if it means de-cluttering your desk.


A Breath of Fresh Air

To all who work hard in FCUSA I can not say Thank you enough! I have been approached by a member who wanted to cause negativism and problems within FCUSA by trying to get me and other members to wrote letters of dissatisfaction with FCUSA and telling other members, who she talked to their personal trials and tribulations. When she suggested to me I write the letter. I replied" what has FCUSA done to write  to Tom on?", her comment was "FCUSA is getting to big of a share and they are taking to long! I immediately replied get a life and for her to stop spreading her misery to others. Evidently she decided to call others and as of today, a year later I have not talked to this person, whom I have known for 30yrs, due to the fact she is upset with my answers. I feel after being in FCUSA for a couple of years I have learned so many valuable things from the site that not any amount of money or any negativism can take away from me the education I have received. FCUSA , money or not, is a breath of fresh air when it comes to taking positive and optimistic.I don't write many letters, other than to family but I felt I needed to get this off my chest.


Member Antionette

First Time Ever Event

While many of us have had previous (not so hot) experiences with debt, IRS and Mortgage Programs, this is very different. Tom,Judi and Joanne are with us every step of the way. They are not hiding, they suit up and show up on every call and spend countless hours on these call so we don't Panic like we did when all the above mentioned programs went south. My wife and I feel that the people that have taken the time to explore the site and all it holds are the lucky few that really know what has happened to us and we can be very happy that we are no longer Sheepeople. When I get a little fearful I try to remember what my wife and I have tried (Keep in mind Tried) to remember. WHEN YOU ARE BORN (BIG STUFF) WHEN YOU DIE (BIG STUFF) EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN (SMALL STUFF) Also lately we are saying to ourselves Where are you? (Here) What time is it? (Now) and that helps us be in the moment. Anyway I am rambling but our thanks go out to everyone who is spending time to make this FIRST TIME EVER event Happen.

Warm Regards

Darryl and Gina

I Don't Know When or How...

Freedom Club I want to show my appreciation for all you do and doing, I don't care when or how I know it will happen and I'm already experiencing it in my mind. I love you dearly and looking forward to celebrate and empower millions! It's like the feeling of a child knowing Christmas is tomorrow and there are gifts in the tree.


Kindness and Honesty

I listen to and am on every call.I have never asked a question.  My attitude has always been one of get all the info, study, prepare and expect!  I am actually so often amazed at Tom's patience with the repetitive questions on debit cards, payouts, dates and screen shots. But also, I am blessed by his balance of love, kindness, but also firmness and honesty.  Like a firm, but loving father, he does not give in to each whim and request, but is also kind to what is needed.  And as a firm, but kind parent brings security, so do Tom and JoAnne to this program.  I thank you. 

Member Rhonda

To All The "Nay Sayers"

It takes much more time to do right then to take the short cut to frustration. In a normal situation you have to ask yourself, what would it take for me to achieve personel wealth? Alot, and you probably couldn't do it in your life time. After countless reasearch of this site and after joining and researching the good and bad comments of the site i am convinced that i will be with my Freedom Club Members trying to decide how am i going to do right. I recommend that you go to the local Libarary and reasearch what has been presented to you, it's all there in black and white, no lies, it's there. Patience is a Virtue...

Member Richard


Keep smiling, keep shining

Knowing you can always count on me for sure That's what friends are for.

I keep hearing this song inside myself and I think of Freedom Club USA and I smile some more ...

I finally looked up the song on Utube and heard Helen Reddy's version.... how beautiful how true.

Thank you Freedom Club USA for all of your education and help on your website... I love you !


Failure Is Not An Option

This speaks from my heart about Freedom Club and its future.  And I believe that if we all believe this and come from this viewpoint, we will prove true all Freedom Club stands for.


QE Brings Love & Light

The call was tight I was listening and understanding the knowledge that was resonating with my frequencies.  In some strange way I didn't want to go down memory lane but that Thursday evening I decide to journey into the unexposed and less visited.  my past it was hard but you suggested I revisit their and so I trusted you with my emotions and inner most deepest places in me and you held my hand and said trust me I won;\'t mislead you and i did and it was creepy but fascinating all at the same time. Something happened... and took the negative energy off...  we blew it away and I was able to move on. I felt wonderful brcause I exposed it. Now it has lost it's power over me.  Now I'm knowing the power is with me to intend and create a  beautiful journey with this knowledge.  I call those things to be not as though they were.

Put Love & Light In those places. 


Creating Abundance

Hi Tom and team,

I have been sitting on this thought for several months now, especially since you added the part to the program of each process being attached to a project big or small. I thought I had better put it to words and send it to you.

As Iwestarted to put together the goals and visions Iwe have had over the years, our vision grew and grew and before we knew it our projects, (because we have three processes), all started to intertwine. Our  three separate projects all started to culminate into one huge ongoing, maybe never ending project. Now the project is not separate, but a whole campus of ideas and there is no end in sight.

Many people are sitting idly by waiting and hoping for Freedom Club or something else to solve all of their problems.

Those of us that are waiting can do so much to help the final steps to completion. Just knowing that our prayers, thoughts and energy work is fueling the project forward.

Let us not believe that we can do nothing. Energy is not static,. It loves to move, lets move it.

Another big thing that each of us can do that will help FCUSA is to just focus on our own projects and let this be a powerful source of  impetus for the movement of energy within FCUSA. Our focus, fabulous feelings and visioning will cause these projects to become reality, which will only help move the energies within FCUSA towards comptetion, funding and much much more.Lets  Make our visions create and manifest the provision! (ie the completion of FCUSA and more)

The many of us members that think we can only sit back and wait are wrong. We are all in this together and visioning and feeling is one great things that we can all do to prepare ourselves and help the final energy, push up and over the mountain.

Yes we all have our lives to live and many things to do, but we can all vison and feel our own visions and in turn help create the final outcomes of this great project.

The best is yet to come.We are with you, and I hope you know that and feel the energies.

We speak daily of keeping energies clear within the team at FCUSA, and also the harmonization, tuning and calibrating along with the insight, wisdom and creativity needed for the great event of activating the system! Are you ready?

Get R Done!

Dan and Mary

FCUSA is near and dear to my heart. The consistency,dedication and desire to win is what makes this team a great club.I tip my hat to Tom, Judi, Joanne, George and the entire staff for the countless hours and sacrifice that they all have made to push FCUSA over the finish line and into the winners circle. God Bless. Love, light and energy to all.
Countless Hours
 I have not yet written to show my appreciation for all that Freedom Club has given to me, my family and friends.  When I was introduce to this club back in July 2011, my ignorance to the the system was very high.  The spending of the funds when wild in my mind as I grew more knowledge to the corruption in our system.  I am very thank-full that I was not funded shortly after the Red Light ended for the Silver!  I have grown substantially in my heart and have shifted my vison for the funds that we WILL BE RECEIVING in the near future to a much bigger purpose than my own.  I ever so much appreciate the time and effort of all who are involved in effort for everyone to receive their funds, including themselves.  I am waiting for the day to shake the hands of Tom, Joanne and Judi for the countless hours they have given up out of their own lives to get us to this point and enjoy freedom as well.  So thanks again to all of your hard work!
No Pressure
I usually don't do this- but Freedom Club has been awesome- they have openned my eyes to see the fraud and how we have all been screwed by "the system" that is going away soon. I have heard a few people say to me that this is a scam- but i respond by saying- if its a scam, then how have they been around 7-8 years- i have seen scams and they are put out of business very quickly by the authorities!!! The club is awesome and they NEVER pressure anyone to buy anything. If you cant afford to buy a process or be a member yet- wait til full bronze and let it come out of back end. 90 percent of the clubs site is FREE anyway! Well, enough from me- Thanks Tom, Judi and Joanne and the rest of the team! Looking forward to meeting you all at the Victory celebration! 
Follow Your Dream
Tom, Judi, Joanne, and all the wonderful folks at Freedom Club.  I want to express my heartfelt thanks for all the meticulous work you have done for all of us.  I have been a member of Freedom Club for almost 10 months.  During this time I have learned so much about myself, and our financial system.  I have so much respect for your tireless work and perserverance. I am proud to be a member of Freedom Club USA.  I learn something new everytime I log onto the sites.  I appreciate my country, my freedom, and our founding fathers so much more after everything I have learned.  I have participated in several prosperity calls, QA calls, and coaching calls.  All have been enriching and enlightening.  I look forward to many more opportunities to continue learning with the Club.  Tom, thank you for your foresight in founding the club and your persistence to follow the dream to completion.  You are an inspiration to strive for excellence. 
Thank you, Lori
Intention and Gratitude
You cannot change anything in your life with intention alone, which can become a watered-down, occasional hope that you'll get to tomorrow. Intention without action is useless. Similarly, Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity;  it must be produced and discharged and used up in order to exist at all. With that said, My deep appreciation and thanks to you, Tom and Joanne and Judi, and of course also, the team behind the scenes. You are responsible for providing me with unsurpassable education, and internal strength to face the challenges against many odds and keep the optimism high that 'every dark cloud has a silver lining in it' and that the 'tide has ought to change'.
Monumental Task

Warm greetings to you Tom, Judi and Joanne and all the staff and helpers at FCUSA! It is with a very grateful heart that I send to you all my love and energy to complete this monumental task of the heart . May our Creator richly bless you with super strength , energy and wisdom . Thank you all so very much ! Thank you Beloved Creator for your Love and Benevolence !


Dark to Light


First I must say thank GOD! For All of you!! Tom, Joanne, Judi and the Staff, for doing something that has never been done BEFORE..I have been with this Club for 14 mouths I even Posted a testimonial call The Jamaica Dream,  since I have been with this club I have lost my job, my mother, and Now I am homeless, but I have never stop believing  in Freedom Club. I also Stated in my last testimonial that I am not a man of many words But after listening to last Monday night call I cannot keep my peace anymore, I must say to my fellow Members, the word of GOD SAY! Study to show yourself approved unto God. a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15 ) Remember what freedom Club Stand for, It is not just for the Money, It is about Loving each other and Paying it forward, Members if you study you wouldn't be asking those questions be smart and don't be ungrateful. And I Quote AGAIN!! THIS HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE. Members if you join the club for the right reason then we should listen to our Leaders and we won't go wrong, Just like how we have been following the Dark Ones. NOW It's Time to follow The Righteous Ones. This is my words to you Tom in every Organization, their a Leader, Rules and Structure.So I am saying Lead us now! like how Moses lead his people from out of the Red Sea. God Bless you and your Team.


Coaching Kudos

I just wanted to say "Thank You" to Judi for the Wednesday night Coaching Calls! So many things rang true with what I've been going through with a nasty divorce.

I was skeptical at first, but the things I'm learning about myself make me stronger everyday!! Just an added bonus with the abundance we are about to receive! Thank you again Judi.


Love to Freedom Club USA


As we approach funding be ready at all times to make wise decisions. Yes we are in a world where there’s plenty in lack, such as spiritual, which brings lack into every part of yourself. Don't let this be about money which many will. Don’t be one of them. Take this time to redefine who you are, that ye shall do great things.  Much love to Freedom Club.  Thanks, Tom, Joanne and Judi.                  


Wonderful Help


I think that what you guys are doing for us… is just wonderful help. People like myself that don't have the knowledge to know about what you’re all about and the help you offer to us is just great, and gives me knowledge to go out there and let people i know what they should do. So thank you for having this site open to people like myself.


Return to Dignity








Cling is Awesome

Tom, I just wanted to tell you that Clint's song is so AWESOME !!! He did a wonderful job and has such talent & such a beautiful voice. This couldn't of came at a better time!! It looks like its all falling into place. Your all so amazing and I cannot wait to meet all of you and just give you a big hug. 


Unselfish Sharing

I've been with the club for about 7 months now and it's been amazing to see unfold right before our very eyes the many things that have been taking place worldwide just as it's been said would happen.So I want to thank our directors for putting FCUSA together and having the heart to unselfishly share this with all of us. I would also like to thank Clint P. for the beautiful song that he gave to the club....well done.


QE Removed My Fears

FCUSA is a heaven-sent angel who opens the door and guides us to a NEW LIFE. All the information in the website, conference calls and QE sessions remove all my fears of uncertainty. Instead, it make me bold and determine to make a difference in my life and be proactive in this planet.  Truly God is in you Tom, Judi and Joanne. THANK YOU.  THANK YOU FCUSA, THANK YOU FOR THE NEW LIFE!


Heartfelt Thanks



Fortunate for FCUSA

 It is truly unbelievable as to what is happening to us and how fortunate we are to be part of Freedom Club USA. Believing and Trusting are the key words here.  FCUSA has been the main focal point of my learning and growth ever since I became a member. I learn so much as I go through my own daily life and experiences, every day is a blessing to be alive, to be able to breathe, see, to hear and smell all that the nature and mother earth has to offer. However, FCUSA has been the main source of education for me on what we are about to embark upon in 2012.  Every call that I listen in be it a member call, prosperity call or a QE call, I learn so much and I become more enlightened and a feeling of serenity and hopefulness takes over me. I have to say in the beginning I was a bit skeptical and were not ready for the messages and the truth that were being told. I had to go through my own journey and growth to believe in the infinity and really connect with my higher consciousness. I remember I emailed in and asked about what I am noticing that I am seeing the same repetitive pattern when it comes to funding. Tom graciously emailed me back and explained the pattern I am noticing and thinking about is my own limited thinking and fear. His message to me really made me look within and allowed me to open up my heart and mind. I am so grateful for Tom, Joanne, Judy and rest of the team's grace, light and love to have spread among all of us and helped me to stay on course. Now I know it is my time to pay it forward and help as many brothers and sisters who have decided to come to this earth and experience the three dimensional world. I truly am excited and am looking forward to the ascension. Thank you for helping me become heart centered and become the messenger of love.


Everyday Learning

I have been a member of the club for about two years now, and EVERYDAY I look forward to using the information on this site.The knowledge about the good changes that are coming to this world, are what gives me hope that we have not squandered the gift that is this world. I also know that I am surrounded by like minded people who come here,and cannot tell you how grateful I am that there are others who feel the same. I know many came for the funding, that was certainly one of the reasons why I joined, but what matters most to me now is that we leave this world better than it was given to us. This is the place that is changing our world! Thank you for all for being here with me! Thank you all for allowing me to feel a part of it!


Relaxed and Certain

A couple days ago I ordered my Ambassador cards and badge.  I didn't give much thought to it after that... then just tonight, I went to my mail box (I only go every few days... so who knows when it was there..) and guess what was there!!!!!!!  My badge and cards!  I was shocked at the quickness... and again, it made me absolutely certain of he goals, mission and professionalism of FCUSA.  I have done many things in my life... but have never been so happy to be a part of something... while at the same time so certain and relaxed about the outcome!  Thanks Freedom Club!


Love and Respect

My Club Freedom Club

The university is an institution or place where you study and learn science and technology of which is not by itself solely tantamount to living with definite and defined goals and satisfactory standards.

I am ardent believer that this club the Freedom Club USA is a renowned institution where one can satisfy himself to be in a course to establish such tools and faculty enabling mobilization and master loyalty, reverence and love and true understanding of proper goals for living.

I am most thrilled to advocate and acknowledge ... an environment in this club that one is taught means of discovering the love with knowledge and understanding. 

I Love all of you.  With love and respect to dear Tom, my dear Carol, Judi, & dear Joanne.


Heady and Teddy

Joanne, the short video Heady and Teddy is absolutely great.  It explains in simple language  one of the elements of the club.  The information given to us regular folks is outstanding. Thank you for all your hard work and the reason for hope you have extended to so many people.  May God bless you richly. 


Doing Something Great

I'm so excited to have part in this great change. I always dreamed of doing something great.  This is my opportunity. if you haven't joined yet, join, you won't regret it.  Listen to QE and prosperity calls, it will open your eyes.


Wonderful Experience

Wow, hard to believe it is almost 2 years and what a wonderful experience it has been.  No time has been lost and I never gave up that this was the best thing I did, to join this club and the education is just fantastic and once we fund, I think, if I had gotten this $(money) 2 years ago, I would have been lost with what do I do now, but knowing what I know now, it isn't just the money but the education and knowledge to bring this forward to so many people.  I am grateful to Tom, Joanne and Judi and all that is behind the club.

Aloha, Irene

Endless Flow of Love

My feelings for FCUSA go very deep. Hard to find the words, but I will do my best. FCUSA helps organize our lives in many ways. QE, Coaching, Wed. night calls shows all of the members a whole new reality. In return I give my endless flow of Love to FCUSA and humanity. Looking forward in coming back to the Light., and being a Light Worker.


Changing Generations

Tom, you are a special gem, like pure gold.  You are changing generations and you always said that we were creators and God create cut you out his image that words can't express. I always prayed and ask... and that's when freedom club answered. Thank you so much for all you do.  I send shouts out to Judi, Joanne, Robb and my consultant Richard H.

Love you all, Niokima

Deep Appreciation

I had been searching for a financial organization to help me address the challenging financial circumstances that I found myself in.

I learned of several and proceeded to do extensive explorations of them. One was Freedom Club USA. When I attended my first Monday call, I was instantly drawn to the quality of the energy and the level of consciousness present. This was in complete alignment with my own personal awareness and inner journey. I felt at home, and after further due diligence, I joined the Club. My deep appreciation and thanks to you, Tom and Joanne and Judi, and of course also, the team behind the scenes.


Changing Lives

Thank you so much Joanne for reading my testimonial on the Tue 29th member call. I feel deeply honored that you picked it along with others. You made me blush and I was all alone in my room! I was too shy to raise my hand and thank you.

I just wanted to comment on why my testimonial came about. While taking time to educate oneself on the many resources found on the Club's website one starts to understand oneself, grow, and appreciate life inmensily. The coaching sessions with Judy is one of the many, that is why I say "Invaluable".

When one hears a fellow member, Ms. Bonnie speaking live on the May 26th coaching call with Judy and hearing how her personal life has changed, giving her very personal examples of how the lessons have taught her and allowed her to become a better person, in tune with her own self. One's heart softens and one sheds tears for a complete stanger that has shared her life experience with all of us, to help us reach our own understanding of ourselves. It's just an incredible example of how benevolent and united this "club"(family) has become.

I also want to thank Tom and the entire team, and frankly the entire community of FCUSA that are taking to the learning, are growing, and are getting to know themselves better every day. I couldn't agree more with Tom: "We haven't given you a dime [yet], but have already changed the lives of thousands."

That just about summarizes it perfectly for me. THANK YOU ALL!


Let Freedom Roll

Hurray for FREEDOM... and clubs of freedom.  It is excellent to be alive at this time.  Wow, what a wonder?  To stand and wonder what could come?  To realize it is not the knowledge we gain, but the joy of continued learning.  What  joy?  We have the joy.  Let us cherish this joyful time.  When again will we radically feel the influx of such joy and change and learning?  Smile, the tipping point has past.  Now we roll on to freedom and sovereignty and love.  Thank you! Thank you!


Awareness & Knowledge

No words can express the value of this work of awareness and knowledge that you have made possible. It's a great privilege to have the opportunity to be able to help others fully with awareness, knowledge acquired through FCUSA.

FCUSA with each of its members we will become an endless source of giving and receiving. How wonderful to have this life experience, my infinite gratitude to Tom, Joanne, Judi and all those who have made this become a reality.

I'm excited to be part of this new change, where the world will be better for everyone


Stand Proud

Everyday i am more and more inspired, some days in silence I just start crying cause i am going to hug my family and say "we did it"  and our nucleus of power will grow huge quickly!   Stand proud, stronger than any military!


QE IS Amazing

I just want to say that I am so impressed with all the work you are doing and for being an excellent human being , God answered my prayers not only for the money, because I got so much help with all that information.  QE sessions are amazing bringing so much awareness of the earth, myself, nature and how connected all of creation is.Thank you for all you have done. I love you all and I can't wait to meet every one. with  love and respect to Tom.


Invaluable Coaching


Just wanted to express my deep gratitude to Judi for the invaluable coaching sessions. All the information and learning makes us better humans everyday. Thank you so much!


Wonderful Process

Thank you for the hope we have in this wonderful process that has been created by Tom and the team. May God bless you all in your hard works.It has been so good to learn and share.


