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The Year of Reckoning!

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You cannot get what you’ve never had unless you’re willing to do what you’ve never done.


When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it - always.
- Mahatma Gandhi


The Lion asked the Wizard one time, "When does a slave become a king?"

"When You start acting like one! "

Otherwise You remain a slave all Your life.

 FCUSA Newsletter 


FCUSA Overview 
FCUSA Overview
FCUSA Overview


It is even more valuable now than ever to be an FCUSA Member.  Our Open CallEarth News and Prosperity Calls continue as ‘open’ status, available to prospects and members.  These are valuable ‘introductions’ to the many offerings of FCUSA.   We welcome all to join us as a member.

Discover our new Member Benefits page to quickly access key member features.  You will also find new shortcuts on the homepage.

Here are all the many benefits on our special membership:

  • Earth News - Real time truthful news hidden by mainstream media (financial, political, health, social, energy, fake terrorism, etc.)
  • Quantum Energetics (QE) - Optimize your performance
  • Prosperity Calls - Awaken your higher self to your potential
  • GSA $$ - Profit from your creditor's actions against you
  • LLC Creation - Utilizing LLCs as asset protection
  • Member & VIP Calls - Live & recordings of member financial strategies
  • RV Alert - Email notice of RV Exchange for members
  • RV Exchange $$ - Profit on exchanging currencies



A Banner Year 

A Banner Year


How will you spend the rest of your life with your abundance from the RV, GSA and ARs?  Who will you help?  Why? What is the first thing you will do with your funds? Will it be for family and friends?  Then who?  Will you do your inner work with QE or are you already doing this?  Who will you become?  Will you like your new self?  Will others like you?  Will you be heart centered and “of the light”? Caring and giving or greedy? Will you give indiscriminately or be discerning?  Lots of wanting hands will be reaching out to you, do you have a plan on how to educate them first? Be sure to take time to enjoy your abundance and then share your inner blessings. Much more awesome news is coming.


RV Alert 
RV Test Alert

We have sent out another ‘RV Alert Test 9’ via email to all ‘RV Alert’ subscribers on 8/29/16 to validate your email.  If you did not receive your email, please sign-up again with your current email.  Also, there are new RV articles on the RV Exchange page. Ebay, Amazon and The Great American Coin Company  are three sources offering the 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Banknotes, 2008 AA.


New Republic & GCR 
New Republic & GCR

Nearly 450 years ago the Anglo-Saxon world banking system began with creation of the Vatican Historical Asset Trust Accounts, today known as the Global Collateral Accounts. These funds of sovereign countries were mainly backed by gold reserves of the ancient Chinese Royal Dragon Families. Certain sovereign families of Asia and Europe had pooled their assets into a series of very complex and secretive ​off-ledger​ private banking trust accounts. The monies were intended for humanitarian projects to help the world for the better, though had been fraudulently abused by a corrupt global banking system since at least the late 1600s.

In 1694 this global monetary system overseen by a secretive Cabal was being run out of a central bank in England controlled by the Rothschilds family. Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild once declared, "I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply."

By the mid-to-late 1700's of Eastern Europe these dark forces had gained complete control of the planet's wealth by secretively taking over world assists through an invisible web of usury and fiat finance. The Cabal's influence upon greedy global leaders led to domination over the world's military, diplomacy, education, science and media systems.

In 1871 the Cabal created the Corporation of the US to work under orders of the world monetary organizations: International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, Bank of International Settlements, North American Union, Council on Foreign Relations, Committee of 300 and the Trilateral Commission. They discarded the US Constitution, manipulated funds of Central Banks across the globe and eventually formed the US Federal Reserve to continue their plunder of global assets…

The complete story


Member Bonus 
Member Bonus

Free FCUSA Member Bonus:

Would you like to earn an LLC ($695) or GSA ($795 or $895) FREE? FCUSA is offering for a limited time one no cost LLC or GSA for each 4 new $300 paid members.  Whether you are a VIP or not, you can enjoy one LLC or one GSA with 4 new $300 paid memberships.  If you are a VIP have your prospect signup under your VIP number and name.  If you are not a VIP, use VIP 1000 but type your name as the referrer on the order for credit.  Once you receive 4 membership paid signups, you will be contacted to claim your prize.

