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You cannot get what you’ve never had unless you’re willing to do what you’ve never done.


When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it - always.
- Mahatma Gandhi


The Lion asked the Wizard one time, "When does a slave become a king?"

"When You start acting like one! "

Otherwise You remain a slave all Your life.

 IRS is Illegal 
IRS Is Illegal 
IRS is Illegal

Find out about the IRS

In 1933, three American Nazis – Helen and E. Clifton Barton and Lawrence Echevarria, incorporated the Internal Revenue Tax and Audit service as a private Delaware corporation, for the purpose of establishing a monopoly tax collection agency on behalf of the government. Tax money was covertly conduited to Germany to fund the Nazi military build-up. In 1936, the treasonous company became unincorporated, in order to disguise its private ownership, and changed its name to the Internal Revenue Service. The Bureau of Internal Revenue, created in 1862 to collect excise taxes, was abolished in 1953.
You made an election to pay Federal Income Tax.  Revoke the election.
The IRS is not a U.S. Government Agency. It is an Agency of the IMF. (Diversified Metal Products v. IRS et al. CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.D.I., Public Law 94-564, Senate Report 94-1148 pg. 5967, Reorganization Plan No. 26, Public Law 102-391.)
The IRS is deliberately deceiving you. There is No Law Requiring You to Pay Income Tax …         
Forced Taxation is Slavery - YouTube     
Form 1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return
The Law That Never Was: The Fraud of Income & Social Security Tax
Sticking it to the tax man!
Former IRS Special Agent EXPOSES Government Tax Scam - YouTube            
Aaron Russo's Documentary trying to find the IRS law requiring personal income tax and finds out it doesn't exist.
Slavery Invoice executed to IRS P.S.Lane from Protector
You might think that the I.R.S. is owned by our government.  A branch that collects taxes from the citizens in order to fund our government.  If you think that, you would be wrong.  The I.R.S. is owned by entities outside our country
31 Questions and Answers about the Internal Revenue Service
IRS Documentary by Aaron Russo
The Internal Revenue Service, a Private Corporation
Whistleblower Says IRS Managers Ignored Illegal-Alien ITIN Fraud
Former IRS Agents Tell All
No Law Requires You to Pay Income Tax, Period.
Wall Street Journal Stephen Moore - Ron Paul's IRS proposal
IRS Exposed: IRS is a privately owned Puerto Rican trust.
Former IRS Agent and Congressman Ron Paul say Federal Income tax is illegal!
Five Reasons You Don't Owe Income Tax, Dammit!
IRS Insider Joe Banister Exposes Federal Reserve Coup and IRS Fraud - YouTube
THE TRUTH ABOUT OBAMA'S 'Phony' IRS SCANDAL - IRS Agent Joe Banister - YouTube
IRS - An Examination of the 1040 & The Income Tax Law - YouTube
IRS April 14 1985 16th Amendment Not Ratified
War, the reason  we have Income Tax.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

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