We Are The Champions

can't believe how fortunate I am to have been brought into this fine club . There is so much to learn and so much to share with the world . I have struggled for so long to find a purpose in my life, but I have felt powerless to help myself, my family and all those other family members and friends that so much need a little boost so that they too can enjoy their lives here on earth. Now I feel almost there to be that person I was meant to be to provide the knowledge and the help to them all, thanks to FCUSA . The following is from the group Queen that I always keep in my heart and provides me the courage to go on.

I've paid my dues -

Time after time -
I've done my sentence
But committed no crime -
And bad mistakes
I've made a few
I've had my share of sand kicked in my face - But I've come through  

We are the champions - my friends

And we'll keep on fighting - till the end - We are the champions - We are the champions No time for losers 'Cause we are the champions - of the world.


Helping the Vets

This is my 2nd attempt at writing to you,  i want to say that I am very grateful to the freedom club usa. Especially Tom our founder and Joan and Judi. I am working with the seniors that crochet and knit for the veterans blanket. I have found three places that are vacant to help the veterans. I have many volunteers who are willing to volunteer there professions like plumbing, electrical and carpentry skills. I am working with 26 needy families in Wolcott. This wonderful couple Carole and Steven have been a big help in this field. Thank you and God Bless all of You!


Let This Happen

My dearest Tom Joanne and Judi,

All of you work so hard. You are the most wonderful and giving people. With the time that is spent to make us happy we are very grateful. Tom you never get angry with your voice. Tom with that great mind and wonderful laugh you ease us. Joan has a wonderful sense of humor and Judi as well. We are so grateful for this wonderful freedom club usa. and Tom being the founder is a wonderful gift. i met someone the other day and the grandfather left him 140 acres of land. he is willing to help bring the vets there. I have been looking at the mental hospital in Newtown good grounds and wonderful rooms.

Again I say this can happen and will happen. I have good people that want to volunteer just want to say and all I want to do is take care of children our vets and the elderly. When I think of the freedom club usa. I get a lot of strength when I think of how we can make this happen. They do not have to be on the street any more. No matter who is right or wrong we can make it better.  Thanks to the freedom club usa, to Tom, Judi and Joanne who have given so much - let this happen.


Valuable Resource

Just a note to let you know what a valuable resource this website is. I have visited this site literally every day since I joined FCUSA in December 2010. I find something of interest each time over and above the postings on financial and energy/earth news. Just today I discovered the Mind Games, inspirational movies you can use and even discovered how to make my own. To date I don't think I've even covered half the items on this site. Thank you Tom, Joanne, Judi and all members of your team for doing such a great job. I'll just keep treasure hunting and clicking on all those gems.


Freedom and Truth

I have participated in many Funding programs and all have gone under. My confidence in FCUSA is getting stronger because of:

1) their openness on the process and that they wok within the rules of engagement which is a win win for all.

2)their professional way in handling the tuesday night calls and providing updates, because they tell us the TRUTH not what members want to hear, Not what members want to belive in , but the actual TRUTH on the status of their approach.

3)They are looking out for the best interest of the members so that when we get the money we will NOT LOOSE it again.

One thing that Tom, Judi and Joanne must always continue to do is Speak the TRUTH in Love, Humility and Compassion and we as members Must not become too ARROGANT or Self Righteousness even in the midst of our benevolence and whatever we wish to engage in, but to continue in the FREEDOM that TRUTH has brought to each one of us, our families and Communities.


Unity and Freedom

The new pictures of the office expansion is impressive. I can envision every cubical processing millions of bronze members and having a monumental impact on the global economy. I am grateful and humbled by the dedication, love and participation of each freedom club member that transmit intentions to create funding, success, protection, harmony, unity and FREEDOM. The universal fifth dimension is expanding our capabilities from within and together united we create what we transmit and envision. 



QE -- Adrenaline Rush!

I just wanted to share something with you.  During my QE call, I was siting in the dark with my eyes closed and my headphones on listening and crawling inside my heart and I cried until I was short of breath.  Once the session was finished, I was sitting on my bed, still in the dark with my eyes closed and I saw light!  The past couple of weeks, I feel joy every day as if a huge burden has been lifted.  I just want to thank you for this.  Now, I get up feeling happy and somewhat childlike with laughter, every day.  There is a commercial on TV I saw and it's the one where the man is zip lining and terrified, holding on for dear life, ready to get to the end and flying past him is the piggy with it's pinwheels screaming "wheeeeeee", slowing down enough to look at the terrified man to just say, "pure adrenaline"!!!  This is how I feel now!  I thought this was funny because when I see this commercial I feel like the little piggy!  I laugh and say, oh look!  That's me now!!!!  

You guys are awesome!!!! 


Exposing the Truth

Hi freedom club members and soon to be members.  I'm very exited to share with you the things Tom and Joanne have brought forth in the light exposing the truth about life and how we can overcome the dark powers. By the power of our mind which enables us to be free and allows us to lead ourselves unto a more prosperous future.  If you haven't joined yet and be apart of this great change.  Do not miss out on this great opportunity of your lifetime.  You owe it to yourselves your family and your community. God bless freedom club usa.


Helping Thousands

My job of ten years has had a massive layoff several years ago. Another layoff just occurred last week. I'm so grateful to know that with FCUSA I won't have to worry about taking care of my son. I am grateful because I will be able to help the thousands that lost their job with the company I work for. Thank you FCUSA!  Let's get those arrows down to funding!


Helpful and Delightful

Thanks Shelly,  this is wonderful news.  I can't wait to meet you in person, so I can hug you.  You are always so helpful and delightful.  Just tell me who I can report your wonderfulness to, since God already knows.  :)

Your sister in the Lord,

Healing With QE and BioRenew

Thank you to Freedom Club, QE BioRenew and Prosperity. This company is truly amazing, please take the time to do the QE sessions, you won`t regret it. QE can really make changes to your life, yes it can take a few tries to get focused is what I found, but now I can do a QE with no Problems. I can honestly say having gone through a divorce, major health issues, and a few sudden deaths, I was at my wits end, until QE had come into my life, it has helped me deal, cope,understand and now heal. Thank you Tom with all my heart! Also the sprays that can be purchased through BioRenew, has helped in several ways, using the real HGH, anger and fear, has helped my eye site, it has helped me think more clear, and it also helps to regrow your natural hair colour back :). The funding is just the icing on the cake.


Igniting the Spark

Dear Tom and Judi,

You may not know me from adam, but I am a silver member. As a military man, I know to always have a back-up plan. Now freedomclubsua may or may not happen soon enough. But that is ok, for I have several redundant funds that all seem to be forth-coming this year. Your resources have enabled me to use my own money for the creation of my own Foundation here in the USA. I learned of the many tax advantages from your site and a few google searches. I know now that many times it is the thought or the dream once aflame no human or supernatural force can not shake. Freedom Club USA gave the that spark that ignited or created my dream. For that I thank you. Before I was a shallow, self-centered dreamer following anybody with a vision. Many times I was lead astray. This cost me dearly but with each failure time and time again. I kept searching 10 years now for a dream. I found that dream was with me all the time. After I read your Stewarts theme. I believe that each moment is given to us, and yes we were all placed here for a purpose. I have also studied some of Mike Dillards Elevation Club theories. It is a tremendous resource of information on this thing we call the web. There I learned about "Infinite Banking" in short you become your own banker lender and consumer. Now this is only one lesson. But it yields an incredible 14 percent yield. Now get this as long as you borrow and pay yourself back. Your income is assured for many generations if we teach our children, and grand children to do the same. Let us say that it all hits the fan, and never happens. I have always been a realist. The lessons I learned will make me sufficient funds to travel the world, while taking care  of my children and grandchildren for the rest of their days. I feel the information I learned here is far more valuable than the funding I might receive. Bravo for that and I am not an easy man to please. My hats off to you and your team. Keep up the good work. And if you use this letter then I must of convinced (sp) someone that this here thang would work fer tha ol farmer  from Missouri that I will become. All because you and your team had the vision to kick this thang off the ground and never tired and never surrendered. Keep the Faith and the dream alive. Peace. Never forget the Freedom Club USA Vision Statement, for that says it ALL. PEACE OUT.

Your humble Ambassador,


Doors Have Opened

My Dearest Tom, Judi and Joanne, there are no words that can tell you how happy we all are. The Freedom Club USA has given us new meaning to us all. The education we get our beautiful tapes, when one looks at our situation we would scrape for money for food and clothes and hope when you go into the store no one would see we didn't have enough. My dearest Tom when I think of my poor mama how she cried when there was no food or clothes. I think of the beautiful Freedom Club USA when a senior falls you do not laugh you extend your hand and help them and say "everything will be all right". When someone is sick with drugs or alcohol you do not scream or holler. Take the person by the hand and say I will be there for you we will get through this together. When I think of my private life it was very strict up bringing. The nuns were wonderful and mama and my six brothers. And now I am BLESSED with the Freedom Club USA. I know why I'm in the club. Doors have opened up for me like they will open up for others that I will recruit.

Thank you, Antoinette

On the Right Path

I've gone to so many seminars and spent so much money on programs that promised so much and delivered nothing, when I was referred to FCUSA I was skeptical,and afraid, not one more of the same I thought, it took me about 3 months to join and I am glad I did, I've learned so much! and didn't had to pay anything extra, thank you FCUSA I know I am in the right path, may the Lord bless you and keep you.


Kindness and Compassion

I want to thank Tom for taking the time out of his busy schedule to show compassion, care and concern about a complete stranger. Although I am a member of the club, Tom has never spoken directly or me or met me, but he went out of his way to help me. His soothing voice,deep knowledge and genuine concern conveyed a feeling of security and belief. Your advice has been followed and your kindness exceeds most people in today's world. If anyone has doubts, Tom is the real thing, one of a kind and a man to be trusted.

Thank you again.

QE Works for Pets

I have been a member of Freedom Club for several years and joining this phenomenal group is one of the best decisions I ever made. In addition to studying the wealth of information on the website, I also participated in QE on Thursday nights to help facilitate  my growth and awakening on my spiritual journey.  Last week a private session of QE with Joanne for one of the joys of my life, my little Pomeranian, Neo, brought him through a life threatening illness. The session was so powerful and Neo's response was positive and immediate.  I don't think he would have made it without Joanne's discernment and energy work through Quantum Energetics.  Thank you Joanne.  I appreciate Tom, Judi and Joanne and all the staff that work so hard and give so much of their time for us. QE is a wonderful process and it works on pets too!


All Is Possible

The first will be last and the the last first with freedom club.  All this is possible when you get blessed.  I encourage everyone to be a blessing to as many as possible.  God is good.  It's time to re-invent life and say goodbye to governed control. Thanks Tom and Joanne for allowing God to make this possible through your life discoveries and a shout out to my freedom club family. God bless.


Tenacious Pursuit

My vocabulary is limited when attempting to thank you for your efforts in bringing enlightenment to us all in the club. I am a husband and a father who has tried to be the best leader and provider I could be. Unfortunately, there are many times that I have felt like I have failed. But, thanks be to God, for using you Tom, Joanne, and Judi in helping me see hope in becoming that real provider for my family. Also, to be able to "be a blessing" to so many people which has been a great desire in my life. Thank you for making that possible do to your diligence and tenacious pursuit for the truth. I could never be able to share the appreciation I and my family have for what you have done. All I can say is THANK YOU,for helping me in being the best husband and father that I can be to my family and a positive influence to my community and globally.


The Road to Freedom

 I was introduced to FCUSA by another program Themco EKF under the direction of Terry Gilder. Themco came to FCUSA just about 3 weeks before Red Light. I am and we are blessed. My father had  said for years before his death that he did not want to be around when the problems with our government blow wide open. Bless his heart, he did live until the age of 84 when asbestosis finally took his life in 2008. After reading the site, all of what my father had said is right there. Just an enormous amount of information. We will all be blessed far beyond what we could ever imagine. Make sure to do your due diligence and be prepared for what is about to happen. Thank you FCUSA for showing all of us the Freedom.


New World Knowledge

I am very grateful in my heart for the knowledge i have, yet i feel so unlearned. Not a day goes by that i find something new to guide me to freedom, joy, and inspiration. FreedomClubUSA is a catalyst of new world knowledge and lifestyle. I stand one in purpose. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. and so it is!


Amazing Information

I am so thankful and excited about what is happening in FCUSA! Every day, the energy is higher, the funding steps are lower and friendships are deeper. The information is amazing and eye-opening. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, Knocking on the Door is easy. Thank you for all you have done and are doing to help us achieve our dreams!


We Are Love

We are the Love    I have been saying the affirmation that spirit gave to me " I am the perfect Light of God that is only perfection"    and also singing a song repeating these words over and over  " I am Love  I am peace I am joy".   so as I say "I am still swimming in my swimming pool of love"



FCUSA has enlightened my consciousness in many ways. I have learned so much from this site, the QE brings so much awareness of the earth, myself, nature and how connected all of creation is.

Thanks to Tom, Judy, and all the others who have worked so hard to bring this education to us. God bless you all.


Breaking the Web

I would like to take just a moment to thank the people who are translating the information into Spanish. I have been trying to share FCUSA with my Spanish friends but it was so difficult. My Spanish is not that great. But now with the Spanish section and other information posted in Spanish it's a great help. Thank you!!

I mentioned to Tom and Joanne one night on a call how almost 40 years ago I remember my father discussing things related to the Strawman accounts, they referred to them as bonds ??? some kind of bonds, it was 40 years ago, and how the big bankers were controlling us way back then. But they couldn't figure out the spider web. When I heard about FCUSA about a year and a half ago I jumped on board ASAP. I'm here in Cal. but I wish I were back east so I could volunteer in the main office and watch it happen. I can see my dads eyes growing and a big smile on his face. Thank you again.  


So Cool & Exciting

It is so cool & exciting, to say the least, to send people to a site where they can benefit greatly in every way & without spending a dime out of pocket.  Wow!!! How wonderful!!


Humble Gratitude

I am grateful for Tom Sananda sharing the blessings, knowledge and guidance as we create NO Limits. As the entire freedom club membership creates no limits and transmit intentions of funding in the 5th dimension, the light of the universe  transcends to the present where funding is created in the 3rd dimension. I am grateful for the quantum dimension where all creations are in the playground of light and love.  I was once a left brain logical touch feel and see in the 3rd dimension, unaware of the quantum playground.  Now I am having the time of my life where I wish to create and enjoy manifesting in the quantum playground with Tom, George, Judi, Joann, Robb and the freedom club Ohana(family). I express my humble gratitude.   


Powerful QE Session

Wow, Tom, that was a powerful QE session last night.  That new piece you brought in with the box was really great.  During the session, something came up from my teenage years that I realized I had been holding shame around and holding all these years.  I feel so much lighter now and it opened up a whole new avenue to pursue for future sessions.

Much gratitude,

Our Path to Freedom

When I "stumbled upon" the Club two years ago I quickly realized that this was the answer to many years of hard work and study. I already knew many things but in an "isolated" way. FCUSA was putting it all together...and it made sense!! I also quickly realized that things were handled here not in your typical way...I mean, there were not "hidden fees" and other things we are all used to. Everything is handled with the highest integrity for the good of all. Thanks for having big dreams and for working so hard to help us in our path to freedom.


God Bless FCUSA

 I feel really lucky to be a part of Freedom Club USA because I joined the Silver program just few days before Red Lite. I was introduced to this club by another program Themco EKF but the information and resources available on the site just blew my mind. The support staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and weekly calls by Tom, Joanne and Judi are full of information and excitement. I sincerely hope that Freedom Club will change our lives for ever and the world will be a much better place to live. God bless Freedom Club USA.


Thanks for the Research

Thank you FCUSA FOR TRANSPARENCIES ALL ALONG THE WAY and all the information that has been compiled for us to educate us on issues that are out there in the UNIVERSE. ALL THE HOURS OF RESEARCH THAT HAD TO BE DONE. WORDS CANNOT SAY ENOUGH FOR EVERYTHING.



 I am riding the Waves of Wonder-ment these days and finding this frequency brings me so much joy and appreciation.  The "old" "hoping" and even "intending"  is dissolving.  Thank you so very much for spelling out the difference between hope and intention; and being open to WONDER-ment -- it is WONDER-Full!


Pure JOY

Tom, Judi, Joanne and all who work so hard there to make our lives better.

Friends, I know I have been resistant  to some of the programs offered here. To be exact QE. However I have diligently gone through the required number of calls to make my bonus, reporting truly each time my thoughts and feelings. I truly thought nothing was happening for me.

A couple of weeks ago I started adding to what I was doing here in QE by listening to Greg Braden under his tab in QE. I also added something I had here at home for at least a year called manifestation meditation. So I had all three things going... QE, Greg Braden, and the meditation tapes,which are only music to help you along in your meditations.

About a week ago I awoke in the morning with a feeling I had not had in many  years. It took a bit for me to even recognize what this feeling was!

It was... dare I say it?....JOY !!!

My entire being was uplifted and infused with  pure JOY.

I have been through a lot and had lost this feeling many years ago.. afraid to even think about feeling positive emotions.

I would encourage others  to take or  continue taking the QE even if they think there is no results for a while. It (the results) will come and may take you by surprise.

Though the initial intenseness has settled, I have been unable to even entertain negative thoughts and emotions for more than a second or two. My new being  just will not have it. Thanks for all you do. I am now ready for the "ride of my life".



As a new supporter to FCUSA and its goals, I agree with the philosophy of hope v.s. intention. We all can hope but it's the actions we take ourselves that can be controlled and help dictate the direction we want our lives to follow. I admire the people I've heard and read about that have been waiting patiently for the final result, while at the same time pursuing inner growth through the programs FCUSA offer. There is a multitude of helpful directives to further enhance the quality of life especially on the spiritual level. I am happy to be a new member of the FCUSA family and I intend to make the most of what I have been offered. This will definitely be the "Ride" I have been looking forward to.

Michael P

Ride of My Life
Tom, thank you for everything that you and your team are doing for the membership and more importantly the world. I am happy to see your comments under the club news. As the founder, I appreciate what your comments and thoughts are...particularly at this stage. And, yes.. I am ready for the ride of my life.
Again, Many Thanks.
GREAT Organization

I joined FCUSA back in 2005, bought 2 processes and right off the bat all of the blood pressure I had from bills was totally relieved. That was great in itself, but the education that I have received here on what is REALLY going on in this world of ours is second to none. The most important factor is that the people who are running this entire operation are one of the most honorable, ethical, trustworthy, respectful, helpful, and truth seeking folks you'll find on the planet and very detailed and hard working to get the job done! My sincere appreciation, love and gratitude are forever with the leaders of this GREAT organization including Tom, Judi, Joanne, all of the other consultants and everyone behind the scenes for making this a reality. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!


Wonderful Work

I can't thank all of you enough for the wonderful work you are doing for mankind and the world. The data about the history of life on earth and doing the QE is amazing as it helps to access the recesses of the mind finding the blocks on so many different levels. It is so interesting with your guidance how many things become apparent about the daily activites and ways of thinking that are coming from past and old programs that don't serve our highest good in the present. I look forward to the day we all live in perfect peace, love and harmony with all of the universal engergies.
All the best and look forward to continued guidance and love from the Great Divine power of Oneness.


Thanks to Admin Solutions
I'd like to thank Sandy of Admin Solutions for being so helpful and basically holding my hand throughout my LLC development process.  Looking forward to doing more business with Admin Solutions post funding!!  Thanks again, Sandy!

So Excited
Thanks to the Administration staff, Tom, Joanne, and Judi just to name a few. I am so excited I have never seen anything like it before. Thanks for all of your hard work, your caring, sharing, thoughtfulness and so much more.

Happy New Year, I have learned a lot.

Thanks, Julia
It's Been A Ride
4 years ago a Co-working told be about the Freedom Club.  I was hooked from day one. It's been a ride. I am happy that I became a member. I have gotten more education in four years than I got in 14 year of higher leaning, Thank you for that. It have been a blessing. Thank you for the QE, thank you for coaching, and wed. prosperity. It is more then just about the money.

Magic Fingers

In the last year I specifically asked the universe for freedom......I sat down at my computer one morning and my fingers typed "Freedom Club USA".  I stared at the screen for a minute in disbelief, I searched the website for about 5 minutes and I when I started to laugh. All I kept saying to myself was"Thank-you God for guiding me back home". The Integrity that Tom,Joanne,Judi and Carol (Ambassador) all embrace is second to none!!!!!  I thank-you all so very much for your loving support. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to finally experience my true reality. Your vast amount of knowledge through the coaching programs has been profoundly beneficial and lastly setting an unbelievable example of Patience and perseverance. Wishing all the members and  staff at FCUSA many blessings in all of  your future endeavours.

