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You cannot get what you’ve never had unless you’re willing to do what you’ve never done.


When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it - always.
- Mahatma Gandhi


The Lion asked the Wizard one time, "When does a slave become a king?"

"When You start acting like one! "

Otherwise You remain a slave all Your life.



Letter from the Chairman of the Office of International Treasury Control to the Attorney General of the United States of America, regarding The Recovery Act and Ending the Fraud against the American People, and the United States via Treasury Direct, committed by Banks

To: U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Attention: Mr. Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States of America.

Dear Mr. Holder, Sir,

RE: 1. The Recovery Act and Ending Fraud committed by Banks against the American People and against The United States via Treasury Direct.

RE: 2. Our Appointment of Notary Exequateur by way of Sovereign Authority.

The sub-prime mortgage problem was not an accident, but a problem created through the endemic and continuing criminal misbehavior of and by Banks. Almost all mortgages in the United States today, are in fact continuing acts of fraud against the American People, Treasury Direct, and the Office of International Treasury Control (OITC).

The Office of International Treasury Control, are the real underwriters of most United States Mortgages and they are very concerned by the almost uncontrollable and well organized misbehavior of Banks against the American People, Treasury Direct and ultimately against ourselves. The economy of the United States is suffering greatly because of this.

With the greatest respect, we need to stop banks from stealing funds that should be committed against the Federal Debt and stop them dispossessing property owners. The Banks are merely holders in escrow, but Banks apply to the courts to dispossess and evict the property owner. The Banks literally steal the property on a claim of abandonment based on a misrepresented claim that they are owners in default. This is straight out fraud. It is tolerated because it has become a standard accepted practice for Banks to steal monies that should be sent to Treasury Direct, and to then claim that they are the damaged party when in fact, they are merely common thieves perpetrating fraud by deception. Through this method Banks take property, the value of which should be discharged through Treasury Direct back to the creditors of the United States, and by misrepresentation and fraud claim the value as theirs.

The Office of International Treasury Control, as the owner of assets that underwrite these mortgages, is a Sovereign Institution that has been chartered by and registered with the United Nations under the Sovereign Authority granted to me, Dr. Ray C. Dam, the appointed International Treasury Controller and Sole Arbiter elected by the Nations of the World.

Therefore, the damaged parties in these transactions are three. (1) The people who are dispossessed. (2) The United States Department of the Treasury via the loss of funds not paid through to Treasury Direct, as discharge of the value of the money the bank used to fund the purchase of the property, and (3) the Office of International Treasury Control, the end Principal.

We herewith inform you that, under our Sovereign Rights and in accordance with the Uniform Commercial Code, we have appointed our sovereign Notary Exequatur with Authority of Legate Adjudica, to assess and to defend our lawful rights within the United States, The Honorable Winston Shrout, who understands in the clearest possible terms the legal disposition of this matter. We herewith attach a copy of that appointment.

Now let us understand what Banks do that is just plain criminal.

In 1933 as part of the New Deal of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, gold was removed from circulation as money, and in its place under public policy a remedy was created known as discharge of debt. Any discharge of public debt is executed via Treasury Direct back to the US who is the constitutor of all public debt.

Now consider the problem created by the banks resulting in the mortgage debacle. First of all, all banks in the US are simply chartered to collect the interest on the federal debt (notice I did not say national debt as the debt is actually that of the federal government, not the people). Banks today do collect that interest, but do NOT discharge obligations on the federal debt, but steal this money instead. In regards to the mortgage situation, if the banks fulfilled their charters there would be no problems. But the banks are guilty of withholding those payments that should be made back to the federal debt, and are therefore stealing those designated funds, thus increasing the federal debt load because of their failure to apply the discharge properly, due to dishonesty and greed.

When a citizen signs a promissory note at a real estate closing, this is technically just a discharge of a public debt back to the US. But what happens is that the title companies (which are owned by the bank) often simply make three certified copies of the original, and shred the original. These three certified copies are then endorsed and deposited into the bank. This is theft by the banks for they are preventing the pass through back to the US by destroying the original note and then depositing the certified copies and through fractional banking and hypothecation are adding daily to the federal debt.

In the first place, the title company/bank is not the Holder in Due Course of the note. They are only the Escrow Holder of the note (under the UCC), and so by destroying the note they are committing theft and fraud against the People, the Principal (OITC), the Federal Government.

In relation to a real estate purchase, you have to realize that the so-called “buyer” is really only purchasing a lien position on the debt owed to the principal. The buyer is tricked into accepting bank credit, thinking that the bank credit came from the bank when this is just not so. When the buyer applies his signature to the documents, he is extending forth his own credit. His is the only signature on the documents which in essence is his authorization to create the funds to make the whole deal work. The bank has a “license” for conversion so the bank takes that private document into the public and converts the buyer’s signature for the needed funds. So, there is a great deal of mis-representation going on with these real estate transactions. The people are being lied to by at least the failure of full disclosure by the banks and title companies.

In reality, when a man tenders a promissory note, at closing, the promissory note is pre-paid, the note being a discharge remedy in the national bankruptcy, that is, payment in full; and legally the man has 100% equity in the property at that very time, because the US has guaranteed the debt of all it’s citizens and holds the liability on the note. But because of the fraud of the banks in regard to the theft of the notes, the people are fooled into thinking that it is they who have the liability on the “mortgage” instead of the US. So, they start to make payments on the mortgage thinking that they are building equity in the property. This is totally false and not true. Again, for the US citizen, every public debt is pre-paid; Treasury Direct.

Our Corrective Remedy.

In order to correct this situation and to defend the Sovereign rights of the Office of lnternational Treasury Control, we have appointed as Notary Exequateur, Mr. Winston Shrout. As such, the Honorable Winston Shrout shall execute our Sovereign authority as offended Principal Underwriter of the public debt created in the mortgage process. (Copy of his apostilled authority is attached)

We have already learned that banks will not fight when administratively confronted with their fraus and dishonesty against the People and Treasury Direct, and will make restitution to Treasury Direct. Further, we also know that the Internal Revenue Service will be able to remedy the deficiencies to the Federal Debt via a form 1099OID application to the IRS by our Notary Exequateur. Banks know that what they are doing is illegal, but they persist in this fraud because the stealing of federal monies has become a common and therefore standard practice that they have been getting away with for so long.

In support of the purposes of the Recovery Act we ask you to support the actions to be taken by the Honorable Winston Shrout and the Internal Revenue Service who will execute corrective remedy. We further request that all US Marshal’s be informed and assist where necessary in the execution of remedy.


H.E. Dr. Ray C. Dam,
Chairman of the Office of International Treasury Control


The Truth Shall Set You Free

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