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What is Group Think?
The propensity for beings to avoid critical thinking and allow the groups they belong to do their thinking for them. This includes social groups, political groups, religious groups, environmental groups, trans gender groups and media groups for example. Instead of seeking TRUTH they instead seek support for their confused condition. This state of confusion was induced by darkness blocking access particularly to the logical left brain producing primarily right brain emotional responses denying balanced conclusions. This is remedied with the Wellness Programs at www.BioRenew.com.
Who was the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election?
Donald Trump won by a landslide. Biden and the democrat party rigged the voting machines and stuffed ballots after hours to steal the election in dozens of states, particularly in the "swing" states.
Has Biden set foot in the White House as the President of the US?
No. Joe was arrested after the fake inauguration of 2021. He was later extinguished by Creator in early March 2022.
Who is the current President of the US?
Donald Trump took two oaths of office during his 2016 election inauguration. One as the corporate US President and another as the sovereign US President. The corporate US was dissolved just before the fake Biden inauguration, thus making Biden the President of nothing. Thus President Donald Trump continues as our sovereign President.
Does the US House of Representatives and Senate exist since the 2020 election?
No. Just as Biden was arrested, so was the entire Congress and John Roberts of the Supreme Court. Each was tried by a military tribunal for various crimes against humanity and imprisoned. The few who were innocent such as Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Jim Jordan were released under a non-disclosure agreement not to speak of this under penalty of imprisonment.
How can Biden be gone when I've seen him on TV and giving the "State of the Union" address?
Computer technology has advanced tremendously with CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and DA (Dynamic Animation) even beyond what we see in the movies. They can create a computer image of anyone, exactly model their gestures and voice then provide them a script to say anything desired.
What about Trump and the Pope videos telling people to take the "jab"?
Computer animation at work by the dark. This can be done for anyone to say anything.
Has Putin initiated a war against Ukraine?
No. The Ukraine government is very corrupt and brutal against its people. Two regions of Ukraine have asked Russia (Putin) to free them from their tyranny. Ukraine is also home of dozens of chemical testing labs building 'weapons of mass destruction', many funded by the Pentagon. Putin's military is destroying these labs both above and underground as well as removing the corrupt government. This is his gift to humanity.
How many levels are there of humanity?
There are four: Dark.....Neutral.....In the Light.....Of the Light ..... To ascend to the next level, one must be "Of the Light" and living through their heart.
Are the dark ones still in control?
No. Creator has extinguished all the dark ones (70 million) in early March along with 100,000 neutral beings.
With the dark ones gone, why are some of their procedures still running?
The neutrals who have been conditioned to follow established rules are still running on 'auto-pilot'. As light continues to increase, these processes will be abandoned one by one.
How will all this affect my FCUSA AR or GSA processes?
Since the dark ones who created the fraudulent fiat banking system are gone, their assets have been confiscated by various governments. Without assets or parties to bring a claim against, there is currently no remedy. However, recognizing this, Creator has guided us to provide the 'Complete Wellness' programs and the 'Elite Membership'. Elite members will be compensated generously with extra for those with AR and GSA processes.
What about my RV currency/bond holdings?
At the time of Elite Member disbursements, unpaid RV currency/bond holders will receive additional compensation.
When was the fiat financial system established known as the Federal Reserve?
1913. It's charter was for 100 years ending in 2013 and was not renewed.
Who now operates our financial system?
Slowly since 2013, the sovereign US Treasury has taken back the functions of the FED. Currently, the QFS (Quantum Financial System) has replaced the FED system and is designed to remove the banks control. Your money in the QFS system cannot be stolen or even viewed by the banks, it is your system and secure.
Is COVID-19 real?
No. 5G energies of 60 GHz were initiated in Wuhan, China compromising people's immune systems. Then additional 5G cities were compromised in the same way giving the illusion of a pandemic. The CDC has never isolated a COVID virus because it never existed. Virus are friendly. The body produces them continually to mop us dead cells. Then the white cells mop up the viruses and eliminates them. Viruses NEVER leave the body alive and can't be transmitted by fluids or by air. All virus myths (West Nile, Zika, Flu, HIV, etc.) are fake, they are not viruses, the symptoms of the ailments were precipitated by vaccines themselves and other toxins compromising your immune system intending to do harm.
Will the jab or any vaccines protect me?