Thank-you, Ljubica

Pay It Forward

I'm thankful to be a member of Freedom Club USA, especially during such hard times.  I'm thrilled to be a part of something so big that has a "Pay It Forward" mentality.  I see so many people in need around me, and I look forward to changing the lives of others and helping to free them from debt.  After all, nothing has more meaning than being a blessing to others.


Unfathomable Insight

Reading through the Club's website, listening to the calls, live and recorded, exchange of emails with my consultant and referrer, have brought me unending knowledge, pleasure and unfathomable insight of our country's financial predicament. My blood pressure probably gone down by about 30 points since I joined in July 2011 because of the good vibes that the education from FCUSA had given me. And now that the mission of self-governance for the club and its members is nearing to a close and funding is imminent, we as members are so intent on making a change to our lives and everybody's lives for the better. "YES VIRGINIA, THERE'S LIGHT FROM GOD, THERE'S JUSTICE AND FAIRNESS and there's FCUSA.
Thank you Tom, Judi, Joanne and Robb (and all your staff) for all your hard works. Thank you Sandra and Dominique  for all your enlightening emails to answer my numerous questions.  I'll never be able to thank you enough for all your great deeds.
May all have a prosperous and a happy 2012 and beyond.


Joy and Light

After going through an intense QE Session the other day, I find that a key root of rejection has been dug up and thrown away.  It has helped me see the tapestry woven in my life around events in my life that effected my joy and perspective of others...  Since the session, I have taken a new perspective and darkness has been replaced with light :)  I could go on and on with reporting details and the release that has set me free, but the main event is the perspective I have found that brings joy!


Amazing Truth

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!! From the bottom of my heart thank you Tom, Judi and Joanne for this wonderful program.  This is truly an opportunity of a lifetime. I really claim and believe that this program is one of a kind. I have been looking for something that is for real. I have found you folks.  You were born for a purpose in this world. The financial blessings that is so unique. Because of your hard work many will be blessed.  The truth that you've found is truly amazing. Thank God for His guidance and leading towards this research.

You've done a wonderful job!!!  Heaven is smiling at you!!! God bless you continually......
Yours Truly,

QE Clearing

I have done many of the Q.E. sessions over the last two years and I have noticed that they continue to bring in more and more healing love and light energies. The session dated 11/17/11 which I have done twice now really brings a level of peace and happiness to the Heart as old traumas and issues are cleared away. Since this session focuses on the Heart and as we indeed carry so many hurts withing our Heart this particular session clears out all levels of negative emotions that we have carried through our entire Chakratic Heart System, if you just allow it to unfold and allow it to be so. The way this session is conducted and the clearing that takes place of all the lineages of the other beautiful souls you bring forward is truly a gift from your Higher I Am Presence to your present physical self in this now moment. It is a Blessing.

Thank you Tom and Joanne for bringing this gift forward to us at this time.



Profound Impact

I have left a testimonial before, but just wanted to let you know again how much of a positive and profound impact Freedom Club has made on my life.  I have grown so much in so many ways in several areas and am eternally grateful.  What an amazing group of lightworkers the club is.  Much gratitude and appreciation always for all you have done and continue to do for the good of the planet.


Like Minded and Understanding

I am so glad to have been introduced to people that are like minded and understand about things i have known for years. I feel blessed to be apart of this club and wish everyone involved blessings and prosperity beyond there wildest dreams.I also want to thank the diligent work of all the founders for there persistence and patients to bless us all. Thank you.


Membership Is Priceless
I am so grateful to FCUSA and all the special people that are part of this awesome, and one of a kind in this universe club! I am still wondering why of all the people on earth I became a part of this.  With all the latest information we have been given, membership is priceless!!! To all the people who have never believed what I believed, it's never too late! An open heart and mind is all we ask of you.  Let's be the light that will help enlighten the confused and the lost in our community! Namaste!
Richly Rewarded
Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to this project.  May we all be richly rewarded.

William & Nadezda
Emotional Freedom
The Freedom Club to me is not just about the financial freedom we will receive but the spiritual, and emotional freedom we have all gained from the wonderful classes. Thank your soooo much for all of these great blessing. GOD Bless.

Nurturing and Caring
Hi, my apologies to Karen. I don't want to steal her thunder, but I am the happiest and most grateful person in FC!! :) Every time I go onto the site, I see something new that FC is doing for all of us. The Corp Sole is so exciting and is just one more example of the nurturing caring place that is Freedom Club. I am living happy every minute of every day because there are dozens and dozens of things that I appreciate, from my ten fingers to my awesome good looks. Just kidding folks, I meant to say, my awesome sense of humor.

Believe You Will Receive

I have been in Freedom Club for a while, maybe not as long as most but I've gone through some hardships as others have and have helped others through their hardships by either comforting them and trying to keep their hopes and faith strong. I feel that having hope is the start, having faith is the beginning and believing in this faith and the faith of all of your co-members is what will keep you going. It has kept me going and I am really in debt, but I used to worry about how am I going to make ends meet, where is the money gonna come from to pay just one of my bills and it used to drive me crazy, I mean it still does a little but the only difference now is that I know and believe that I will be funded and I will be able to aid those in need and I will be able to once and for all take care of my family, assist a struggling family and many more. I will definitely be out of debt. I hope that my testimony will give those who have lost faith and are struggling like I am believe again and it will also revive those who have kept the faith to spread it more. Believe that you will receive and you will be given, believe that you have been taken and you will have been taken. Believe that you can make it work and it will work.  Have faith, because it's faith that will pull you through. Thank you to all of those who have worked so hard to get us to our final destination when our dreams become our reality.


Profoundly Thankful

I am completely and profoundly thankful for the discovery of FCUSA in my life. It could not have come at a more opportune time and I will be forever grateful that I was ever told about this organization. This, however, does not stack up to the love, appreciation and gratitude I can express to the leaders of this club. Through your work, dedication and unbelievably unconditional love of humanity, you have set us free. This will undoubtedly be the biggest breakthrough in so many peoples lives, including my own. With that said I am forever appreciative. Thank you!


Perfect Timing
I can't believe the timing.  So glad I did a lot of work on myself over the last several years, because now I am ready for abundance!!  The web site: has a visual aid, a check from the Universal Bank, Unltd.  I filled one out Jan 01, 2010 for $25,000 and then another for $1,000,000... Perfect Timing.  Its true once you change your mindset and thought process (stop strategizing and believe), focusing only on the positive, you will attract same!  Thank you FCUSA for this incredible opportunity and SaLuSa and everyone else!  My consultant Sandy has been fabulous.  Looking forward to enjoying our golden years now!

25 people, all members of my family, are rejoicing because we will never again hear the words, no money.

Bringing Lightness

We are ONE, together in a movement that will bring LIGHTNESS to the world.  Tom, Judi, Joanne, Robb, the development team and research team have worked unconditionally with their love to give us our FREEDOM BACK.  Lets also pay it forward as Ambassadors to spread the word to bring freedom, love, happiness back to the UNIVERSE. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to help be part of a MAJOR change.

Love Diane&Glenn

So Elated
My wife and I are so elated to be a part of Freedom Club USA. About a year ago we were displaced out of our home and lost everything. The Creator directed us to meet someone that was a part of FCUSA and after doing our diligence of research, we would've been crazy not to sign up. It's so exciting to watch the funding meter go down so rapidly, indicating that funding is close at hand. To Tom, Joanne, Judi and the team, my the Creator bless you guys with great abundance in every facet of your lives.

Vincent and Katina
Breaking the Shackles

Freedom Club USA brought answers I had sought all my life.  Answers to questions I didn't know answers excited for.  I decided at an early age to learn all about money.  Got BA degree in Economics to learn about money.  Got Masters in Public Administration and many hours in Business Administration to learn about money.  I worked 4 years for President Carter and 4 years for President Regan as certainly at the Office of Management and Budget, I would finally understand how many work, Right?  Wrong.

Now at 63 years of age Freedom Club has provided the answers I sought for decades and with these answers I have begun building new muscles of strength and understanding and am now breaking  the shackles of mental, spiritual and financial ignorance and slavery.

Right now prior to funding I can sing as my Light friend MLK, "Free at Last, Free at Last, Thank God Almighty, I am FREE at last!  And once funding occurs, I will sing it more loudly and with even more conviction and joy as I pass this song onto to many, many other people and organizations committed to making this world a better place where honest and sane beings rule and everyone is elevated to a place of decency, love and brotherhood where all win.

I treasure this game!  And I treasure Tom, Joanne, the entire FCUSA team for shedding light on darkness.


The Angels of FCUSA
God has kept me here. I survived because He has a plan for me. All my bad relationships, the consequences, the bad credit, the repossessions, the death of my loved ones, the back stabbing from my friends, the negative thoughts, or the lack of support, I made it because I am blessed! I release and let go of all past hurts, misunderstandings, and grudges because I am abundantly Blessed! I recognize the angels of FCUSA...Tom, Judi, Joanne, Robb and all the staff. Thank you for who you are to A HAPPY and Prosperous New Year!

Much Love and Honor
The Freedom Club is a true testament for the betterment of not only ourselves, but for all beings on Earth. It is an invitation to welcome us into Service to ALL, equipping us with more than enough to transform Earth into brilliance. I look forward, so deeply - to connect with other members once we begin our prosperity work, the ideas and plans I have (and am writing down as fast as they come) keep me motivated, inspired, and full of passion for life, at every moment of every day... because we are here on Earth to THRIVE and FCUSA is a gateway to do just that. You are a gift in my life, and I cannot wait to return the treasure you have given me by being a part of a movement that will indeed help flip Earth upside down (which will now be the RIGHT side up). MUCH LOVE and HONOR.

Much More to FCUSA

I have been looking for FCUSA since 1980.  Even though FCUSA wasn't around at that time I thought that there had to be something out there that I didn't have to get hundreds of people to make a dollar. I told Prime Creator that I wouldn't ever give up even when I found FCUSA,      MY Very Special Dream will just begin and that is to help a lot of people. If I did stop, it would be because my contract was over on this planet.  It took 27 years to find FCUSA. Yes, I got in FCUSA for the money, just like most folks did. When I learned about QE, the cash that I paid for my AR was worth the info.  What I've learned with QE and the Prosperity calls... WOW!! The funds are a bonus.
Now I can really help others even more.  It will be financially. The mental part I will leave that to QE and the prosperity calls staring Tom & Joanne. They can get it done.

My role models are Tom & Joanne. I never thought I would have a female for as a role model. No offense to the ladies. QE and the Prosperity calls helped me cope with my brother's death because of what I've learned by getting on the calls. Now I know that he is in a better place and his contract was up here on this planet. The best is yet to come and that is the Ascension. Just get ready, it's going to be great.

May the light be with you all.


Masters of the Far East
Hi Tom, listened again today to part 1 of The Masters of the Far East call from 2008 and just wanted to say thank you for having that available.  I hadn't heard it since the first recording and it was so great to hear it again now with all of your wisdom.  I had forgotten much of it to be honest and It's so great to be part of a club that makes this information available.  Thanks again and have a great Christmas weekend.
Ready to Ascend

I am SO ready to ascend... I want to share with you the greatest gift I have received this year, Freedom Club USA. Before September, I would never have accepted the possibility of Galactic brethren, let alone channelers--I thought Shirley MacClaine was on some great drugs, but I now can see that many of these messages carry a similar theme: We are not alone and they are here to help us change our World and enter the Golden Age.

Quantum Energetics, also offered through the Club, has completed what I started many years ago, clearing up past energies that were literally sucking the life out of me. In just a few short months, I am a different person on my way to ascension--can we say 'Stargate SG1'??? Wow, what an amazing realization in itself.

I also participated in the recorded Victory Coaching by Judi through the Club, which helped me reevaluate 'My Why' and focus on removing blocks that kept me on the lighted path that I am on now. I have certainly gotten my money's worth out of the club, including the Prosperity and Member calls. Tom, Joanne and Judi have given so much of themselves to help me and others heal and shine as the Lights we were always meant to be.

May you have a Wonderful Christmas and New Year's. I will be with you in spirit.

Love Always, your sister,


Real Cornerstone

Freedom Club USA is among the very few places where anyone can come and get educated on past, present and future world affairs. It's a place that everyone is received with open arms and teaches people to do the same so that good things could come into their lives. FCUSA is among the very few real cornerstones left on earth that will help develop the good things life has to offer.

Fulfilling Our Dreams


I can't get on the live member calls, so I haven't had an opportunity to tell you 'in person' how much I appreciate all you do and your incredible generosity.  Thank You!  If it wasn't for your hard work, sacrifices and patience, we would not have the opportunity before us to finally have financial freedom and be able to fulfill our dreams.  So, thank you so much for all you do for us!!

Gordon & Karan

A Million Thanks

I have listened to the first 3 sessions and I wanted to tell you that I wish I had known about Freedom Club when it started.  I have struggled with much in my life and still do but I must tell you, I am reaching back inside of myself to learn how to deal with issues from my past.  My friend Duane has been wonderful and talks to me a great
deal about what would also help me to accomplish this and he recommended QE. Once I finish the coaching I am going to begin QE.  I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful gift you offer.  I know I am not alone and its
comforting to know that I feel I have finally found a place for me that feels more like home should feel.  I work a lot and have been frustrated with not being able to put 100% of myself into studying but I feel I am so blessed to have this club.  So much to offer us and I wanted to thank you a million times over for what you do!  I'm not feeling as trapped as I have for the past 10 years!



I AM deeply blessed to be a part of Freedom Club USA. For two wonderful years, I have been given the privilege of unprecedented education and knowledge. From the very first archived wednesday prosperity call to the present, it ALL just hit home with me. Next came the live QE calls, and here is where my TRUE transformation began. I know this is just the beginning of the beginning. Thank you Tom, Judi, Joanne and all the kindred souls in the background.


Most Grateful

I must say i am the happiest most grateful person you can find in this club. Three years ago my job of 12 years came to an end. I thought that things would work out for me because of the different things  I was involved in but nothing happened. The only one I can look to for a break through is FCUSA. The name of this club is not a mistake, I think God gave the founder Tom this great name because this is where myself and others are going to find their freedom.So from the bottom of my heart I just want to say thanks to all at the top who have worked so hard for us, I will forever be grateful to you guys. Many God bless and keep you all. We love and appreciate everyone. Thanks

Education & Solution

The past few years i've heard bits and pieces of the fraud but, never had a systematic approach to learning about various subjects pertaining to our life here on planet earth regarding commerce, UCC, banking and etc.  Thank you FCUSA for what you've done for providing a system and the education plus the solution for us to break free from the web of deceit.


Usering to the Light

When I get on the Energy/Earth (News) I forget the time and get lost in it.  I was reading about NESARA, now I can see a lot of things.  They are verifying what I said about 9-11 and a few other things that I felt.  I am glad that we have the allies that are willing to usher us into the light.  I can hardly wait for this to be complete.  I can only imagine how great it will be.  There is so much that I would like to say but it would turn out to be a book.  I can only say THANK YOU


I Love Every Bit

I love all this, every bit! The FCUSA and the QE and coaching and and and... It's fantastic, so clear and straight forward. There is great love here for all...

Embrace All Being Offered

A heart felt thank you to the FCUSA team, for their motivated, heart and light efforts to educate the masses in the important areas of finance and spirituality healing as well as the real geopolitical news. One aspect is of no value without the others. I would encourage all members to embrace all that is being offered to grow, so that you learn all that you are and what your real purpose is in being here.

I am proud to be a member of FCUSA

WOW....What a turnaround!!!

 I joined freedom club a number of years ago simply for the funding as the conventional thinking thrust upon me for decades had instilled in me that money would solve everything; freedom with happiness. WAS I EVER WRONG  Listening to Joanne and Tom and the Wednesday and Thursday calls coupled with the many, many thought provoking articles on the site, I am finally beginning to see our purpose and mission here on earth. I did not take what they said, or what I read, literally; but through thinking with an open mind and heart, began to see that what we had been taught to believe was not entirely so and what Joanne and Tom were sharing with us was. It felt comfortable in the heart and mind; and more importantly made absolute sense and helped me to realize that we are hear to evolve and ascend and assist in creating a world of love and light free from the conflicts and grasps of duality. My goal now; thanks to Freedom Club, is to utilize the funding not only as a "freedom" for myself, family and friends, but more importantly, as a tool and an aid to not only free others from the throws of hunger and debt but to assist in enlightening as many as I possibly can to awaken within themselves and prepare for their ascension. This is my WOW turnaround and how I see my purpose and mission and I cannot thank Freedom Club enough for the opportunity to do so; and as Tom says "For the Highest and Greatest Good". Many thanks to all of you.

So Grateful

It has been a couple years now since I have become a member.  My husband and I have learned so much during these last few years.  It has been a very educational journey. We were there when the bumps and road-blocks tried to get in the way of FCUSA but we got thru it. 

Hats off to Tom, Joanne, Judi and the rest of the crew!  We are grateful for all your hard work and the time that you have sacrificed to make a difference in not only our lives but the people lives that we will be touching because of you!


I Feel Very Blessed

I thank God every day for ALL of you who have worked so bring this event to fruition.  I feel very blessed to have the knowledge that being part of FCUSA has imparted unto me.  FCUSA is an answer to many, many prayers that have been lifted by so many.  The funding will enable me to help many, many others who are struggling.....but most importantly will help me pay for getting my husband the treatments he needs in his battle against Parkinson's Disease and dementia.  Thank you TOM, JOANNE,
JUDI and the entire STAFF of FCUSA.  God bless each of you.

Priceless Research

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you very much for all your hard work. FCUSA staff have done and still doing an excellence job in bringing us information that is priceless. Seven years of research have payoff. We are very lucky to have FCUSA around. God bless you all. Keep doing the job that you guys are doing. There is nothing out there that can beat FCUSA. Keep it up.


Tears of Joy

In the past 6 years Freedom has shown me they are manifesting from the heart.  Creating a new world filled with love and compassion. From a place in the heart where we see others before ourselves.  Heart manifesting is the best way to create a new world filled with love and compassion. 

Their principles are do no harm, and apply honesty and integrity in all that they do, and then find your personal joy while expressing gratitude.

I cannot describe the depth of my gratitude for the entire Freedom team of Angels.  Thank heart is filled with tears of JOY



I am so blessed that I attracted this wonderful benevolent club into my life 11 months ago. Words cannot express my gratitude to the leaders and to all the people behind the scenes who's tireless efforts make this club all that it is. The benefits that FCUSA provides are too many to even list, from the quantum energetic healing to the spiritual upliftment to the education you couldn't even get at the finest universities, for this I eternally grateful. FCUSA truly is a beacon for truth, love, prosperity, and personal growth and development.  I can't wait to share the abundance that this club is soon to provide to all who are ready to receive. Thank you for your strength, courage, and perseverance in blazing this trail that is going to benefit so many and help heal this world.

Peace and Love
Namaste, Scott


This Is The Greatest

FCUSA has changed my life.  Seven years ago when I joined I knew they were going in the right direction. I have hung-in because I believed in their journey. I did one session of Quantum energetics 4 years ago and I let go of a major issue I had been struggling with all my life.  Happiness and faith was the result.  This is the greatest organization you could ever be a member of. I believe I am suppose to be here at this time and place with FCUSA.  Thank you Tom, George, Judi, Joanne, Robb and all subordinates at the office.  All of you are the angels we have been waiting for.  Miracles do come true!


I Am So Blessed

I am so blessed to have found this group and the compendium of information, sharing and experience.  It is difficult for me to access the site in a timely way as I only have dial up internet but the plus side is that I have new surprises and interests every time a page finally loads.

Thanks to All

I just want to say thank you Tom, Joanne, Judi and all the FCUSA for all you doing for us , thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us,  thank you for giving us hope,  I really appreciate all your work, Again  Thank you,  all of you.






So Happy

I have never been so happy as to be in the Freedom Club USA.  The friendship and knowledge that Tom, Judi and Joanne has given to so many people, I feel that I am a lucky person to have the Freedom Club USA in my life.



I can't tell you how grateful I am for FCUSA CLUB USA. Thank you Tom, Joanne, Judi and all at FCUSA for your work. It has helped make my life better in a lot of ways. Now I know there is hope thank you.  Be in peace.



