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You cannot get what you’ve never had unless you’re willing to do what you’ve never done.


When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it - always.
- Mahatma Gandhi


The Lion asked the Wizard one time, "When does a slave become a king?"

"When You start acting like one! "

Otherwise You remain a slave all Your life.



Setting The Stage For a North American Union Currency

We live in a time of sky rocketing trade deficits. The housing bubble is ready to burst, and more and more jobs are being outsourced.

America has become more of a service-based economy, resulting in a lower number of goods being exported. We are witnessing the death of the middle class by design. The dollar is being further devalued and its collapse is imminent. The global elite are looting the economy and setting the stage for a North American Union currency. They are the ones orchestrating the devaluation of the dollar, and will pose as our saviors by offering a single currency called the amero as their solution. Through the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) of North America, working groups are busy integrating the U.S., Canada, and Mexico into a North American Union. Those who do favor a European Union style continental integration view the idea of a unified currency as essential. Abandoning the dollar will be very unpopular with many Americans, but as it continues its painful collapse and becomes weaker, arguments for a regional currency will only be further bolstered.

Many argue that a regional currency and a North American Union will be needed in order to compete with the European Union and the euro. There seems to be no end to the dollar's woes as it continues to hit record lows against the euro. Large and ever growing trade deficits with China further threaten the dollar, and the euro is competing as the international foreign reserve currency. A single North American currency is nothing new as the idea has been floated around for some time. In 1999, economist and former Canadian Member of Parliament Herbert G. Grubel published his paper, "The Case for the Amero: The
Economics and Politics of a North American Monetary Union." It is interesting that he gives 2010 as the possible timetable for the introduction of the amero. This happens to coincide with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) task force's report,"Building a North American Community," which also states the target year of 2010 for the implementation of their recommendations in matters of economics, politics and security. This report is considered by many to be the blueprint for the SPP, which was signed in March of 2005. It is through the SPP process that a North American Union is being created. The proposed amero would be a single North American fiat currency. This would give the global elite control of North America through the power of currency creation and would further facilitate in the consolidation of wealth and power in the region.

The CFR supports a switch to regional and global currencies, and an end to national currencies. They have had their tentacles in almost every administration, with the goal of destroying U.S. sovereignty. Benn Steil, the CFR's Director of International Economics said, "countries should abandon monetary nationalism. Governments should replace national currencies." The CFR wishes to divide the economies of the world into three different regions, each with its own currency. Ending monetary nationalism will result in the loss of economic sovereignty. In an article entitled "The Death of Three Nations," Alan Burkhart states, "Our currency will be replaced with the Amero. And we'll be one giant step closer to the UN's perverse dream of a
one-world government." A North American Union and the amero are only one small part of the New World Order's agenda to enslave humanity.

Many consider Robert Pastor to be, "the father of the North American Union," as he has been one of the leading advocates for deeper integration. He envisions a North America with its own currency, the amero. He was one of the vice chairs of the "Building a North American Community" report. He often uses word semantics, and by referring to a North American Community instead of Union, it sounds less ominous and threatening, when there is really little difference. According to Pastor, a time is coming soon when a common currency will be needed to compete with the euro. He has said that another 9/11
terrorist attack could create the right climate needed to advance integration into a North American Community. He stated,"What I'm saying is that a crisis is an event which can force democratic governments to make difficult decisions like those that would be required to create a North American Community." After a terrorist attack or an economic collapse, many more would accept the idea of the amero and a North American Union as both reasonable solutions.

In May of this year David Dodge Governor of the Bank of Canada said that a unified currency with the U.S. was a real possibility. Bob Chapman, publisher of the news letter, the International Forecaster, said that the amero, "will be presented to the American public as the administrations solution for dollar recovery." Steve Previs, a vice president at Jefferies International LTD., a London investment firm, has openly prompted a move over to the amero. Speaking of the amero, he said that it, "is a proposed currency for a North American Community which is being developed right now between Canada, the U.S., and Mexico."  He went on to say that the agenda is a, "borderless community, much like the European Union, with the U.S. dollar, the Canadian dollar, and the Mexican peso being replaced by the amero." A couple of weeks ago, was informing their clients that the amero could be introduced as a North American currency sometime in the next ten years. If there wasn't already enough proof that the amero and the North American Union agenda are real and not some made up conspiracy theories, former Mexican President Vicente Fox only reaffirmed these suspicions in interviews on the Larry King Show and on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Fox is a true globalist, and on the Larry King Show he expressed that President Bush has been working towards a single currency similar to the euro.  On the Daily Show, he argued in favor of a North American Union, using the EU as its model. This was an incredible admission by a most senior former government official as he publicly advocated for the creation of a North American Union and its own currency. This was not a slip of the tongue as it was meant to present this agenda in a positive manner, test the waters, and further condition the people for its eventual implementation if we are unable to stop it.

There is an even bigger gap between rich and poor, and the death of the middle class is almost complete. It is the multinational
corporations who benefit from trade deals like NAFTA and CAFTA, and a North American Union will be no different. The corporate takeover of North America is a destructive cycle that will only serve to further widen the gap between rich and poor. The unholy alliance between government and multinational corporations has been exposed on many levels. This is no longer our government, as they have ceased to be for the people and have become for the rich, by the rich, and for the rich as big business interests come before our own. The amero is part of the integration of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico into a North American Union. The current global crisis and the dollar's imminent collapse could be the right climate for the introduction of a regional
currency. The amero will mean the end of our financial sovereignty, and will further undermine America's ability to control its own economic independence.

Thanks goes to Dana Gabriel at Stop Lying for the above thoughts.

This is our last newsletter for 2007. As we'll be on an extended holiday during December, our replies to emails and orders might
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Until our next issue in January 2008, we wish all our clients and readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. So stay cool and remain low profile!

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