Blessings from your FCUSA Team.


Member Praise 
Member Praise

Member FCUSA Message:

“I was introduced to FCUSA approximately 5-6 years ago. I initially was told about the AR's but I have learned so much more that is even more valuable. All the information and guidance and help in my awakening is so appreciated. This has started my journey into awakening and living in love, light and gratitude. My spirituality has grown so much and I see the world and life so differently and feel so at Peace and in Joy even through some stressful situations. FCUSA has already given me so much more than I could have ever hoped for... This has by far been my best decision to join for my own personal growth and to share with others . A Big heartfelt THANK YOU to Tom and your team for all your Love, Time, Knowledge and Caring that you have shared with me and so many others. May you all Be Blessed!



QE Praise 
QE Praise

Member QE Messages:

I'm so happy to be back doing QE calls. Thanks Tom!

GRATEFUL & PEACEFUL: “There are times I wonder what and where I would be and doing if I hadn't found QE to release the angers, bitterness, hurts and intense fear that seemed to run my life. My emotional state/intensity seemed to have a mind of its own and I'm grateful I am now able to detach from these emotions and relax and be at peace. The growth and understanding from the insights and releases with Tom, Joanne and Lois are and have been life changing. I've been with QE since its inception and I will continue to use it to enlighten my soul so I can be about my soul purpose here on the earth plain.... Thank You. Facing these betrayals and abandonment issue is work and intense; however, so very necessary to my ascension." D.A.

LOVE FROM WITHIN:Everything is integrating and assimilating through my system. I now have a deeper understanding of what it means to accept love -- from within. The source of love is always available to me. I do not need to please anyone or seek approval of anyone. Very empowering."  S.Y.

LETTING GO: “I'm letting go of misbeliefs and learning to trust my own assessments of life and situations. I'm learning to know I can be fine with my own feelings of myself. I am learning to trust and know I have guides who want to help me ascend! I'm calmer and healthier. My dis-ease is becoming at ease!. Thank you for this service. Incidentally, I tried Lois's gun fingers method for getting rid of chemtrails here.. Unbelievable how quickly they dissipated!”

Thanks, D.C.

RESPECTED & WORTHY: “Per Tom's expert teaching I am learning the greater the problem the greater the growth. My family has noticed the change in me. (I've been here at QE from its inception)...I've noticed I am a deeper thinker and looker into the "why" of situations and can see the "golden nugget" easier now in the trials of life! My oldest daughter said "mom, you are so much wiser now." It made me laugh...but she also asks my advice much more now. I try not to give my own opinion but get her to look deeper into situations and the "why"....QE is GOOD STUFF and an absolute NECESSITY TO THIS LIFE AND GROWTH!! Thanks, Tom and Sweet Lois.”


(Signup for QE) Powerful Stress Relief

Comments from our members following their QE sessions. 


Submit your QE Testimonial.

Enroll: Signup for QE

>>> DEVINE LOVE: BEFORE SESSION: "Unloved, unwanted, unworthy, anger, tightness in throat, tightness in heart & pain in shoulder blade.AFTER SESSION: "Loved, wanted & Worthy. Love is the Devine spark within. Always accessable to me unless I believe the external lie and close myself off/block it. It is never lost or deminished. Believe and trust in the Devine. Be a beacon of Devine love. The lie is that to feel loved someone has to love you. In reality it exists within each of us. Very grateful. Thank you for the session. Pain in shoulder blade moved across back and is now resolved. Was able to allow more Devine love to permeate through my being. Clarity & expanding aura. Everything is integrating and assimilating through my system. I now have a deeper understanding of what it means to accept love -- from within. The source of love is always available to me. I do not need to please anyone or seek approval of anyone. Very empowering."  S.Y.