Amazing Vibration

Dear Tom,

Last night's QE call was AMAZING! Afterwards, I was vibrating at a high speed for several hours with one major development--my heart chakra was vibrating. I have never felt that before. It felt like 8-10 inches surrounding my heart was in its own vibrating world.

I have been getting so much out of ALL the calls, but QE is my favorite, with Judi's Victory Coaching a second, which I have completed.

I can't tell you how grateful and thankful I am for the Club, and the love and concern I feel emanating from you and Joanne.

Thank you for enriching my life in ways I never dreamed possible.

You, Joanne, Judi and the ENTIRE Club are in my heart, prayers and thoughts, always.

With much love,


Universal Love

Thank you, FCUSA founder, directors and members, as our founder has reminded us we all have come here to redouble what we already have inside us, ( universal love ) passed down through the times of the ancients. I'm sure the library of time / consciousnesses is filled with the energy of universal love.

Cheers Craig       


Just when I think FCUSA won't be able to find any more educational articles to read or listen to; along comes more.
The site offers a vast wealth of information awaiting to be unlocked by each of us!  This is an all encompassing site which make us thirst for more knowledge.  Many accolades to all who work so diligently bringing the truth and light.  May your rewards be ten thousand fold!  Happy learning to all newcomers to the site.

Trust and Respect

Hi Tom, Joanne and Judi,

I know that some of the members are getting fearful that this might just be one of those programs we have all been connected to in the past that just couldn't seem to work. I will tell you that my wife and I have all the confidence in the world that this is going to break the bad chain of events that we have all been a part of only to be let down.

We know setting up a back-end automated system can be a total nightmare.  We feel your sincere effort to make this work right the first time you cut us loose to go in and have at it like wild kids. Keep on keeping on and doing what you need to do knowing that you do have people out here that Trust you, Respect you and most of all believe in all of you.

God Bless

Great Passion

I can't tell you how grateful I am for Freedom Club USA. You are completing my ascension that I thought was all StarGate SG-1 and others. I also thought Hollywood was so bad, but many of these directors, writers, etc. have been trying to wake us up and continue to do so.

Every week that I am on the calls, I hear more and more your passion, concern and love for me and those on the calls, especially when someone asks about QE. Boy, do you light up and let it shine. I keep kleenex nearby.

You're right, it's not about the money, though that will gain us financial freedom, but you have to love yourself and get CLEAR if you want to ascend and be all that you're to be.


I Am Amazed
Since I logged on to FCUSA & ordered the newsletter I have been thoroughly reviewing your website. I am amazed!!!!  It is not just about the financial aspect but I have listened to every Prosperity call beginning with 5-18-11 (hollow earth) thru 8-24-11... I have also listened to the Intro Call on 8-1-11 & used this date to sign up for the newsletter.  
I am humbled & so very grateful for the privilege you have accorded me to hear this information. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I have reviewed the 9th Wave with (Graph II as well as checked out each website on page 7) & the Mayan Calendar as I listened to the Mayan Audio #1 & #2. I am blown away.  This information absolutely resonates with my soul....
My husband & I are also members of The Global Information Network since November 2009 & have been completely "plugged in" to GIN, attending major events & seminars. In fact, we have our Family Reunion 2011 at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas on October 28-30, 2011.  This date coincides with the last day of the Mayan Calendar so this should be an exciting time...
Joanne & Tom, thank you again for your efforts on behalf of myself & this planet.
Jamaican Dream
I should say that I am not a man of many words.  I have been trying all my life to believe in something.  I am from Jamaica and in my country life is very hard.  My dream was to always to help people who are in need from anywhere in the world.  Thank you all for making me believe in something.  You are truly a blessing Tom and I am looking forward to the day when I can meet you.  Stay strong.  I am one of your biggest fans.


Be a Blessing

It is so exciting to see the Red Lite turned on.  Thanks to Founder Tom and his team for not giving up after many years of extensive research, millions of dollars, and thousands of manpower hours not to mention unsurmountable hurdles.  I have been a member for a year and a half now.  What I have been enlightened with as well as the club's heart-centered and mission to better the world far outweigh the payouts that I will be receiving.  I know that God trusts me with the blessings He is about to pour into my life.  I thank God that I found you so I can pay it forward and be a blessing.


Never Give Up - Never Surrender
Just a brief note (no response necessary), that today, July 26th, is our 5 year anniversary with the club.  So much has happened in that time frame, for all of us no doubt.  Interesting stories to share at the Vic/Cel.
For us, we are "in the sales business", which is both about paying the bills AND about simplifying our lives - literally "out with the old, in with the new", in the next couple of months.
We have gained a new out look on our situation, on each other, on our "friends" and the "things" that we want (the "things" that have come and gone from our vision board).  Even some of those visions have been ... reduced, as time has passed.  We are pleased that Tom and Company have embraced (if not verbally) the mission statement from the Galaxy Quest movie - "Never give up.  Never surrender!"
Lastly, let me state that we feel fortunate that we can be here, at this time, to see not just the club reach critical mass, but the country as a whole and the governments of this planet coming back to the common law, sovereign man foundation, for everyone.  A great time to be alive and a part of this movement!
Best Regards,
Scott and Pamela
Beyond Expectations
Freedom Club has brought Education in my life I would never have expected and I have grown in such a worldly fashion and beyond my expectations.  I'm happy to be a member since 2/24/06

Wonderful Club

To all my fellow members of FCUSA and the general public, this club is the most powerful club I've ever had the chance to be part of. I SAY THANKS FOR QUANTUM ENERGETICS...I don't like, but I love the leadership of such a wonderful club, my respect for Joanne Tom and Judi and the staff at our home office is next to none, I am forever grateful for all their servitude and are an example as they show and tell others of like minds about the number one organization on EARTH.. and that's a FACT and my opinion!!!  Its like Christ said, victory has ALREADY been won!!! I'm looking forward to seeing ALL my FCUSA family at our victory celebration.. PEACE and love to ALL!!


Ever Grateful

I shall ever be grateful to my friend who introduce me to FCUSA. I believe that there are no coincidences and I was honored by his faith, trust and respect.  I have begun the work and I am loving it!  I am looking forward to getting to know, and sharing with,so many like-minded people.


Huge Difference

I just had to take a moment to say THANK YOU for all your hard work & support. You have had a HUGE influence (for good) in our lives.

Your 'slogan' "It happened....." has made such a HUGE difference in our lives.  We have incorporated it into our daily lives and it REALLY helps put things back into perspective.

My husband, Jim, has done a lot more QE than I have, but (smile) what I have done has helped tremendously. 

I don't accept change easily, but (sorry - another but!) you have brought a LOT of change into our lives. I resisted at first. Ok I resisted for several years....but Jim & I are on the same page now. And what a page it is!!!

The things we have learned from you & the Club have changed so many aspects of our lives. Things I had no idea would ever be changeable.  Everything from religion & our concept of God to our understanding of the government.

You cut a wide path Tom and I THANK YOU for the education, love, & support you provide. I sincerely look forward to the opportunity to shake your hand...or give you a hug! Whichever comes first.

Love you.

Higher Vibration

Hello Tom,

I listened to the call of June 21, 2011. I am blown away by your insightful comments about human evolution into a higher form of life that is rightfully our natural state of freedom and prosperity. Your words resonate well with me. I see a lot of wisdom in your words and knowledge. Such insights about agreements and bringing balance and justice make FCUSA to vibrate at a higher truth level and I am not surprised that it should measure high on a "balance or energy scale". It appears that you must be well guided by highly evolved intergalactic beings to lead us through the process of ascension of the human life from the confinement of slavery. Wow! The higher forces have actually come to observe us and our ways. Well for us to be free of all these financial controllers who are confining us in slavery, we certainly need the help of some forces stronger, more intelligent and wiser than them. I heard you talk about Nibiru planet and such. Wow! You seem so well versed in such matters and that makes me feel that Freedom Club is truly being guided by such higher beings through you. Tom, indeed it is a privilege to be a part of this club and especially to learn that you are guiding the club armed with such extraordinary knowledge from such higher wisdom from highly evolved intergalactic forces.

Tom, I applaud you and look forward to all the coming changes for the club members and citizens of the earth. I look forward to receiving the funds so these can be used to advance ourselves on the path of ascension.

Member, Vinod



I have recently completed the coaching calls with Judi and have found them most beneficial for solidifying and strengthening my belief in self empowerment and our capabilities. It is fo all of us to be open and "Ready" to truly discover what we are capable of achieving from within. Thank you Tom and Judi and the great team at Freedom Club keep up the great work you are very much appreciated.



Never in the history of the world, has there been such abundant opportunity as there is now for the person who is willing to serve before trying to collect. Thank to the whole team. May the force be with you all.


Solving the Puzzle

A Big Thank You to founder Tom and Judi and Jo Anne for making your vision a reality which allows me and I'm sure numerous others, to gather what we need to make our personal dreams and visions a reality as well.

As a "middle class" person working a full time job, there was never enough money on hand to buy anything of value unless a bank loan or credit card was obtained to get that precise, sizable amount of the purchase price. My future labor was exchanged for the purchase, but they added in so much extra usury on me, that it really became a heavy burden for me to bare.

I've searched high and low for what I've found with Freedom Club USA and could not find it anywhere. I did find a piece here and a piece there, but many pieces were still missing, and the pieces I did have didn't fit together right. Tom and company has masterfully pieced together Freedom Club USA to finally solve the giant puzzle created by the elite bankers of old and I am excited and eternally grateful!

I have been digging through all of my old loan papers (I knew I was keeping all those old papers for a good reason) and the ARs just keep adding up. With the unlimited Silver ARs, I will be in a position to help numerous people step up and out of the mire the government and bankers have created for us to live in.

Again, Thanks Tom, ever so much and may the Lord Truly Bless You and Yours!



Dear Tom, Joanne and Judi.  As we're approaching the starting line for our new lives, I just wanted to thank you all for your persistence, patience and unflagging energy.  As a member for over a year and a half, I have watched the club grow and the energy level accelerate.  With all the changes in the air, it's truly a wonderful time to be a member of FCUSA.  Thank you for all you've done, and I'm looking forward to meeting each of you in the not too distant future! 

Best regards,  Alan

Positive Vibrations


Being introduced to the Freedom Club USA,  Tom Judi and all the wonderful people associated within the club have had such a positive calming effect on my life and that I am eternally grateful for.

After being just another statistic of our system being pushed, shoved and harassed,  the breath of fresh positive vibrations of love and giving amongst the club is something you just can't ignore.  After years of asking why and trying to figure out how things could get so screwed up and fighting the system, I now have hope and such a calm comfortable feeling towards life and to that I thank Tom, Judi, the team, Mark/Carol and all the wonderful people associated with FreedomClubUSA.

Let the future begin now!


So Brave

Hello there, Tom, Judi, Joanne:

Please know that saying a "Big thank you to all of you" is too inadequate to state all that's in my heart.  I've always known you would be able to do it without an iota of doubt in my mind.  You have educated me so much and without you and the inumerable websites you have created, I would not have known what to do in my daily life.  Since becoming a member, I have spent many sleepless nights going thru the different websites that are very intereting and overwhelming to read and absorb.  They have made me so brave that I am not afraid of anything anymore including facing my lenders in Court. Before I found you, I've asked myself what I have done in life to deserve all these sufferings of losing all my savings in real estate when all I did was go to school and work so that my 5 children and 14 grandchildren will have a better life and won't be homeless.  Now I know that my endeavors and losses happened for a reason because if I was not put in that predicament, I would not have known you and FCUSA.  I've often daydreamed of the many people I will be able to help after funding most especially my obscure little town in the Philippines that's not even deserving to be on the map.    

Anyway, I submitted 3 ARs to Carol and hope they are OK.  If not, you can always call or e-mail me.  I still have to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, although I know I could never thank you enough. God bless you.


Grateful & Positive

FCUSA has so much helpful information and my family and I are grateful to have Carlos as our consultant and have come to feel like he's an extended member of our family answers what ever questions we have and helps us as best as he can and like his positive energy that has touched us as well and showed up to stay positive and look at the brighter side of life when things are a little hard which they have been but faith has helped us and keeps us strong and focused . We stay focused on our mission which is rescuing stray and abused animals and are excited to know that soon we will be able to help lots of animals in need and touch people in ways that can make them see things different and focus on peace and love.


Beautiful Office

I visited the office on April 4 and enjoyed a cup of coffee and nice conversation with Judi.  I also met other staff who were working in the office that day.  Judi was very willing to answer a list of questions that I had with me from other members.  I really appreciate the time Judi took with me and her positive attitude.  The office is beautiful and I felt very welcomed to be there!  Thank you Judi and your staff for all your hard work!


Paying it Forward
Then came your program, which to me is a blessing, once funding does happen, I can get my back fixed, not have to worry about working to support my family, I can afford to hire some help while I`m recovering. Although I have found this awesome Dr who claims he can fix spines from the out side but I have to travel once a week 12 hrs to another city for treatments, but hey anything is worth a try to keep me out of a wheel chair. I have faith that he will help me, so I`m keeping my fingers crossed. I ended up almost having my life end last summer due to the heavy meds effecting most internal organs, my liver had gone down to a 20% functioning rate, I was internally bleeding, and was sleeping all day long but for the amazing Dr`s that helped me survive, I`m now mending those organs with different meds and back to working as normal but I do still need this back problem fixed, so this funding will be my heavens sent....SO THANK YOU and not just from the bottom of my heart my whole heart and from my boys hearts also  
Everyone has their reasons for wanting their ARs to pay out, and ofcourse everyone wants to be free and pay it forward. It`s the exact same way with me, and I will be able to live again and be the mother I used to be.
I`m not looking for pitty, or a hand out of any sort but I can`t express enough how grateful I am for what you, Joanne and Judi are doing.
God Bless

Private Library

Just want to say I am so excited and thrilled to be a part of this club and the knowledge I receive everyday through the calls and just being on the website everyday, there is so much, its like having my private library to the "real world" and I have been enlightened in so many ways and so look forward to helping others reach their dreams and a full life...Thank you, Tom, Judy and Joanne..can't wait to meet you all in the very near future and I mean near...god bless.



Enlightened, peaceful and thankful for the understanding shared by loving spirits and the love and warmth of freedom club. 



Great Office Visit

I personally visited the new FCUSA Atlanta office last week, and I thought other members could benefit from my experience.  The office building is a modern professional building situated in a nice commercial area of Atlanta.  I thought the leaders of our club did a nice job in selecting this facility at this particular location. All of the people I saw coming and going from the building appeared to be business types dressed appropriately for a professional environment.  Upon entering the offices of FCUSA, I was greeted by a pleasant and helpful receptionist.  The waiting area was attractive, modern and very professional.  Adjacent to the office foyer was a nicely appointed conference room with a large table with approximately twenty chairs surrounding it.  A person from the foyer could see the conference room due to a beautiful translucent glass wall.  Upon meeting Judi for the first time, I found her pleasant, intelligent and very dedicated to helping the club succeed with its important objectives. She showed me the primary office area where a lot of the important work will be done. Thanks Judi for a great visit!  If you are going to be in the Atlanta area sometime soon, I would recommend you make an appointment to visit the office like I did - you will be glad you did.

John K (Member and Referrer)


I would like to express my appreciation to Tom, George, Judy, Joanne, FCUSA and all the members. I joined the club about 3yrs ago and this has been an incredible journey. When I joined the club, I was in dire straights financially and was looking for funding to save me from my financial dispair. I had been part of patriot groups in the past and really appreciated the information on the website but I joined FCUSA looking for a miracle. I have reviewed the site often. I have used the biorenew products. Participated in QE and read the books recommended and more. I have faithfully listened to the recorded member and prosperity calls. I have gone from needing a miracle to experiencing the miracle of me. I thought that I was waiting for funding. Now I know that funding is waiting on me. I thank you for assisting me in my growth. I look forward to us changing our world for the better.

God Bless



I humbly express my gratitude and proudly express how priceless you are. I thank you, Joann, Judi and the whole team for your love , perseverance, and vision. My love to all of you is unconditional.   

To our Prosperity and Freedom,


I Found My Home


   What can one say? Accept "What an Incredible Journey this has become"!! All my life I have been trying to figure out what it was exactly that I wanted to do with my  life?? However, I finally figured it out, when I found my new home with FreedomClubUSA!!!!

   I have been following FCUSA for about 4 years now, I'm also a member / referrer with an AR  in place since Feb 2008. I may have only brought in one person to date, but what a remarkable referrer he has become and  has proven to be a true asset to FCUSA.  I'm also guilty of being one of those referrers that have many fence sitters still watching and waiting. 

   I've been out of work since Oct 2007 after losing my job of 23 years! Like so many others, while grateful for unemployment benefits, it has become a freighting and scary game of survival!! So while life's curves keep twisting me around, I turn to the FCUSA website for my daily dose of positive energy!! I find the information not only refreshing and intriguing but extremely fascinating!! I now consider losing my job a blessing in disguise as it has given me the most perfect opportunity to deeply and thoroughly study all the information at FCUSA website and I want to be able to assist this club in every way possible! I may not be able to make all the calls, but I do listen to all the recordings. Just wanted to let you know I'm here!!

   In closing, Tom I truly believe that you are "Our Modern Day's Moses".  I can clearly see FCUSA leading us all out of the financial bondage that we all have been so maliciously tied tightly to!  I have been awakened and I'm very excited and proud to be part of this exceptional organization. I respectfully hold Tom, George, Judi,  (Joanne, my consultant) and the entire FreedomClubUSA family in my highest of honor!! 


The Best is NOW

It has been a while since I've posted a comment and thought today is the day to express again.  The journey with Freedom Club USA has been phenomenal.  The greatest achievement for me has been my spiritual awakening and growth which I began before the Club but being a member of FCUSA and part of the club's growth has truly enriched my own experience.  Tom, Judi and Joanne, all of you are incredible to do what you do and to have persevered to see this through. Every day I flow Love, Light and Positive Energy to the club. I'm so looking forward to the day when we come together to celebrate and get to personally meet each other. I feel as though we are nearing the end of one journey to launch into a greater and more exciting one. So once again Tom, Judi and Joanne, thank you so much for all you do.  There is a saying "The best is yet to come." I'm learning that "the best is always NOW." 


Wizard of Oz

When reading the Wizard of Oz. I find it interesting that in the end the method used to defeat the Evil Witch was to use the symbol of the Admiralty.  Water - -  so if anyone doubts the validity of what the club is attempting to accomplish,  use the system to effect positive change.  We were given a clear clue in the book many decades ago.  But, most if us were simply too ill educated to see the clues in plain sight.  

Regards,  Bob

A Better World

I would like to thank the entire team for their vision and unparalleled effort.There are times that I expect to find more things but I realised that sometimes we face challenges,and things do not always turn out when we expect it.  Keep up the good work and let's make this world a better place together.


Thank God for this Site

I take this opportunity to thank God for this site. Be the vessel of honor in this generation by focusing on the things from above.  I have the pleasure in my heart to request you to join hands with me as saints to extend the kingdom of God here on this planet earth..

Pst. M.


Hello to All..Namaste,

   I landed on Goddes Gaia in 1952..its called birth to most. However, as the Light knows, it was only my physical manifestation to begin the task of actualizing the TRUTH..which by the way FCUSA, has done a Magnificent job of consolidating..Blessings to all on a job well done.

 The real task is to understand this statement.."The Truth needs NO Explanation" Money is only a means to an end..not a beginning. We as members here, have all BEGUN!!! The "Where to" is YOUR TRUTH..and needs no introduction to YOU..only a place to manifest. Please Wake-Up and stop waiting to find YOUR JOY with $$$! Its all around US if "WE could but Perceive" and NOW WE CAN.

   Go Hug a Tree and play with the Tiger..better yet go swim with the Sharks..Fear melts with UNDERSTANDING. That's all that TOM is saying!!

   Thank YOU to reading my "Christed Voice" I came in Peace, and I'll Leave with this..."Speed-on"..there are no Stop Signs in HEAVEN..never been..never will! Simply..Unity, Trust and Respect to All.

   Forgive..Forget..Let go..Life is OURS for the making!