One purpose of darkness is to invade key people manipulating them to initiate fear (the non-existent COVID-19 or a host of other past made up "viruses") and to stimulate the desire for a cure. The jab (and all vaccines) are harmful to the body and prevent nothing but initiate a host of issues blamed on non-existent viruses. The COVID jab was designed to maim and kill 80-90% of the population over time. The darkness does not play nice! However, there is a Vaccine Remedy for all vaccines at www.BioRenew.com.
How old is our paradigm?
13,000 years. This is the 200th paradigm, the first and only containing both 'darkness' and 'light' together... duality. There will never be another paradigm with darkness.
What is the purpose of duality?
Accelerated learning thru challenges in downgraded bodies. In the previous 199 pure light paradigms, there were no challenges for light beings as they could manifest anything with their minds. Duality provided enormous challenges following the fall of man (by the dark) into limited carbon bodies needing constant sustenance of food, water, clothing and shelter not needed by light beings. Further, beings lost their 24/7 connection with Creator and had no memory of their past as unlimited beings of light. In this mode, they were easy to manipulate and control by the dark ones.
What is darkness?
The esoteric realm is the home of all darkness. These take many forms such as dark entities, essences and energies that present themselves in unlimited ways. They cannot be seen or observed from 3rd or 4th dimensional eyes or technology, they are invisible and can be seen only with one's third eye (Pineal gland) and intuition.
Can darkness harm my thinking and decisions?
Yes. Since darkness cannot take physical form, it invades people and manipulates them to perform their dark tasks. They can block critical thinking in people, for example, limiting their access to their left brain, thus causing them to function from their right brain only (emotions without the logical balance) producing "liberal" or "irrational" responses. There are hundreds of ways these invaders take over one's decision making including closing one's heart and conscience producing heinous crimes against humanity. Or simply blocking/filtering what one takes in and excludes critical data. This is observed when interviewing 10 witnesses of an event and getting 10 different interpretations.
Can darkness trigger disease?
Yes. All diseases are caused by darkness. During a trauma such as a fall, argument, job loss, divorce, sexual assault, car crash, etc., produces a 'crack' in your defenses providing an opening for dark aspects to invade you. Depending on the emotions experienced during the trauma, the invaders will target the specific organ, gland, joint or system where the harmful emotions were activated. In the days/weeks/months following the invasion, the disturbances they produce in the respective body part begins to malfunction. If you experienced anger and bitterness, for example, the invaders likely will invade the pancreas, kidneys, liver, gall bladder or joints and can produce diabetes, arthritis, and a host of ailments in these affected systems. Every known disease has as its root esoteric invaders and no medication can remove them. See www.BioRenew.com for viable solutions.
Car darkness trigger accidents?
Yes. It can block your vision momentarily precipitating a fall or accident at home or while driving. We excuse these as a clumsy or distracted moment, but this is darkness at work doing the distracting.
Can darkness trigger arguments, discord or even wars?
Yes. It has triggered irrational discord from spouses, bosses, co-workers, neighbors, family, friends, governments, military, religions, races, media in every way imaginable. Every thought or act performed by a person that is harmful to themselves or others has been initiated by darkness. Drug and alcohol addictions, depression, low self-esteem are examples of self harm. Violence or verbal abuse are examples bringing harm to others.
How can darkness be removed from me or others?
There are 5 wellness steps plus the Ego Cleanse available at www.BioRenew.com. Solutions are provided remotely and resolve all types of invaders, reconnection with your higher-self, traumas, contracts, agreements, vaccine harm and ego manipulation.
How will this duality paradigm end?
In 1985 Creator initiated an energetic awakening beginning our journey back to unity with light. It has been a bumpy ride as the dark have been fighting hard to maintain their control. Over the last 6 years, over 33,000 sessions have occurred removing accumulated darkness from 13,000 years of their existence. These sessions continue daily removing remaining darkness from the Earth, Paradigm and Everything Everywhere.
I've had enough challenges and learning, how do I move to a higher vibration of light?
In early March, 2022, Creator has extinguished all DARK beings (70 million) from Earth as they were non-receptive to receiving Creator's light. Additionally 100,000 NEUTRAL beings were removed in non-essential positions who also were refusing Creator's light. This has left the remaining NEUTRAL beings, the IN THE LIGHT beings and the OF THE LIGHT beings. Each has the mission to accept and grow with Creator's ever increasing light. Creator has provided 6 steps of cleansing with the Wellness Cleanup at www.BioRenew.com.
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