>>> FELT UNUSUALLY WHOLE AFTER QE: BEFORE SESSION: "Shock, fear, horror & anger. Pain in my neck, pain in my right side, pronounced stiffness & pressure on the top of my head.” AFTER SESSION: "Feeling safe - secure & loved. I have love in my life. I feel joy. I have felt immediate energizing with a couple of releases after this one. I felt more tired and it took a couple of days to recover completely but I was patient with myself and by the 3rd day I felt unusually whole as a person. Relief, relaxed & lack of pain. Very pleased with the release...this has haunted me for a very long time... most of my life."  Anon

>>> THANK GOODNESS FOR QE: BEFORE SESSION: "Betrayal, hysteria, fear, anxiety, depression, unworthy, bitter & heavy heart. Tense shoulders & sick stomach.” AFTER SESSION: "Forgiveness, adored & honored. I am stronger than I know and can heal and change my own life. Exhausted after releasing all the pent up fear and bitterness. Sometimes this Earth school is a tough learn! I'm just beginning to accept the lessons for my own growth. Whew! But now I am actually seeing my own power and effectiveness. Thank goodness I've actually had these past 7 years with QE to "get it" ! Thanks Tom, Deb, Lois, Rick for your time and caring! Complete tired, exhausted, calm & Relief. Pealing this life/onion is work bringing relief and growth...Whew!" D. T.

>>> RELAXED & AWAKE: BEFORE SESSION: "Anger, unwanted, blame, grief, sadness & sorrow. Pressure in upper back, banding pressure around chest & pressure in upper body.” AFTER SESSION: "Adored, unconditionally loved, happy & joyful. I am loved, I am part of creator. Calmer. Thank you. Open, loving and Understanding. Thank you again." Anon

>>> RELAXED & AWAKE: BEFORE SESSION: "Anger, bitterness, sorrow & rage. Tired, tight & jittery.” AFTER SESSION: "Cherished, grateful, loved & great. A hug goes a long way. I am feeling excellent, relaxed, awake & alive. I love this stuff.” S.H.

>>> ALIVE & FREE: BEFORE SESSION: "Anger, fear, not loved & confused. Left shoulder sore. Tightness in middle back. Tired, pain in right wrist. The pain in right wrist then went to my fingers." AFTER SESSION: "I am loved, I am understood, I am alive & I am the light. It’s nice to be freed. All at once like starting an engine the inside of my body started to vibrate which lasted for about five minutes and then stopped as fast as it started. The pain in wrist and fingers went away. The tightness in middle back a lot less. Right shoulder feels much better. Another session and a few more steps closer to my Prime Creator. Thanks Tom and Lois." F.R.

>>> PEACEFUL & HAPPY: BEFORE SESSION: "Rejection, rage, unfair & loneliness. Pain in chest, tightness in stomach, heart. Sadness." AFTER SESSION: "Loved, protected & valued. It's up to me to value myself. More peaceful. Hard to face, harder still to pretend it didn't hurt. Glad to show it the light of day. Let the healing continue! Much lighter, peaceful & happy. Still clearing, but feeling better at this point.” R.B.

>>> MORE ENERGY & RELAXED: BEFORE SESSION: "Fear, anger, despair, disbelief, headaches, tightness in my neck & shoulder pain." AFTER SESSION: "Relief, feeling safe and secure, feeling loved. I are surrounded by people who love me. I cried and felt all that love warming me. Headache got worse then went away completely. Neck and shoulders turned warm then relaxed. Headaches stopped. Had all kinds of energy next day. Was exhausted that night and slept really well. I think I did it right that night because there was a real release.” E.B.



SEC Resolution 
SEC Resolutiion

As many of you know, we were fraudulently attacked by the SEC initiated by a former trusted member of our staff.  This led to some invalid court actions and numerous threats against the club and myself.  After a false arrest of myself, the judge and the SEC key person were arrested themselves and have been imprisoned.  This will be followed world-wide with continuing mass arrests and the installation of NESARA/GESARA and common law for and by the people.