Making My Claim

You may call it foolish or similiar to one who gets mail from Publishing Clearing House. Spending it before you get it. Well, aren't we suppose to think positive? I was distraught and disappointed when the Atlantis trip didn't fly. My friends and relatives laughed and called me a fool and taunted me with "I told you so!"
Well, not this time. I have gone as far as registering with a group that looks for certain type of rural properties. The property I am interested in is acerage, but not for sale as of today, but I am going to make an offer because I claimed it in my heart and soul. This is the place I saw ten years ago in my  hometown and  claimed it then and there. One-day I am going to own this land. That day has come...I said,"it is hard to make plans." As of this morning, January 17th, 2010. I moved forward, I took a big step and leaped out on faith.

I have also mapped out my benevolence projects too. Cleaning out and throwing away junk. making room for the new. Packing and getting ready to move very very soon.

This is happening now and I am justing waiting in line to receive the blessings from the club along with all the other members.
Lets see if my family,co-workers and friends are going to laugh now? It is my time to say! See, I told you so...
Carpe Diem'


Blessings to Tom, Judy and others who stood by as pillars, I personally thank you all for working so hard for others success in life. You all have done tremendous job and never stepped back regardless to the consequences. I have learned that patience is a virtue and the fruit is always sweeter and rewarding.  God choses his people in mysterious ways as his disciples. you all have proved it. I strongly believe that united you stand divided you fall. may the merciful lord bless you all in abundance in health and wealth. Be blessed.


Love Is All That's Real

Tne awakening of my mission has been helped by listening to the calls on Wed nights. This is what I say "I send compassion, peace, unconditional love from the inner chamber of my sacred heart,to everyone and everything in every universe"  Also the words from ho ho pono "I love you, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, thank you",  My higher self told me On my birthday 1-22-09 my higher self wrote " The something of truth to pass to the world has been said over and over . Love is the answer. God is all there is and you are a piece of all there is. "God is"  There is nothing in this world that is real and what is real can not be seen with your physical eyes". You can not see the Love itself, only the actions of others when they receive it for Love is not a tangible thing in this world, but it is what is real"


Never Give Up

As I am listening to the July 14th recorded call,  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone else who are working so hard for all of us.  It has been a long road and many would have quit.  Thank you for hanging in there.  I am sure you get frustrated just like the rest of us.  One of my favorite sayings is from Winston Churchill.  NEVER GIVE UP!!
Keep up the good work

Life Changing

Tom, Keep up the good work.  I don't keep up with everything on the website, I rely on my husband to keep up with what's going on.  I know we don't have the money yet, but I'm not concerned.  You are a man of honor.  That's why we got involved with this.  We could tell you weren't just blowing smoke.  We appreciate all your hard work (& everyone else's!)  .
My husband keeps telling me about the benefits of QE, & I know I need to spend more time on it.  What we have learned from this website has been life changing.  Well worth the price of admission - whether the funding comes in or not.

THANKS again for ALL that you do.

Jim & Sharon

I Feel Hopeful

I must admit that I had my doubts about FCUSA but I am a fan of consistency.  From the moment I became involved their has never been a change in the message, its delivery and optimism. With the many twists and turns that everyone has gone through, I continually feel hopeful.  Not just for the money anymore but for the many lives I hope to alter, improve and the ability to make a difference.

Peter's thoughts were very moving and genuine. I pray that every member will see the opportunity to give someone else the opportunity of peace.


FCUSA Is What We Make It


On this 4th of July, I thought it would be appropriate to share my thoughts on this past week's newsletter.

Trust in the world equals trust in yourself. It is the understanding and ownership of your sovereign self. This belief system allows for the flow of life to ebb in and out and at all times knowing that the lessons we are given are serving a higher purpose. The answers are always there if you are willing to stop and listen, not predetermine your understanding from your current 3D viewpoint. This life is eternal and has many different multidimensional perspectives. Your ability to trust your higher self as your only true voice will enable you to navigate through all of life and remove blame from your everyday existence.

Be calm, listen, trust and know that all is in divine timing.

I remain eternally grateful to all of us who have come together to pioneer this club together. With love and "independence" may we all breathe in the belief that FCUSA can and will be what we make it.

Many blessings,


Thank You
Dear Judi;
   I just read yours and Joanns note on the newsletter, it's a shame that there are a few members that are soo impatient.  I think that they just need to let go and not worry about small trivial things such as vacations, new this new that, etc.
   Everything comes in Gods time, not ours. We shall all receive our gifts when we are ready to receive them and not any sooner.  I've been with the club for three years in October and I have no worries. My faith and beliefs are still the same today as they were when I first joined our family and I have learned more than what I paid for membership, UCC filing, and the AR process. It has been a much enjoyable ride and it will be even better when we are all funded, as long as we do our homework to make it work for all of us and those we wish to help also. 
   The last year and a half, I have lost everything and I really don't care. I know there is something better coming down the road for me and the opportunities that I have had in these difficult times. I had the opportunity to take care of my dying uncle that used to beat me and my cousins all the time when we were growing up and to be there with him holding his hand and showing him some compassion as he took his last breath. I lost my truck two weeks ago and I'm not worried about that either. I was hanging onto it out of spite and through all the articles and videos through Freedom Club and reading scriptures, I finally let it go and feel better for it.
   I'm gratefull to be part of a family who truly wishes to make a change for the better for EVERYONE.  The few who are impatient and angry about their situations really need to sit down and relax, let go and resume and/or start clearing so they can clean-up their minds, bodies, and souls in order to receive what's coming and to do what's right with it. I thank You, Joanne, Tom and the whole team for all your hard work and dedication to the main goal that we are all working for.
With God, Love, Peace, and Prosperity for All;
Bill J.
You are not going to recognize my name because I am not using the same name as I do for the club.  I want to remain anonymous in this email because I do not want any ill feelings towards me but I really needed to write this email.
I feel that when I call into the member calls that I will be getting information regarding the ARl side of the club.  However, some of the calls have been discussing very unusual things that as a Christian I do not believe in.  On the most recent member call, Tom talks about a lot of very strange things that I interpret to be a little on the demonic side and I am very offended by him discussing things like that on the member calls.  It is my understanding that there are special calls for those types of discussions on Wednesday nights for those that do believe in those sorts of things.  I am just wondering and hoping that the member calls can be geared more towards the other parts of Freedom Club and the QE calls can talk about all the other unusual things.  I am not implying that what Tom or anybody else believes in is wrong or right, I just truly believe that is should not be discussed on the member call because of all the different people that it may offend or who are uncomfortable listening to those types of discussions.  I really like to listen and hear about what is going on with the Club and the AR's etc..... but I can not listen to all the other things being talked about.  Is there anything that can be done with regards to that or do I just have to hope when I listen that it won't be on there.  I just don't feel that it is fair to us Christians to have to listen to that kind of stuff.
Also, I do not want to come across as negative in any way at all but I just want you to be totally honest with me and tell me from the bottom of your heart that this program is truly working and that we are truly going to get money from this endeavor.  If this is in any way at all a untrue and we are not going to get any money in the near future, I beg of you with all my heart to tell me right now so that I may get on with my life the way it should be lived.  Right now I have one AR in and I am not counting on any of the money what so ever so in that regard it isn't any kind of emergency.  I just need to know because my life is going to change dramatically and I have been a member for a very long time and the wait has become unbearable.  Since we are members in a club, I feel that we as members are not being treated fairly in that we should be more informed of what is going on.  I understand that we can not be told everything but be told something will sure make things so much easier.  Waiting for the depository bank has seemed a little odd too because I have worked in the banking industry and it normally should not take so long to set things like this up so that is where I am coming from that it seems like excuse after excuse.  The waiting on the depository bank seems to be taking too long to be a legitimate reason for the wait.  What is the reason going to be next time?  I did read a blog out on the internet that the Freedom Club never will follow through but I have chose not to believe it, I hope you prove me wrong.
Jane Dobs (not real name)
Dear Jane (Doe),
Thank you for sharing.  Indeed we did give an AR update on the call in the first minutes and expounded on it during Q&A..  If you've come to the club just for the money you are now discovering to acquire the money it takes a major shift in our perceptions society has dumped on us since birth.
We could have made no progress in this endeavor with a linear mindset or accepting the "truth" given to us by all the means of control on this incredible planet such as:  banks loan their money, laws are for your good, IRS collections support the government/people, wars are justified, religions are your portal to God, etc.
FCUSA is about truth in EVERY aspect of living.  How long did it take you to come to grips with the fact banks did not loan you their money but loaned you your own money?  Most on the planet have not yet learned this yet.  You are in a rare group who understands this truth.
The world is controlled by 4 powerful groups all starting with control of the money (bankers).  With money they can buy (bribe) the congress to pass favorable laws that are then administered with bribed judges.  These are the 3 areas we speak of mostly as the "system": banks, government and courts.  However the fourth area of control on this planet and in many ways, the most powerful is religion.  How many wars are fought over religious differences?  Most have a religious component.  Right now you are waging an inner war to protect a belief in a religious aspect that appears to be challenged by some truth referenced on the member call.
We said time and again, FCUSA is more than about the money.  Its about discovering truth.
Now, how do we find truth?  From books, governments, banks, or religions?  Each has a perspective that gives us some truth... but how do we find the entire truth?  These systems were designed by those wishing to control the entire planet and they didn't miss a trick.
Connecting to Source (God, Prime Creator) appears the cleanest way of by-passing the "middle man".  This appears to be the only way to get the unfiltered truth.
Many pray but few listen for the answer which is always given.  The muscle testing we spoke of is a way to connect with our hearts to Source and discover the truth about anything.  If you trust Source, then its just a matter of asking and immediately receiving an answer in a simple way, with our fingers. 
To develop this skill is relatively easy with practice but we need to remove the ego before testing.  The ego wants to defend our old beliefs (correct or incorrect).  This is the challenging part.  Once we neutralize the ego of needing to be right, we can access the truth about anything you choose.
We can allow ego (righteous indignation) to control us about banks, etc. or we can seek to secure the truth.  Its that simple with anything we do.  We are either espousing what we've been taught to believe by others who wish to control us or we choose to validate the truth for ourselves.
The choice is ours and always has been.
Be in Peace,
Rev. Tom
Member Response

Hi Tom

I read with interest, ( Jane Does) comments about the recent members call. I can say at one time many months ago, I was feeling the same questions about FCUSA and it's mission of processing AR's ( for the money ) and not thinking about the overall picture of the education I have since  received and thinking with my HEART and not with my brain.. I have so much Gratitude and Appreciation for the information that has Awakened and Enlightened me to what is in our future. When you mind is focused on $$$ and not about Mother Earth's and her coming Ascension in 2012 or before and the Golden Age that we are entering. I don't think religion speaks the truth all the time and we need alternative sources of information, and then decide what is the truth for ourselves..  There is always many different opinions as to the truth, but there is only one truth out there. There is nothing more important to the population of this planet than LOVE< TRUTH, COMPASSION, and helping one another in the goal of Earth's Ascension and going to 5d from the current 3d nightmare we are currently surviving in.

The veils in front of us are slowly lifting so we may see the truth for our selves and see for many millennia that we have been lied to and deceived by the Illuminati and the Dark Hats to control us through the banking, court systems and religions and MONEY.... Mother/Father God does not belong to any religion or sect. Mother/Father God is about LOVE, TRUTH, COMPASSION and selfless service to all kingdoms ( Human, Animal, Plant, Mineral, Ferries, Elves, Angelic etc ) not about our individual interest in money or material things. Abundance will come to this planet and Mother Earth' population when we carry enough Love and Light Energy to show that we are progressing and worthy to accept the abundance coming to earth very very soon.

Had it not been for Tom Lawler and FCUSA, and the educational web site with all the diverse information available and the weekly calls, I would still be thinking in 3d and being depressed and feeling victimized by the system in which the Dark Hats thrive on our fears...... Not going to go there. !!!

Namaste and Many thanks for waking me up as to what I have discovered thanks to FCUSA !

With Much Love and Light,


I have been very busy involved in a different project and missed the latest and greatest from Team Tom.

This weekend I listen to several of the calls and I can't believe the progress the club has experienced. I have nothing but respect and admiration for Team Tom, they have tackled this monumental task with a clear goal, never deviating from it no matter how adverse the conditions appeared to be.

I have 2 paid AR'S and when I look at the numbers my heart almost skips a beat and the first thing that crosses my mind is all the good that can be done with that kind of money. Two years ago the first thing that would have crossed my mind would have been a big house, a couple of nice cars, some travel, all the shoes that kind of money can buy, and don't get me wrong, I still want the nice things money can buy but now is different; I'm not sure how to explain it but is like, somehow, material stuff has lost its luster in my heart, there is a part of me, my soul, that needs to be feed or nurtured or developed, wherever you want to call it, and I owe that need to the Club, I think I always had in me but it was only when I started listening to the many calls and the various different approaches on how to feed that need that I started to see and value things different, even now that I have not much money I find it very easy to part with it if is going to help somebody in a real time of need, and surprisingly, out of nowhere, more situations and oportunities present themselves and next thing I know...I got my money back, and then some. I don't even try to explain it anymore.For years I tried to do it, name any self help book that comes to mind, I have it! but it never worked for me, I couldn't make it happened. My daughter's friend took me to this lady that works with chakras and when the session was over she thanked me for alowing her to see the JOY, she said most people only let her see the sadness and frustration, I was SHOCKED! I went to her because I was totally stressed out on a Friday from hell, I couldn't believe it. And I thank that Light, that God, that Higher Self that touches my life and extends to me a tiny little particle of it that allows me to have that Joy inside of me, even if I can't see it knowing is there makes me feel special.

Thank you Tom, even when you don't see it, even when nobody tells you, you have touched many many lives and I know this because I am one of them.


Thank You

Hi Judi,

I just want to continue to thank you for what you Tom and Joanne along the rest are doing to bring Freedom Club to full fruition. I know in my heart that things are very close. I have done the muscle testing and can see the truth. I wish I was free on Thursday nights to be a part of QE but work gets in the way for now. Again thank you.


Energy Rising

Thank you Mark & Carol for the delightful meeting last Saturday in Roseville.  You are both wonderful speakers and great teachers.  I am so blessed to be a part of this group and to have such an informed group of support so close.  As the next few months unfold and our energy levels rise, I can already feel us coming together to help the planet become all that is highest and best with ease and grace!


Honor vs Dishonor

Testimonial:  HONOR vs DISHONOR

Dear Tom,

This is in response to the update received on February 27, 2009 regarding Rumors and Truths.

First I want to thank you and the rest of the TEAM for your continued perseverance to the club and all we strive for.

Second, I would like to share a very important lesson I learned many years ago that changed completely how I interact with all beings whether it is on a personal or commercial level.

The lesson is about Honor and Dishonor and I truly believe that if all our members, especially the ones that are now in dishonor to practice this. There would be no issues as the ones you have brought up.

To stay in honor we only have 2 choices.

1) We can completely accept.
2) We can make a counteroffer. Conditionally accept.

To be in dishonor.

1) We argue, complain, spread rumors, give false testimony, hate etc.
2) We stay silent.

There is a very important reason why the Club Energy Index is so high and continuing to rise in that the vast majority are honorable spiritual beings who seek to stay in honor not only with themselves but also in their relations with fellow beings.

We really don't have any other choice if we choose LOVE. We have to remain at all times no matter what the circumstance to either lovingly accept or make a counter offer.

I send loving energies to all the members who have lost their center to reflect on this. To take the appropriate action to regain their honor for their benefit and the benefit of the club.

Love and Blessings,

God Speed
Thanks, Tom...
I appreciate this update more than you'll ever know due to several family crisises (including multiple life and death situations) that we have been struggling to endure over the last ten months.
God bless you for all that you are doing on our behalf, and I know you will prevail for us because the truth is on our side!
Thank You Sincerely and God Speed,

BRAVO TOM, I came to this club because of honesty and integrity and benevolence.


Awakening Fast
This is a message of encouragement.  When I was in Vietnam as a pilot, I knew I was getting close to the target when I started to receive fire.  Forgive and forget the flamers out there.  I'm Dan from Texas..been a member for almost a year now..what a wonderful ride.  My family would listen to all the calls; live when possible, hang onto every voice inflection, nuance, comment, mood, etc., and try to read behind the lines as to how close we were getting.  I know all the other members do the same.  I have several AR processes on myself and my wife, and bought one for each of my three oldest children plus a close friend.  I bought a Grileck account and a debit card and two LLCs for myself and 4 LLCs for the others.  I suppose if I totaled it up I may be into this adventure for at least $50,000.  Just the education I have received from your website was worth a lot of that.  However, here is the kicker.  I have been on a quest for truth every since the 911 incident.  I knew in my heart that those I trusted, and voted for had betrayed me and my family.  I just didn't know how or how much.  Thank God for the internet.  One thing led to the next and I learned more than I really wanted to and I had no peace as to where all this knowledge was going to lead except for just more anger and frustration and fear.  Then I happened onto FreedomclubUSA and things began to change.  One stumbling block right from the beginning was the new age aspect of the club.  I've been a Christian from birth and the last 30 years as a right wing pentacostal fundamentalist.  I just put the new age stuff off by saying that I didn't care how you built the car, I just wanted to ride in it.  Over the months a lot of disappointment  was felt until it came to a head with the end of the objective black and white part of the process, and the beginning of the subjective esoteric part of the process.  About this time I was truly questioning the "religion" of Christianity as it is being propogated in the churches of today and how it lined up with the horrendous happenings in world events in this so called age of reason and enlightenment.  It became clear that Christian fundamentalism had been highjacked by the politicians as a huge base of support for their "war on terrorism".  I knew I had to "study to show myself approved" so I went to God for guidence as to where to go with this.  He led me to buying that book "The Disappearance of the Universe" that I had been listening in on in bits and pieces on your Wed night calls.  I brushed it off several times as I was never one to get into tapes and CDs of people mind wanders too much.  Well when I read that book I asolutely got clubbed over the head.  It was my epiphany, my cosmic moment, my big bang...I truly felt born again.  I devoured it and then went to and got the sequal to it (awsome), and also a book called "Zero Limits" by Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len on Ho'oponopono.  I also bought the "Course in Miracles" and "Power vs. Force".  (I was using muscle kinesiology testing in my practice right out of medical school back in 1982).  I had no ideaa that time where this power was coming from.  My wife and two daughters and son and a very close Christian friend had also devoured the "DU" book and felt the same immediate, awesome release that I did.  It has transformed lives aroung our household.  I can tell you that if that money had come before I had made this change in my life, I may have been destroyed.  And I will tell you something else.  If that money never comes, the way I feel right now is well  worth that $50,000.00.  As a matter of fact I call it a huge bargain.  I know that my family and friends who have read those books have been a part in that increase in the energy level of FCUSA and the USA and the world.
By the way,  that "Zero Limits" is a fantastic primer in Ho'oponopono.  I am using it in my medical practice as I am an ER Dr and I get a chance to do Ho'ponopono and 25 to 30 ER cases each 12 hour shift and I have seen it make a remarkable difference in very short order.  God bless you Tom and the others.  Hang in there,  you are making a huge difference in people lives.  Just keep in mind that those bullets they are firing at you aren't real,  they are just a reflection of your projection.  Just keep erasing, erasing, erasing.  Huge blessings to all of you who toil behind the scenes.
Heal Thyself


I just wanted to let you know I and my husband have not had any contact from any one negative to the club...  Please know our prayers and energy for you and all connected with this effort stands intact and respectful.  I know being in public opens up one's experience to minds many and the belief that there is an 'out there'.  This of course is not true.  As Dr. Lin has said "Whatever is going on, love it.  Love your enemies.  Be 100% responsible.  All healing is cleaning yourself you are here to save your own butt!  Physician, heal thyself.  We are here to ammend the breach within ourselves."
I have found Freedom Club a great asset to the effort I have to do the cleaning I need to do. 

Thank you for the well written email and for letting me know what work I must be doing in this great effort.  Forgiveness is the active principle of love.


No Doubting Thomas

Dear Tom, Judy and Joanne...

       Greetings. I feel compelled to respond to this particular e-mail simply because those "doubting Thomas'" out there appear to want something for nothing. I have studied the "redemption" process since its advocacy with Roger Elvick, et al., and have seen many changes over the years simply due to the trials and errors of those who have been willing to no longer be "slaves" to their system and/or be led to bellieve one thing when in actuality it is another. In summation, FCUSA has taken on a tremendous undertaking of phenominal magnitude and although "they" have put numerous obstacles in front of you, you all have remained unrelenting in your goal/mission statement of FCUSA. And, for that, I commend you. Granted, this is/has taken much longer than all originally anticipated, however, if any one has really studied this "field" (if you will), they would be thanking you for all you all are doing for us. I feel blessed to have you all doing what you're doing for all of us... and us = mankind. Thank you Tom... Thank you Judy....  and Thank you Joanne.


Club Energy
Is the energy amping up, or what. And we're in Mercury retrograde. Once it starts swinging forward I'm sure we'll be feeling it even more. A great time to be here.
Just listened to your 30 minute blurb from last Tuesday. Really wonderful. Thank you.
I hope most people in the Club get it. Which I think they do. At least enough to keep jacking up the resonance. I now get the Club is around 570, so it will be interesting to see what you post in the next day or two. Regardless, this consistent increase, like what you say, is exponential. Much like the Richter Scale. Though with inverse repercussions.
Your suggestion to project love towards those in the 'families' was stellar.
I immediately ran out and bought a picture of the Illuminati clan reunion and included them in my meditations.
Just joking.
But what was 'real' was the projecting of unconditional love towards 'them,' with no allegiance to outcome, and could feel the multiple energy streams from others doing the same. It was like participating in a large body of under- and over-currents washing over these families, just for the sake of doing it, and to assist them in their own healing. I also felt these families recognizing this, whether it was sub-, un-, or totally-conconsious.
About six years ago a friend said: "you need to learn to love Bush and Cheney." In that moment, the concept shocked me. After a short pause, I said "okay," thought some more about it and soon realized he was right. Then in the following months was able to forgive and embrace them.
So, it was easy to do the same with the 'families.' For which I thank my friend, William. (Great guy. The two of you would really like each other.)
Recently I have done the same with the Annunaki and the Matrix which includes the 'dark' or Luciferian energies in our galaxy and universe. As you know they all serve a purpose. Basically, these provide us with choice as depicted in 'the tree of good and evil'. To put it in biblical terms.
With each thought, feeling and motivation we have the choice to extend our upward spiral or sink deeper into the mire. From my perspective, your input on the calls is helping to lead a very powerful group into a pro-active consciousness by helping to tip moment-by-moment choices towards the 'good,' thus assisting in the manifestation of a very different reality,
The encouragement to send unconditional love towards the 'families' is a very valid, unique and powerful demonstration of this.
Thanks again. And--Happy New Year!
Love to you, Judi and Joanne.
Extraordinary Ride

To all Freedom Club Members,Directors, Consultants,and referrers whose dedication,hard work,and perseverance in helping to guide all members to the light. Through the Club's Continuing Education and insight we are finding the increased energy levels of our inner selves to change our lives and the world around us. May our thoughts always focus on health, love, joy,  peace, happiness and prosperity for not only ourselves but for all those we touch. That we always be seekers of the truth and convey that truth to all. This will surely bring enlightenment and benevolence to all of us so that what we sow we will surly reap for the betterment of our world Thank you all so much for the extraordinary ride.


Soul Seeking

Quote by James Allen: "The soul attracts that which it secretly harbors; that which it loves, and also that which it fears."

submitted by Andy

God Bless

Happy New Year to FCUSA and all it's members. May love, light, joy and peace flood our beings as we ascend to our Christ consciousness. God bless.


Passion of Love

Good work everyone on creating a passion of love that brings us to the next level and next lesson on the beautiful classroom called Earth. I am thankful, forgiving, and in love with the being-ness of who we are and what we are becoming for the service of the Highest Good.

Forgiveness Happens, Greg

Step Into the Light

Like a kid in a toy store or candy store, I eagerly await Monday mornings to turn my computer on to read the updated FCUSA Newsletter. The information received makes a different in how my day goes. Will I be sad, depressed or lose all hope or will I eagerly greet everyone with a smile and humble myself to those who are blind to the truth?

 As I ponder thru the day wondering if I could still be in the dark and not know about Freedom Club USA.  I have learned not to lead anyone down the dark path until I first walk ahead and prove there is light at the end of the tunnel... We must Forget, Forgive and, Believe in Miracles . Are you ready to "STEP IN TO THE LIGHT?"


Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year to the members and founders of Freedom Club USA.

It has been an exciting eye-opening  educational ride with you and I look forward to the "right now" as we progress into greater heights of love, peace, joy, health and prosperity in 2009!


A Reason For All

When I joined this group I thought it was one more one of those programs.

But the more I heard and educated myself I now believe that whatever happens in your life has a reason for it. I am thankful for this group for their beliefs and have faith in myself that I am going to help so many folks through benevolance. Thanks.


Amazing Ride

From asset protection to spiritual growth, I've learned more since becoming a member of FC than I have in the past 20 years, I was so skeptical at first, now I don't even think of the paid day anymore,my goal is to learn as much is possible to grow as a person and if I can go out and put a smile on One person's face by way of a compliment, yield in a parking lot, give somebody the change they need to pay for the groceries at the counter then I feel blessed, thank you for helping me grow as a human being!
Amazing call!!! This is possible the most dificult time of my life (about to lose my house getting a divorce, etc.,) yet, I have been able to listen to several calls, and the more I listen the more positive I feel, and the more positive I am the better my day goes, I mean,I am supposed to be depress and sad and I know is going to sound ridiculeous but is getting very hard for me to be depresed and sad,I just feel like is such a waste of positive energy, something else had happened to me, I used to be arround people that I knew for sure were not sincere friends but it was better to be with them than alone, in the past few weeks I have totally walked away from those people, and is like a burden has been lifted of my shoulders, I feel lighter, happier, and content. I own a small business and we have been kind of slow because of the Holidays, instead if stresing all I can think about is "good I have time to listen to another call at FC or read another article, is not even about the money anymore, is about learning something new, opening my eyes, thank you so much for all the knowledge that you put outthere for all of us to benefit from, I never thought FC was going to be such an amazing ride!!!


Members Heartfelt Encouragement

Here is a very small sample of 100's of positive outpourings from our wonderful members just one week before Christmas 2008.

Absolutely fascinating series....I had known about the Energy Bank and the Gratefulness aspects....What was really interesting was the component of creative play with no outcome defined or expected...will be incorporating that into my thoughts and actions!!!  I want to take a moment to thank you and Tom for all the energy and expertise that you bring to the process...appreciate.
Blessings, Peggy

Release your perceived need and let the Cosmic energy flow.
We are all one family under our creator and I give thanks for the many blessing he has given and for FCUSA as the work and positive energy flows for the benefit of all to his glory.
In 2009 as I let go and allow light and love to flow through me, I intend to share the blessings of the club and universal energy with my brothers and sisters.
"Release the pain of all losses so that something better can fill it's space". Thank you all at FCUSA and Jelaila. MERRY CHRISTMAS and Blessed Abundance in the NEW YR.
S. M.
That was an awesome and so true call.  i have known from the start that funding would happen when it happens. Everything happens when God decides we are ready for it, in his time not ours. I'm glad to have a family like Freedom Club that is full of light and goodness!!  Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy and Prosperous New Year too!!!
Praise God we will receive our AR funds very soon!!!!!
God Bless, Jo
“I am blessed to have gained knowledge and insight in understanding my inner self – leave my situation to my creator to manage my overflow!”  To you and the Wonderful Team -- have a blessed and fabulous Holiday and a very prosperous New Year!
I Speak, act, and think from the mindset of being wealthy now.

All I can say is WOW! The call with Jeliala was amazing. Maybe we can do that again! I'm fantasizing about a QE call with Tom and Jelaila Now wouldn't that be the bomb! For several months now, anytime there was what I felt to be yet another delay with the freedom club payout process, I would ask myself, " what am I suppose to learn from this delay " and there was always something for me to learn. Since this was happening to me, I secretly wondered if it was happening to others as well...perhaps that we the club members were contributing to the delay as we all have a part in allowing the mission of FCUSA to become a reality. I'm going to keep working on myself and last nights call along with QE will help. I have not been consistent with the thursday QE call but I will be now! Thanks so much for all you do. I'm working on my energy account beginning today! This is not really for posting but just an fyi about what I will do to continue to learn, grow and assist in raising the energy of FCUSA!

I give thanks for the funding and the stewardship that comes with it. 

May the tremendous energy that has gone into this club be reflected back to the club thru the funding that is imminent.

Pray strength, wisdom, and prosperity upon the lives of FCUSA leaders and members, while maintaining an attitude of gratitude; and focusing on the vision of having a life of more then enough to pay it forward. 

If you want to be happy for a lifetime- help others.
Jonathan & Cathy

What a gift! I am one of the members who has had many challenges and now I have a way to overcome the negativity and energy loss that has been plaguing me and possibly impeding our club's progress. Many thanks!
“We are ALL made in the image and likeness of God” and to see that ALL mankind is God governed, directed, maintained by His spiritual qualities.
If everybody in Freedom club would let go of the need for the Freedom
Club funding to happen (at once) funding would happen.
All of our energy comes from Jesus Christ the living Son of God the Father. We Pray daily for the Father to grant you all peace and wisdom, we have a strong faith that Christ will bring about a quick solution, to as you say eminent funding! The Lord will make this work because of the tremendous good it will do.
To me, the most important aspect of Freedom Club is the positive experience it offers through the overall spiritual essence of the club, both in leadership and educational tools provided. Happy Holidays!
I give thanks and send abundant thoughts of health, love, joy, peace, happiness and prosperity to all of us and especially the directors at  FCUSA for their continued committed efforts to bring about enlightenment and benevolence to the world.
I sold my house and had auction to sell almost everything else, moved in with my girl friend just beating foreclosure, feeling better then ever not needing the funding to make it go, so let funding start.
I am finding (thanks to the club) that while the funding is an importantant (and probably an execeeding helpful tool in doing so) it is more important to awaken the consciousness to higher levels of enlightenment in both ourselves and all those that we touch. In this regard I can certainly use Tom as a mentor/educator/guide in doing so.

I am ready to release all of the fear and accept full abundance in my life.

I feel that I can let go and make it no matter what occurs.

With pure intention in the heart we should do our best and leave the result to God.
Everything is unfolding perfectly, have gratitude for everything in your all life and know that we are all taken care of.  Thank you,
All things are possible for he who believes! 
Thanks to all of you and have an extremely restful and Joyus Merry Christmas and Happy/Prosperous New Year.

I send love, light and joy to FCUSA and it's members.

I can now blissfully exhale, take a seat and enjoy watching the play!! Thanks Jelaila!  

We Are Complete; I See God In Everything, Personified In All People, Manifest In Every Event.

Hi, Thanks for the opportunity to listen with Jeliala this morning.  I have been again reminded to "LET GO' when I am being deluged with "STUFF" that is pulling me down.  Thanlks again Hal

Hi Joanne.  Your energy level should be very high right now, and you should be able to bring a great deal of drive and vitality to all your efforts. I could also read it as You're likely to be very focused on your goals at this time and will want to do everything you can to pursue them. 

As FCUSA members, we have been blessed with, not only the  overwhelming ability
to help our fellow man but so many in need to accept it.

Birth of Change

To: FCUSA  - All Participants:

It has been a long road.  I want to thank TOM and his TEAM for the sustained endurance on this quest to bring benevolence upon this ravaged world.    I see FCUSA as a force that will help control and balance the Mammon (Babylonian) System.  "I believe nothing is by chance and God has  put all the resources in place to bring this process into fruition".   "A benevolent light is scattering the darkness and a new "remnant" is being birthed to change the world". 
I know most of us have endured many hardships, and burdens on our journey in this life, but we have to be strong in our quest to make a big change in the world."Now".


Forever Grateful


When I joined FCUSA a few years ago, I KNEW then (from my gut )that it would be a success, primarily because you were the one leading the way. No one knew at that time what great challenges had to be overcome not only with the funding process, but in our personal lives as well. The education I've received from the Wednesday calls and from the website has allowed me to understand how I will help others with the gifts we are soon to be blessed with. I KNOW the time is at hand. Thank you for your insight, leadership, and staying the course. Thank You for ALL you've done to help on this awesome journey.

In Honor..  Neal


Religion is realization not revelation.  It evolves through the test of time.  For us it is to accept and help us steer through the short period we have in this earth.  Most religions have their origin in the East.  For somebody who has deep roots in the East, the Wednesday night calls ( Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East) are a perfect homecoming for me.  Thank you Tom, Judi, and Joanne. Thanks Tom for your openness and willingness to accept and share knowledge from a different prospective.

Footnote: I characterize the Masters of the Far East as a totally spiritual (not religious) experience as is the mission of FCUSA.  Religion may be best observed as a man made construct to promote a particular dogma for purposes of directing peoples actions versus spirituality is seeking truth directly from creator centered within oneself.


Holiday Prayer

How FCUSA Members can Help Create Miracles

 “Will FCUSA overcome the obstacles toward funding?”  Jerry asked God/HS one day in September. He was in a very peaceful space, listening to the soft sough of a dolphin and the waves lapping against the side of the boat.  He believes in the FCUSA mission, that we are destined to be a catalyst for change that is far beyond what any of us can imagine. Yet we wait, and wait, and wait some more.  Will we have the FCUSA funds to help us realize some of our fondest dreams? We needed direction, so Jerry asked for guidance. 

The answers came quickly, like a dream unfolding behind closed eyes.  Our boat was “in motion,” moving quickly and freely downstream, Jerry at the wheel. He came to a drawbridge.  It started to open as he approached, almost wide enough for the mast to pass through. Then it started to close. It bobbled a couple of times, up and down, then opened wide so the boat passed freely through.  He came to another drawbridge.  This one opened instantly and stayed open.

It seemed a fitting metaphor for the ups and downs Tom and the Research Team have encountered.  It is a confirmation, for us, that all obstacles WILL be overcome.  The “bridge” that is supposed to open, will open.  Maybe the “when” is up to the members of this club, because we have the power to change the outcome in unexpected ways.

Instead of giving into fear about how we’re going to pay our bills, or running around trying to solve our problems with our own energy, we can offer FCUSA our help in a simple way.  

We thought about the people at Treasury passing software around.  We remembered the policeman who couldn’t write a ticket.  What would happen if FCUSA members joined in a conscious effort to move this project forward?   Many already do their work, but others might need a reminder.  This graphic demonstration made a believer out of us.  

Jerry, when he was young and brash, didn’t know how to handle a wife with a passion for the Spiritual journey. He was furious with her, sending him home alone so she could meditate and study. He roared away from the houseboat on the Lake, wheels spewing gravel all the way to the main road.

He topped a hill doing 90, spotted the patrol car and eased his bare foot off the gas pedal. Too late. The policeman wheeled around in the median and turned on his lights.  Jerry pulled off on the side of the road.  He couldn’t dig for his driver’s license.  He’d lost his billfold skiing some months before and had not bothered to replace them.

 “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”  The officer asked, eyeing the flamboyant burgundy conversion van and the skimpily-dressed sailor while listening to the tale of a lost license.  “You’re the same guy who didn’t have a license three weeks ago, aren’t you?”  This patrolman had been checking licenses at a routine road block,    

He walked away in disgust, ran the numbers, and stomped back up to Jerry’s window, ticket book in hand.

 “I don’t know why I’m doing this!”  He shook his head from side to side, extremely agitated.   “You STILL haven’t replaced your license.  You were driving 25 miles over the speed limit.  I should be giving you a ticket!”  He gripped his pen as if trying to force it to write, but he couldn’t seem to follow through. 

 “I don’t know why I’m doing this!”  He said it three times, he frowned, he scratched his head, but he let Jerry go with a warning. 

 “You WILL get your driver’s license replaced tomorrow.”  He threatened.  Jerry was as puzzled as the officer, watching him shake his head all the way back to his car.

I heard the story the minute I walked in the door. Jerry kept telling it over and over, stunned but grateful that he hadn’t gotten a ticket. 

I started laughing.  Then I rolled on the floor, delighted with the cosmic joke that had played out for the benefit of my Doubting Thomas spouse. I confessed my part in this little drama. 

When Jerry stormed out to the car and took off in a huff, my first thought was: “Uh, oh, I’d better call in some help, and quick!” I surrounded him with light, and called forth a prayer of protection, asking God, and Jerry’s guides and angels, to get him safely home.  I gave thanks for all my blessings, especially my darling husband. Then I let it go and enjoyed the rare solitude for two days.   

Imagine that!  My simple prayer kept a policeman from writing a ticket. This was the first of many demonstrations that prayer can change the outcome in ways we, or the people involved, cannot control.

How much do you believe in FCUSA and our mission?  We invite you to join with us in a determined effort to pray for FCUSA from Thanksgiving through Christmas.   Surround Tom, Judi and Joanne, the Research Team, the Consultants and Referrers, the Members, FCUSA, and our partners at the Treasury, with the white light of love and protection once a day, upon awakening, or at a time of your choosing. Call forth God’s plan to unfold, for the highest and best good for each one of us, and for our planet. Give thanks for all your blessings.  Feel the abundance flowing, reaching out to touch the world.

We have the power as co-creators.  Let’s step forth with great joy to create miracles, for FCUSA, for ourselves, and those we touch.

Jerry and Becky aboard Wake-Robin II

Love and Light

I have been sending white light to FCUSA, its members, and those involved in getting the software to us, for the past few weeks. We will be able to pump BILLIONS of dollars into the economy and help turn things around in this country! 

Love and light to all, Lloyd

Wed Awakenings

Dearest Tom,

Many, many thanks for your work.  Thank you for being responsive.  Thank you for reminding me to be God minded and not so much (or at all) man minded.  I get so confused when thought goes away from the all knowing, all loving all wise.  Thank you for refocusing my attention.

But may I say many more thanks for the study your Wed meetings have opened for me.  I have always been a seeker for Truth but have done it alone for over 20 years.  It is most wonderful to find another seeker and one who knows other seekers.  I feel so less alone.  I know that one with God is not only a majority but a monopoly, but to be able to visit with other seekers is a bit heady, to say the least. 

I loved reading the Disappearance of the Universe, because I have read many times over The Course.  Now this new study of the Teachings of the Masters.  WOW!  I got the set of 6 just two hours ago and stopped everything to sit at the feet of this great teaching.

Thank you for being in my experience.  I do wish the ARs to go thru but I am most grateful for the wonderful resource of your teaching!

Again, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read and reply to the many emails you must receive.

Most sincerely,


Carpe Diem

It sure does pay to think positive nowadays, because being a referral for FCUSA now is like night and day.  I referred some of the same people I am talking to today to a program that failed and had no empathy for the members.

I must stay FOCUSED and focus my energy on the good in this world. There are GOOD PEOPLE, we can find them if we just close our minds to the negative things around us and surround ourselves with an AURA of light to move forward and change things.

I want to prove to those left behind there is hope and do not despair. If I cannot bring you in with me, I'll reach and pull you up beside me. One may fall down, but don't stay down. My integrity is on the line. IF I have nothing left, I still have my WORD!

After reading the many resources on your site I came across an excerpt from Andy Rooney and certain ones I would like to share again.

I've learned.... The easiest way for me to grow as a person is to surround myself with people smarter than I am.


I've learned... That life is tough, but I'm tougher.


I've learned.... That everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it.

Remember: "Experience is a hard teacher; first you take the test, then you learn the lesson. Education is what you get when you read the instructions. Experience is what you get when you don't."
Carpe Diem!

Want to Give Back

 I just wanted to thank FCUSA for this wonderful journey.  I would like to help you with processing AR's. Once  I receive my AR payment and can devote my time to help. Let me know if I can help you in the future because I would like to give back to Freedom Club.  Thank you again!!!