New Governance 
New Governance

We now have a new sovereign government (soon to be made public) led by Republic Commander and Chief General Joseph Dunford (President), Admiral Bob Killian (Treasurer) and Paul Ryan (Policy Administrator) giving Wells Fargo authority to begin the US RV at any time. The entire world is now backed by gold backed currency and the Republic of the united States is restored!



The IRS came on shore as a Delaware Corporation back in 1934 or 35 and was immediately purchased by an attorney firm which then incorporated the Delaware Corporation. Eventually the IRS ended up in a holding company known as the Northern Trust Company which also owns the Bar Associations. Basically, the IRS and Bar are essentially the same entity, for all intents and purposes.


Member Awakening 
Member Awakening

Our club has been protected as are key individuals on our planet bringing forth truth and positive changes.  We have seen our members during these crises move into one of two groups… one of fear and withdrawal… and another into enlightenment and growth.  It is the passion and resolve of the second group who made it possible for our club continuing our mission and our “best efforts” to bring you truth, financial solutions and awakening for your ascension. Thank you!



Our Gratitude 
Our Gratitude

I would like to honor those passionate ones who made it possible for us to continue our journey to serve mankind.  They provided the financial means thru their club maintenance each month or annually, their support on our club calls and doing their inner work with QE raising their energies far above the norm benefiting themselves and all with whom they engage.  We deeply honor you!

Returning Members

Many of our “absent” members will be returning to the club as their fears subside and they wish to again participate with honor and resolve to support the truth. Please welcome them back graciously for they too are learning many grand lessons on their journey and deserve our full support.  Yes, they will need to get current on their maintenance.

Prosperity Finds Those in Their Hearts

Many of our members have been getting educated on the RV and will be prospering.  Others have taken advantage of the GSA program and their combined impact with the International Common Law World Court will be soon paying off by enforcement against the banks, IRS and CRA plus handsome rewards from the fines paid to participants.  Those who participated in the AR programs will also find success coming their way soon.  Those who are participating in the Prosperity Calls and Quantum Energetics consistently will find the greatest of all gifts coming to them… inner peace, prosperity, improved relationships, better health and a smooth ride to ascension.




Our audit of our GSA audit has concluded. Many are receiving notice that a document, order or payment is needed to complete your process (Initial or WCNS).  Please respond to these ASAP.

Our intel indicates the World Court is active with our GSA cases with more underway each week.  By end of week of 6-20-16 we expect 1400 cases active representing about 2400 defendants.  First action is to notify the banks/IRS/CRA and all participants in your claims. They will have a limited time to respond (but not by an attorney).  The court will then rule and take action as NESARA is formally announced.  We expect all claims to be favorable for our members.

We expect NEW submissions allowed for GSA to END in the next few weeks!  Thus, if you wish to be part of this program, get your submissions to GSA ASAP.  If you are one who submitted the initial step of GSA but have not yet submitted the WCNS (World Court) step, you must do so now or you will not be eligible for the $500,000+ rewards from your GSA process.


Those who have made their monthly (or annual) maintenance contributions $30/mo. or $300/yr. from July 2014 to present will receive special consideration as well as a private VICTORY CELEBRATION ahead of all others. 

If you are current on your FCUSA Maintenance from July, 2014 to present or from the beginning of your membership to present, you may DEDUCT $100 from each NEW GSA process ($795 - $100 = $695).

For those who were members as of 7 /14, to get caught up on your required maintenance since 7/14, it will be 6 months for 2014, 12 months for 2015 and 6 months for 2016 (24 months total). If you cannot do all at once, do as your abilities allow to stay in good standing.

For members coming to our club since 7/14, your maintenance will be the number of months you have been a member.




Bring your account current from 7/14 to 6/16 (24 months) or from the beginning of your membership since 7/14 to present.
Annual $300 Maintenance here:

1-12 months Maintenance here:


We understand many members are functioning on very little income and can elect this option and maintain “good standing” with their membership.


This is the default status if a member does not choose Option 1 or 2.  This will suspend their membership and processing of all their claims until they have completed Option 1 or 2.




The Truth Shall Set You Free

Freedom Club USA


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