Paying it Forward
When I was around four years old I realized I had landed in a situation (my soul choice) that was not conducive to my spiritual/emotional well-being. Of course, this was not an intellectual understanding. I only knew that I had to protect myself from what I was experiencing as an onslaught from within my environment. My parents were no more abusive nor dysfunctional than was the norm in the 50's, but for me the life situation was very surreal and knew I had to do something to insulate myself.
So, I shut down. I made a conscious choice to put up emotional barriers in order to survive. I also made a mindful note to myself that I would wake up from this self-instilled submersion at some point in the future. Around seven or eight I remembered doing this and again logged it into my memory. But through my teens and twenties I completely forgot this had ever occurred.
Around thirty, after meeting my first spiritual teacher, the memory came back. I became aware of what I did as a child in order to 'make it through.' Since then I have worked to not only regain the sensitivity and 'knowing' I possessed upon re-entry into Earth, but to also amplify both. (Hopefully, I have had at least a modicum of success.)
Much has changed since then. 
I look at my life now and all I see are those of a similar consciousness. And I know we are all here to help transform our planet.
I say this because--though I have never physically met anyone in FCUSA other than Tom and Joanne--we, for the vast part, are of similar consciousness. We are here for the particular purpose of assisting with the transformation. This was epitomized tonight on our call by Tom who said the Club will finance PIF's, IBC's, etc. for those being funded who may not be able to afford their needed structures prior to payouts.
The term used was 'paying it forward.'
From my perspective, this is a very natural gesture. If this consciousness had existed in my childhood I would have never had to take a hiatus, spiraling downward for two decades. Tom's gesture explicates what I was feeling at four years old. Given the funds we will have collectively, maybe we can help ensure that no child will ever again feel the necessity to do this.
As I said above, I am surrounded by those of similar consciousness, for which I feel blessed. This includes my fellow members of FCUSA. I haven't met most of you, though am very much looking forward to it. And am sure it will be a grand celebration.
We are gathered here for a reason--as I see it, Tom's offer of 'pay it forward' is setting the tone for how we will function as a collective force of love, gratitude and power.
With respect.
Staying In Honor

Tom, Judy, Joanne, et al.: I've been researching this for over 7-years now & no one more than I knows how much time, money and effort all of you have been putting (and continue to put) into this for the betterment of mankind as we know it. I fully encourage readers of this to take more time and read or listen to other aspects of the resources FCUSA offers herein as I assure you AR's are only a small small portion of the overall big picture that Tom speaks of each Monday night. This is all about creditors & debtors/honor and dishonor... stay in honor and know how to conduct yourself in business. Keep up the GREAT work all.

Respectfully... AL

Wonderful Journey

 I wanted to take a moment to thank you Tom, Judi, Joann reasearch team, consultants etc.for all your hard work for making this happen. I have been a part of FCUSA for about a year and a half and I am very impressed with the integrity of the club. The love and forgiveness that is evident in your response to callers is amazing. I have learned and grown so much in the past year and I'm grateful for this wonderful journey. The best to you all.



To All,

Thank you for your hard work

The integrity of the club is AWESOME! People really care and want to help others. You really educate people and the feeling one gets when they listen to the Wednesday and Thursday Night calls is un-describable.

I am proud of my self. I followed your Speaker's advice for the NM LLC. Got the LLC set-up and a bank account. (You Go Girl!)  It was scary at first, but I said a prayer and focused on all the energy the club sends out and everything fell in place...

"Experience is a hard teacher; first you take the test, then you learn the lesson. Education is what you get when you read the instructions. Experience is what you get when you don't."
Carpe Diem!

Re: Quantum Energetics
LAST NIGHT WAS AMAZING, I GOT RELEASED FROM THINGS THAT WERE EATING ON ME ALL MY LIFE!  Sorry about the all caps, Tom was in such a playful, happy mood it was fun!  Never heard him like that, maybe that means good news!  Anyway I just wanted to let you know i thoroghy enjoyed it.  i look forward to next week.
Have a great day!
Thank you

Tom, Judi and Joanne,

I have been involved with this concept and process for the last 10 years now.  I have patiently researched and looked for others with answers.  I have known how the system operates (more or less) but have never been able to really break through all the barriers.  I Began working with Tamazi roughly 2 years ago and began watching the Freedom club about 18 months ago.  I just wanted to write and thank you for everything you do.  Not for any results, but for the energy and honesty you guys invest.  I am really excited about the AR process, but regardless, I want you thank you for what you do and the Love you do it with. 


Moving to Freedom

Dear Tom, and all of the awesome people up front and those behind the scenes in this process of creating a miracle. Truly the dream of the Freedom Club USA that is being revealed to us members is special every way. All that is, is necessary in every way. When understanding life from the perspective of the "Disappearance of the Universe", the clubs journey not only teaches us more about our true selves, but also gifts us with an opportunity forgive others as well as forgiving ourselves. I'm privileged to be part of this dream and to be "one" with the likes of you all. The process may be coming to an end for which I'm am truly grateful, however, I will not end my process until we've all awakened and realize we never left home. Keeping the Faith that moves me toward freedom.

Forgiveness Happens, Greg

Take My Hand

Tom –  

I wanted to tell you a story about a terminally ill patient  I recently cared for, who at the end of his life said something to
Me that truly touched my heart.
He was a gentle man, too weak to get out of bed, and sometimes too proud to ask for help. I would go into his room often, and just sit and talk with him, ask if he was comfortable, and if there was anything I could do for him.
He would just smile, give me a wink, and hold my hand tighter. I knew that he had found comfort, knowing I was there.
One day he whispered to me, knowing that his time was near, he said with a smile, “ If ever you go home tired and weary
From the day, and think that no matter what you have done was just not enough, know how happy you made me”
I tell you this story Tom, because I can only imagine how some days for you are just so hard. Your dedication and caring is always apparent, and no matter what, you continue on your journey.  You have truly touched the lives of so many people.
So, I want to leave you with this message that has touched my heart, in hopes that it touches yours.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Moving Into the Light
I just viewed "Deeper Than The Secret" and I wanted to take a moment and THANK YOU; not only for your tireless efforts in the "Funding" arena which I greatly look forward to; not only to help myself, but my family, friends and all those that I can, but also to introducing me to "Enlightenment". I have been listening to your Wed. night calls for several weeks (along with the prior recorded calls) and reading the suggested books and literature. While I am just a novice at this I find it fascinating, relaxing and purposeful and it is seemingly beginning to complete the void I have been feeling for some time while not knowing why. I hope at some point to be able to grasp the understanding as you have which you generously share to open our hearts and minds and give cause for study.
Again, thank you so much for doing so.

Dear Tom,
Thank you so much for all your hard work.  I listen to the calls with Joe (in Colorado), and I am so very, very grateful for all that you do!  Beyond helping others with financial freedom, you are a true spirit, guiding others towards looking within.  You do not worry about what others say, you do not get distracted or discouraged, you just keep your goals in sight and move foward in love.  I am so grateful. 
Joe and I work to do our part, on ourselves and in our corner of the world, but you reach out as far as you can, to make the biggest difference.  You are teaching many people, guiding many people, and it is necessary!  The more numbers we have, the more change we can make more quickly!  Thank you so much! 
I have always seen a world of love, of peace, of compassion and understanding.  I have always seen a world where all people work together towards greater consciousness and blissful creation.  I have always seen this, and after
last night's call, I see that it is really on the horizon - so close.  Thank you for your hard work.  Thank you for guiding us.  Thank you for finding solutions.  Thank you.  My gratitude and appreciation in you and your hard work, is boundless. 
Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help. 
With love and blessings,
Jennifer (and Joe)


I took a different path and it made all the difference...said some poet.  Thank you Tom, Judi, and Jo Ann for leading us in that path. Thanks for being different.  The patience and perseverance is paying off.  I have mapped out my benevolence steps and I am ready!


Education & Spiritual Rewards

As a new member I attended a meeting in McDonough, GA on June 8th.  The meeting was very informative some of my questions were answered. The positive energy from the members about the knowledge they have obtained from FCUSA was very encourgaing and lets not forget the excitement about the Victory Celebration at the Atlantis. I am looking forward to the educational and spiritual rewards that FCUSA has to offer. This club will bring about so much freedom for me to do the things that I know has been placed on my heart. Thank you Freedom Club



Who wants to jet-pool from the West Coast to the Bahama Victory Celebration?  Is anyone interested? We will charter a small business jet and each seat will be approx. $20K USD....if more people are interested we'll get see about getting a bigger jet.  We'll leave out of San Francisco Bay Area.  Let me know what you think:

Thank You

Hey Guys !!!

Just wanted to say thank you very much for all your hard work,and dedication. We are looking forward to meeting you all in The Bahamas. Its been almost 3 1/2 years since we started this journey with FCUSA, At times it was frustrating but we never gave up putting our positive energy out there. We are  very anxious now as we wait for our sit down call. Looking forward to it I tell You. Anyway I wanted to send you all a huge "Thank You" hug and we will see you soon.

We are forever grateful, Rick & Augusta.

Doing It In Style

Dear Tom and Judi,

As a new AR member, I have just begun to scan the realm you have created here.

I must tell you....I AM IMPRESSED.  Decades ago I authored "The Enlightment" and I am no stranger to "things metaphysical".

Of course, I have encountered genius along my travels.  However, I feel something very refreshing in your genius:  Divine orientation, kindness, maturity, caring and coherent action.

Lazaris once said "it is the absurdity of physical existence that forces us to look for home" .   Your Freedom Club allows us to kick it up a notch. Rather than returning in mere "joy"   let's do it in style and go with ecstasy.

You are deeply appreciated.  I am intuitive enough to recognize that this is more than human creativity.

The balance of human and spiritual and the degree of manifestation is humbling.

Truly awesome and delightful.    Well Done.

My added experience and intuition are yours for the asking.

Thank You for this treat.    David


Dear Tom, Judy and rest of the team

What to say, just that I can feel the power and energy  very intensive.

This is my second letter since I am a member, I did not want to bother you interrupting your effort and complicate job to reach this marvelous moment that we will share all of us together by this Summer. I just listened to all weekly calls where ever I was around the World at that time. 

I want to emphasize the effort and persistence all of you have during these long years  and Just to say that you really deserve it more than anyone else. You believed in a project, loyal to your  ideas, focusing to achieve the target for us,  fellows and members.   I am sure you sacrificed a lot, family, enjoyment , money, a  big portion of your health and years.

Guys, I believed you although I did not know if you would be able to do it but I am a dreamer Architect that believes in human, new things and innovation, hard to do these days. That’s the reason I never bothered you. Tom taught us to believe in ourselves as men and women, just pursue the target against bad times, adverse situations and negative opinions.

To end, God bless to all of you and I look forward to seeing each other in…..Bahamas ???  



The Voice Within

Dear Judi and Tom

         Words may never be able to describe the connections that comprise this club. I have already benefited a great deal, I fear money may never be the means for repayment. Back in 2004, I was a member of Global Healing Society and found a link for Freedomclubusa. A few months later I became a member and on December of 2005 submitted my first process.

          Little did I know, I would have become an early partaker of the wealth of information available on the site. Exactly a year and one month; that which I feared the most came upon me: the challenge of my understanding. Fortunately I was at the right place at the right time. The legal system was at my door, and were it not for the help of Freedom club, its Members, and Directors I would not have had at my disposal the tools necessary to succeed.

          I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the leaders of this organization because in my view they are fulfilling a mission.

          I am 48 years young this April 29, 2008. A new beginning I envisioned even before I joined the club. I longed for a state where I would fully care for my wife. Grant my children that which they needed to propel their success, my three sons and seven daughters. Indeed the solution has come.

          I gathered in my vessel the words of the secret: “man becomes what he thinks about”. The reminder of Judi: when we change the way we think our circumstance change. This statement by John Demartini: "When the voice within is more profound than that which is without, one would have mastered his life".

          I don't have a gratitude rock to lay at the feet of this accomplishment, if but one can envision with me, it is there and our communion will confirm its presence.

          Thank you for being instrumental in my family's happiness. May long life and fulfillment be the gifts preciously imparted to you all.



We have been with FCUSA for a yr and 1/2. At first my husband was a "show me" person, while I kept saying it can happen. 
Now with our education and deepening our understanding of ourselves amazing things have been happening in our lives and it will be spilling over into our families lives also. My husband had been burned out at his job for a while even though he loves the work. He works 6-7 days a week doing maintanance on very delicate machinery. A friend of our son's stepfather is dying of cancer but owns a wrecker company and wants to sell it. While we are sorry for the loss of a good man & I know he could pull through if he just realized his potential to heal himself, I feel he has given up. Jon is a gear head and has always wanted his own car lot to tinker with and sell cars. The stepfather wants to sell his business to Jon because he knows he will take care of it. Our son is wanting to get off the night shift he is on and start a family. My sister is an out of work accounting assitant and office manager. We have a friend that is a retired wrecker service man. How could all these people be in the same place and needing the jobs that need to be filled at this moment! The universe sees all and places those where they need to be.
I have no doubt that the bank can provide the funding and then when FCUSA funding begins we and the bank win again! We will be providing jobs with benifits for many others also when all this grows as it will. My daughter and I have started some websites that are geared to help Veterns, Handicapped children and caretakers and also a site for teens to learn more about the products they care about most and buy greener things that are better for the long haul.
Our house is full of excitement, some anxiety 'cause it is all happening so fast and gratitude for all these blessings.
It's a bit overwhelming at times but I don't want to change anything. Serendipity is the word for now. Thank you FCUSA workers for letting us in on a fantastic ride. When that payout happens there will be no stopping this train! Our city will be the next stop off to help.
With love and gratfulness in our hearts,
Jon & Cathy

How I Know
Good morning Judi,
My wife and I have been members for about a year now.  Before that we were members of another program that failed.  We lost  a  lot in that program but we knew it was because something better was intended. It was very upsetting but we did not become bitter or angry.  We simply asked WHY.  And soon FCUSA came our way.
As the time grows ever near for the fruition of your efforts some may still doubt that a force beyond us can guide and assist our efforts.  I have known for most of my life that I am not alone and have been helped and guided on many levels.  I have been given many choices in my life and have made some that seem less than perfect now that I look back.  However, I did learn from each and every decision and the life trail that it led me down.  Now just where am I going with this?   Here is a bit of  personal history you may share if yoiu wish. 
When I was 12, I was hunting deer in  the Cascade Mountains in California.  This particular  afternoon  was clear but a bit windy.  I  found myself out on a high rocky ridge about 150 feet or so above the ground below.  The ridge was a sheer vertical rise from the lower ground, but the rise was slightly jetting out so it was not easy to see the base of the rock where it met the lower ground.  Plus some brush had grown in the area where a big buck may just come to rest in the afternoon shade.  I made my way carefully to the edge of the cliff and was looking down for the ol moss back I hoped to see.  But, I just could not see far enough into the base of the cliff. 
 As I pondered the situation a stiff wind came up and was pushing me back.  However, I was determined to look down and leaned into the wind.  Now, I could see that there was indeed no big ol' buck sleeping below.  But, - oops!   The wind suddenly stopped  entirely leaving me over center and beginning to fall vertically down. 
I was jetting out into open space with no tree or vine to grab. Nothing but air between me and the rocks below. 
It was immediately clear to me that I had made a severe error in allowing the wind to support part of my weight. Now I was going to pay for that mistake.  My mind raced for what seemed  seconds, but was probably only a fraction of a second  and then the wind suddenly burst up the face of the ridge with such force that it pushed me firmly back safely away from the cliff.   
I went over to a big rock and sat down and thought about what had happened for a few minutes.  The odds of the wind increasing at the precise moment and wiith enough force  that would allow for a correction of my over center attitude were in the millions  to one.   And a thought just sort of popped into my head saying "Now you Know"!  
Since that first experience I have had many even more enlightening experiences to reinforce my Knowing.  My wife Penny has also had many such experiences  and is as much in the KNOW as I. 
Penny and I know with no doubt that all of you involved in the FCUSA project will be successful.  We KNOW   we have been led to this time and event.  Not a doubt remains!
A bit of anxiety and anticipation - -  Yes.!  But that is normal. 
If anyone reads this please take inventory of your emotions and  do your best to understand your anticipation and anxiety and the resulting frustration.   Please do not let these maniifest as fear or anger.  Think back to some event  in your life that was "Against all odds" and you will begin,  or perhaps reinforce,  your own "KNOWING".
It is important to understand that this event is being coordinated in more that one dimension.  FCUSA is the team working in our dimension.  Others are working in the unseen realms.  This is to be a  "BIG"  event  even though it will start small.
I used to teach basic physics.  It is most important to fully understand all aspects  as completely as possible for this to work.  Changing one thing in the physical world changes what we see and what we do not see.  For example:  If one pours water into a glass.  We see the water level rising.  What we do not see, but do understand is that the air that was in the glass was displaced and moves away.   An "economic glass" such as our monitary system is very much like the glass of water. 
As FCUSA begins to manifest the final stage it is important that as much be known about the effects it will cause as possible.  Those of us who will receive the benefit from this have made plans.  Those plans are known in the unseen realms.  Provisions are being made in those realms by helping entities that will assist us in persuing our goals.  And believe me they are working very intensely to insure we have a smooh transition. 
All this takes time.  And my wife and I know the time is near.  We anxiously await our time to manifest our dreams with the help of FCUSA teams both the seen and unseen. 
We KNOW  our efforts will dovetail seemlessly with the needs of others who wish to manifest their goals.  And we also KNOW that until all this is pretty well worked out and agreed to on all levels it will not start!
Please be patient and rest easy knowing it is to be!
Yours in peace and harmony

Hi Tom.  

I read the notice for consultants and referrers and boy am I excited.  I appreciate you (especially), Judi, Joanne and everyone else (faithful members included) who's positive energy, actions, and thoughts have helped to bring us to this point!  From the moment I was introduced to FCUSA, I knew I had found what I'd been searching for and this is just the beginning of so many wonderful and incredible things we are going to be able to do because of Freedom Club.  Thank you again Tom. 


Blue Ribbon
Here is my special gift for you. 
Thank you so very much!!! I am sending a blue ribbon back to you to let you know that you have made such a difference in my life....expanding my universe, so to speak...I admire your tenacity and knowledge and your wonderful communication abilities...I thank you for setting up a wonderful website that is a treasure trove of information and educational opportunities....for providing informative conference calls, so that those of us who are interested can continue our educations and connect with other people who are also on the same quest....You have touched so many people in such a positive way and brought a lovely energy to the people that you come in contact with....Thank You!
Originally, I read this story several years ago in the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series....while in California, at a very difficult and challenging time in my life, I received a blue ribbon from my daughter...her class was doing a project...and my daughter honored me with her first blue ribbon and gave me two ribbons to distribute...I gave one back to her and told her how she makes such a difference in everyone's lives...I gave the other to my son and told him how special he was too.  We posted our blue ribbons on the mirror in the bathroom.  Everyday, we were reminded to tell each other why we were special.  What a wonderful thing that you have started with this email.  I hope that other folks share their stories with you.

Status: Member

I am a compulsive acronym maker and when I read 'peace, love, integrity, honor', the word PHIL was created. The Greek definition of this root is love/attraction. Isn't that a perfect reflection of what is being done in Freedom Club?  It is definitely my goal, too.

Thank you for giving me this gift.


Status: Member
The members call was fabulous -- the explanations Tom gave really shed light on what he has said before.  Also the explanation of history in the making helped me understand what I was missing merely by reading.  He brought it all together for me.
Thanks for the Light!
Historic Event

Status: Member

Hello To all at FCUSA,

With the new excitment acompaning the newsletter and upcomming member call tonight I would like to say how thrilled I am, along with many others to be a member and a part of this "historic" and important process now underway. We are sure as ever that the desired result is iminate. I send this message of thank to all there who have strived so diligantly for the success at hand. I for my part, am preparing for the abundant "Good" that is to come, and has come already from being a believer and suporter of the truth that will set us free from this system.  Thank you again,


Light at End of Tunnel

Status: Member

There really is a light at the end of this tunnel.  Thanks to all of you who have worked so very hard and my wonderful sponsor, Carmen for your understanding and guidance.  God will bless you all.


Truly Great People

Status: Member

I am like a lot of people that were in the CSI Program and totally lost all faith.   When  I was told to look at this web site I had no idea what to expect.  Boy was it the best thing I ever did.  I have learned so much from all the different areas on the site, and I have learned so much from all the callers on the member calls.  Our club (family) has so many very smart members I have been so impressed. My consultant has not only been my consultant, but she has been truly a great friend. I could have not asked for a better and more wonderful person.  I can not wait to meet everyone in person.  Again Thank you Freedom Club and everyone behind every step of the process.  You are truly great people.  Soon we will all meet.

Thanks for a very bright future.

Jan C.

Divine Order
Status: Member
I have learned the hard way that when I get angry or frustrated because things aren't coming together according to plan, it's because the only plan I'm focusing on is mine. My plan, my timeline, my immediate goal.
If I can take a step back and remember that everything, every little thing, is happening in divine right order, divine right time, then there can be no frustration, no anger, because all is as it should be. It's only me that's out of sync. And "me" is the something I can control.
Can't say that I'm always able to take this perspective, but what a weight is lifted off my shoulders when I can.
And so while I do understand the frustration voiced by some on the call, perhaps with your suggestions and Phil's, they will take this as an opportunity to evaluate whether operating within the confines of man-made time is what best serves them.
Thank you again for who you are,
P.S. Love the new Peace tab. 
It's Not Only About The Money
Tom and Judi
    I wanted to thank you so much for everything you're doing, and to rave about my consultant Joanne. She is always there to answer my questions and is so positive, encouraging, and kind. I feel honored to have her as my representative.
    My family and I were recovering from the CSI disaster when we were introduced to Freedom Club. We were very skeptical, but started reading and learning, and it started making sense. It wasn't until we talked with Joanne however that we were truly excited about the program.
    We have learned and grown so much through Freedom Club that looking back, CSI failing is probably the best thing that could have happened. I know exactly what you mean by "It's not only about the money". CSI was only about the money and if we had received that money we would certainly be in a very dangerous place.
    So thank you Tom, Judi especially thank you Joanne, for giving my family something to believe in.
Gary, April, Brad, and Aaron
Praise The Lord

Status: Member with AR

Praise The Lord

Hello Tom, Judi, Pere & Ray,

Thank you for being such tremendous guiding angels to support guide and help me and others to succeed in becoming one step ahead in life either by teaching us to stand up or learn and move on. I am completely a different individual taking a stand to have great self esteem and learned to help others without hesitation. I am wealthy with your great knowledge and healthy with positive energy. may the great lord bless you all at all times. you are part of my life in what ever I do wherever I go I will always be recognized by your generous gifts. Thank you once again.


Thanks for FCUSA
Member: Rick

Tom- first thanks for all your energy & efforts on our behalf in the Freedom Club & beyond. I wanted you to know that you said something at the end of the call last night that really struck home for me. You asked us "where would we all be without Freedom Club......if it were not for the club we would be going through our struggles alone". SO TRUE. I have met so many wonderful people from Freedom Club in addition to my consultant Carmen-who has been so supportive & helpful. We all share a common thread-tremendous financial and personal pressures and a cruel system that has for the most part failed us all. By having the support of the people we have come to know in Freedom and you, Judi, Pere etc-we have a support net that otherwise would not have been there for us, someone we can talk to who can understand what we are going through.

You have given us HOPE and without that life can just suck! I believe that the entire Freedom Team will bring this tortuous and difficult mission to fruition soon. Hang in there- I know you must be exhausted by this long process and at times we may feel and sound impatient to you (those are the bad stresses in our lives speaking) but in the end I am so grateful to have Freedom Club with your guidance in my life. I look forward to the freedom that we all will have soon in our lives.

Thank you so much. Have a great day.

Member: Norma
Hi Tom, Thank you for your vision and sharing. It's greatly appreciated. The last two week-ends I have had the opportunity to share with 34 individuals who have had their hopes and dreams awaken in them, for that all are grateful. I thank you for all that you have given, your tireless time, your compassion and your willingness to help each become the person that they were created to be. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this life changing undertaking.
Thank You

Member: Loretta

"I just wanted to personally thank you for all your hard work on seeing this process through.  I have seen some people lately taking a lot of shots at you and Bob and Judi ... and I can imagine how hard that can be.  I lost a lot of money in xxx as well as 5 or so of my close friends and family so I can tell you I know where they are coming from. But I do know what you are doing is different and that you are going to make it happen.  Please hang in there and know that all past xxx members are not equal.

...I am 100% positive that this will happen and we will all be able to give back 1000 times over."



Member: Sharon

Thank you so much Tom, Judi, Pere & all. You have given me so much hope for the future. Not only in the financial areas but also for my mind, body and spirit. You are like "one stop shopping" (smile). The information is just amazing. I am forever grateful for  this club which has, and will continue to change my life.


Restored Faith

Member: Patricia

Thank you so much for all you are doing.  I lost so much with CSI and also lost faith in myself and my fellowman.  You have restored that  Your phone and newsletters have been so encouraging and I thank God for all of you.


Club Benefits
Member: Jane
Programs: Mortgage & QE
I am a psychotherapist and a sales person and have been studying metaphysics for 30 years.  Also, I have been studying the banking system and all of that for 12 years.  So, I AM IN LINE WITH YOUR WONDERFUL messages.  I really do think I have already gotten my money's worth. I am a regular on the calls. (I still want the funding to work!)
I loved the presentation last night .  Thank you so much.  I am really impressed by you over all these many months.  You are a very bright woman with really great skills. You already know this, but I want to acknowledge you. 
Also, I think you handle status questions with grace.  It has to be hard to keep having to deal with all of us and our persistent questions as to when this is going to work  Sometimes it seems as though it would be easy to get defensive and even ticked off that we ask all that we do.  You maintain a professional attitide as well as a reassuring stance at the same time.  Even if we never ger funded, Judi, I have learned a lot (a LOT) here and you are a major source of wisdom for me.  Thanks so much for all of that.
Blessings, Jane
Grateful & Keeping The Faith

Member: Dean

I was listening to the call 7/24/2007 and a member asked a question that he had asked several times, on other calls, about time frame for payout and I wanted to post a statement that I think needs to be said.

This is an Educational Program that has never guaranteed any money.  I have been with FCUSA since June of 2005 and I am grateful that the club has been there, to have faith in.  For all the hardships I have faced during these two years, such hardships that without my faith in FCUSA I would probably not be here. I have always known that the funding would occur. 

I suggest that if any members out there are getting frustrated with the time, change your thinking and offer FCUSA your positive energy and faith that it will happen and IT WILL!!!  If we continue to ask questions about something that no one has control over, we are basically saying that we DO NOT have faith in the program or anyone working on it and therefore are giving FCUSA our negative energy which is completely unwanted and not helpful 

So, have faith, believe and think positively about it and it will happen!!!

God Bless us all.


Thanks for the Great Call
Member: Gino

Please thank Tom for a great member's call yesterday. As you recall, when we first discussed the fee for the AR process I said I thought of it as a contribution to the research FCUSA was doing to perfect the process to cash in the judgments. I was frustrated because I did not feel FCUSA was thinking of its members as partners in the this endeavor.
As a partner I expected more disclosure of what FCUSA was doing to accomplish its goals. Yesterday, Tom did a great job of explaining the process and the challenges FCUSA is overcoming to achieve its goals for all the members. I hope we can more calls like that. Think of the members as board members who have a stake in the success of the business. FCUSA should keep its members informed on every aspect of the business. We should know the details of the operation and the reasons behind every decision. If FCUSA can work on speaking to its members like business partners I think we'd all feel like our investment in the AR process was a sound decision.
Kind regards,
Thanks for Helping Me Find Myself

Member: Dean

I have been with FreedomClubUSA since June, 2005.  I found out about it from a co-worker who was telling me about a mortgage program that would allow me to get the deed back from the bank and owe no money.  I read every word on the FCUSA site and did much off-site research, basically researching the validity of what FCUSA wrote.  I could not find error in any of the information I had read.

 At the time, I  owned a Modular home and had purchased a stick built home and could not afford to keep both, so I Voluntarily Repossessed the Modular.  This was the time that Chase and Bankone were merging and they wanted to get my default off the books and offered me a $6,000 settlement, so I could pay $6,000 instead of $48,000 for the difference on the note.  I thought long and hard about what to do, so I traded in my car and doubled my payoff on my trade and received the $6,000 cash back to me.

I had finished my research of FCUSA and decided to enroll in an AR process on the Modular and tell the bank to stick it.  I was told that they would be suing me for the full balance (Which they have not done as of yet)

Now when I first read about the AR process on the site, it read that the process takes 120 to 180 days to complete and I would be debt free in that time.  During the Mailing of the 8 letters, we had several times where my letters were lost in the mail using FED EX and UPS.  However we did complete, I then filed my UCC Lien with the SOS on Chase Bank, and then was told I was waiting for that lien to sell. 

As most of us know I am still waiting...

For a short period I became increasingly frustrated with the program, I had gotten so worked up and so excited about the possibility that I had taken my eye off the ball with regard to work and had lost several jobs.  Basically I was totally convinced that I would be Rich soon and did not need to work that hard, even though I had bills to pay.

After the inital let down, I became depressed, thinking that I had made another bad decision and had created additional stress for myself and for my family.  I then started reading again. 

I read every word on the site, listened to every taped call and recently participated in some if the calls.  I have also been listening to the taped calls for Quantum Energetics, I still have no understanding of it, however I have found my mental health better since trying to understand it. 

I believe whole heartedly that if my AR process had funded in the time I expected it to, I would have probably blown all of it, gotten into trouble with the LAW and the IRS, Lost my family and would now be incarcerated for a very long time.  Based on my current educational level from the information from FCUSA and with the understanding of Asset Protection, I now feel confindent that I will be able to live a modest lifestyle and not create any red flags while helping as many others as possible.  I see many places where my help is needed and I am currently designing a plan to make this a reality prior to funding, so when funding occurs, and I know it will soon, It will be an easy transition.

I suggest every member read and listen as much as possible to all the information available on and off FCUSA's site.  The more you know the more you will believe and protect yourself and your family.

God Bless Tom, Judi, Pere, Rosetta and all the invisible team at FCUSA.



Thank You from a Member

Member: Loretta

"I just wanted to personally thank you for all your hard work on seeing this
process through.  I have seen some people lately taking a lot of shots at
you and Bob and Judi ... and I can imagine how hard that
can be.  I lost a lot of money in xxx as well as 5 or so of my close friends
and family so I can tell you I know where they are coming from. But I do
know what you are doing is different and that you are going to make it
happen.  Please hang in there and know that all past xxx members are not

...I am 100% positive that this will happen and we will all be able to give
back 1000 times over."


Benevolent Thoughts

Name:  Karl

Testimonial:  I joined Freedom Club in February 2005. I had been involved with two other organizations that were going after the bankers for bank fraud. Both of them went into the Admiralty court and failed. Some of these people were put in prison and I lost a lot of money. I was forced to sell my home after getting divorced, and that turned into a blessing with Freedom Club USA!

When I found out that Freedom Club was not going into the courts a big light came on.
I joined and found some information that I sent to Tom. Several of the things I found like Meet Your Straw Man by Moses Washington were posted on the web site right away.

As I continued to study and learn, I found more educational material that I sent to Tom and he posted it including some on Asset Protection, a video on commerce that is in the money section. I found Stevyn Bartlette and was proud to have him as a guest speaker from Nevis.

I got to know Pere as a good friend. I was going through some very tough times for a while and this man helped me out several times and I am honored to be his friend.

As we went on we went through some hurdles and then Tom and Judi did some traveling investigating asset protection for the club. They came out to Lake Tahoe and I was lucky to be able to meet Tom, his wife and Judi and enjoy a dinner with them on the 19th floor overlooking the lake. It was an incredible honor to meet these fine people.

I became a referrer and brought a few people to the club who joined . As time went on we learned about what the Secretary of State was doing with our Straw Man accounts and another big hurdle was fixed with the filing of the UCC with a private agency.

Now we are on the cusp of completion of this process and the door is open for payout that benefits the banks, and the people. Getting educated about the banks and learning how our country is a big corporation that has been bankrupt since we were born is shocking information. It is the truth and The Truth Shall Set You Free indeed.

Will a huge amount of money set me free? I am so proud that Freedom Club USA has so much information about wisdom, health and spiritual things that have given me guidance on how to give and pay it forward. The benevolence section is a blessing for our country and the whole planet. I visualize what this club is going to do with benevolence projects and I know it will change the world.

I will be designing a self sustaining community center/homeless shelter powered by solar, wind and hydrogen. It will have hydroponic gardens, raised bed gardens, a computer learning center and a swimming pool. The money earned from the selling of organic produce, the swimming pool and software classes in the computer center will provide food for the homeless and this will be a model for every county in America.

Thank you Tom, Pere, Judi and the rest of the wonderful team. This has been an amazing journey and I can't wait to meet everyone at the celebration in Panama!!!

Patience and Faith

Member: Byron

Dear Freedom Club USA

Founder Rev. Tom, Directors Judi, Pere and my consultant, Rose,

I personally want to thank each of you for your brilliant insight, perseverance, dedication, hard work and most of all patience and Faith!  You have chosen to share your knowledge and to show us the way to a better life in our beautiful country.  We appreciate you very much. I believe in you all and trust your judgment and experience.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We all owe a debt of gratitude to Freedom Club USA.

Affectionately and Respectfully,
Byron & Family

Banker Speaks

Member: Sheryl
Tom and Judi,

I am in such awe of FCUSA and the programs and educational tools that you are offering to all the members, and prospective members.  After college I started my career in an extensive 2 1/2 year banking management program over 25 years ago.  I was taught just enough about the system that I began asking too many questions,and I actually received a call from the CEO of the national bank that I worked for asking and then telling me that I was making everyone else in the program uncomfortable with my many questions, and to stop immediately or risk loosing my position.  After that I quit asking the questions but never stopped searching for the answers. 

I have been a mortgage banker for 20 years now, and for the last 5 years when I learned the entire truth - I feel into a deep depression for the career that I chose and the part that I played in the deception.  I have since forgiven myself and made it my cause to find the place where I could bring past and present clients for help and redemption in a process that works.  I have been involved with other companies that were fighting the system and of course unsuccessful.  It was through my strong believe in the law of attraction that brought me to FCUSA, and I know that this is the answer and that you all are brilliant and true stewards of what is right and good in this universe.

Blessings to all,
Deepest Gratitude

Member: Betty




Thank You

Member: John

Hi Judi,

I just want to say thank you, to you, Tom, and Pere and all the people that work for us, the members. I think much that you do goes without a "thank you" and when I contemplate the effort that has been put forth for so long to bring us to this point, I am so grateful to you all. I am very excited to be part of this wonderful group of motivated people. Thank you thank you thank you!


My Gratitude

Member: Karen

Please convey my gratitude to Tom for his determination to successfully research the remedy and put it in place to complete this process and for his professionalism on the calls. Thank you for the hope you are sharing with so many of us who have almost lost that hope.


Thank You

Member: Mindy

I just wanted to thank you for the INCREDIBLE wealth of vital and life-enhancing information you have put together on this site. It is truly humbling to realize just how much "we don't know what we don't know". As I have told anyone who'll listen, I have learned more in the past 2 weeks pouring over the info on FCUSA than I have in my many years of "schooling" (and I use that term loosely). Thank you for being so committed to educating so many; I take my responsibility of passing that info on most seriously.

From my heart to yours
With all that I am.
Nothing is withheld
For I know we are one.


Exhausted on the Battle Field - Victorious

Member: Egosum

Helping people sucks! Good I got your attention.  Actually I love helping people.  It gives me no better joy to help others.  However it is sad as very few are appreciative.  That is what, for lack of a better term, sucks.  Many times I will help someone and they never even say thank you.  I am learning people expect to be helped.  These are called consumers.

In life there are consumers and there are producers.  I like to consider myself a producer as I create.  I do not ask for handouts but believe in yin and yang or in more modern terms, give and take.

I often feel compelled to help others as I see their need and I have the knowledge and ability to help.  A good 95% of people are consumers.  The other 5% are producers, and these are the people that make the world go round.

Each of us must ask ourselves if we are content going along for the ride all our lives or do we want to create the ride?

When you see a nice car drive by, do you say, "Wow, thats a nice car, if only I had the means?" or do you say, "Nice car, I'll have one shortly" and KNOW that car is already yours?

There are individuals in this world who have, either by necessity or by choice, gone from sleeping on the streets to sleeping on satin sheets in a penthouse in the most luxurious part of town.  This talent is not anything special.  This is in each and everyone of us.  I know some very, what would be considered in present day society, uneducated people who are legally filthy rich.  This is due to their consistent hard work
and working on the proper things.  These people have the desire to get up early each morning and will work until the wee hours of the morning if necessary because they have a goal and they have a path to reach that

We can envision riches galore to our wits end.  This will in fact attract these riches.  There is another step involved though.  We must go get what the universe provides.  We can sit on our couch each day watching television or each night with our feet up envisioning riches and waiting for them to come to us.  However if an opportunity arises and we choose to sit around envisioning the universe will pass by.  You in that instance created your path to your goal, but without grabbing what was sent to us, we will not attain this.

Anyone who is awaiting a lottery winning, an organization to pay them great sums of money, an inheritance, or money to simply fall out of the sky are consumers and are taking away from the world.  Those who are
grabbing every opportunity granted and doing what is necessary to take full advantage of that opportunity or contributing to their fullest to organizations to which they are a part of are producers.

No matter what the task be, we need to each put forth our 110%.  Many say there is not such thing as 110%.  If that is the case then we are never truly giving 100%.  There is an exercise a high school basketball coach once taught me and I ask you to read it and then put down this writing and do it.  I ask you seriously do it to learn this wonderful lesson.  First stand up and get comfortable.  Shake your arms and be
loose.  Now focus.  I want you to reach as high up into the sky as possible.  Reach for the stars and stretch as far up as you reach higher.  Stand on your tippie toes, extend a bit more.  I guarantee each and everyone of you reading this was able to reach even a millimeter higher.  This is the extra 10% in 110%.  We can all go the extra step.

If we can all go that extra step, then why do many ask for help on things they can do?  If you do not know something, I suggest you remember your first grade teacher who told you to look it up.  Look it up and know about it.  If you do not know why yeast makes dough rise, look it up and find out the chemical compositions and how when mixed a reaction occurs.

Why do most take their cars to get an oil change done?  It is less expensive to do it ones self.  The reason is the person is either too busy with menial things, able to afford it and has all their cars serviced as well as their nails, pets etc, or the most likely is that they do not know how.  They were never taught and never took it upon themselves to learn.  When they realize how simple it is, they will be amazed.

This is one of the biggest tasks in that people do not take it upon themselves to do things.  They wait for initiative from outside sources or direction from outside sources.  Why can a 21 year old learn a stock
in and out and is able to gather up investors to purchase enough of it with the IPO and net $60 million and a 50 year old cannot do the same?  If anything the 50 year old should have an advantage as people would
rather do business with a 50 year old than a 21 year old.  This is a true story and I know the person who did it.

We have all heard about how we can do anything if we only put our minds to it.  We can.  This statement however leaves out the fact that we must put forth an effort. This effort is mental, physical, and also
spiritual.  It is mental is it will leave you mentally drained.  Mental efforts also will leave you physically drained and you will feel it in the physical.  By having a spiritual effort states one must use metaphysics weather knowingly or unconsciously. 

A man by the name of Chris Gardner whom recently had a movie made after him called the _Pursuit of Happyness  _was for a while sleeping on the streets in a subway bathroom with his very young son.  Gardner through first envisioning what he wanted in life created the opportunity which presented itself in the form of an opening as an intern as a stockbroker with a very large firm.  His hard work and desire then landed him this position.  Continued pursuit landed him as among todays financially fortunate and his previous goals have been realized.

Chris Gardner as well as the 21 year old I mentioned are in all of us.  Stop asking for direction and go in one.  Stop asking for a handout and create what you are in need of.  You will feel better as a whole and be
better off for it.

A very close family friend by the name of Vince Lombardi, while he was alive once stated "But I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, his greatest fulfillment of all he holds dear, is the moment when he has
worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle - victorious. "

Each day upon resting we should all feel exhausted from our efforts of the day.  In the end, once the goal has been will know.

-Egosum Mihi

I Am in Awe

Member: K. O.

Thank you for the outpouring of positive energy you have sent and continue to send to FCUSA.  When one goes where other's have never gone, the road is rarely smooth.  However, the knowledge that something great is about to happen keeps our souls singing and our hearts happy.  Thank you all. 




My gratitude to you all, is so full and flowering.


And in the next moment I am roaring in laughter and squealing delightfully.


I have just finished listening to Tuesday, November 28th's member call.  Tom, thank you for opening yourself and sharing more deeply about Freedom Club's inner world!  And a huge thanks for all of those behind the scenes expressing their many, many gifts!!!


When I joined Freedom Club, and first spoke with Pere, I had an instant 'knowing' all was complete. On some level the funding had already happened and we were already in wealth and benevolence.  And not surprisingly, I recognized I was one who needed to take personal responsibility to finish my personal journey to manifestation.  What an exciting journey this is turning out to be. 


For there to be an "other worldly financial overlay" hidden in plain sight, seems so right.  As if I have known it all along.  Perhaps, for I am that!!

K. O.



The Truth Shall Set You Free

Freedom Club USA


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