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Creator Wellness & Financial Gifts

Creator continues to end darkness in all-that-is.  As changes occur humanity is steadily moving toward the light.  Those who are utilizing the "TOTAL CLEANUP" processes below are providing upliftment not only for themself and those they gift, but as an aggregate of rising energy you are helping all of humanity.  Change yourself and you change the world.  Thank you!


CREATOR'S FINANCIAL GIFTS are NOT a replacement for AR, GSA or RV.  It is a gift directly from Creator that does not require the cooperation nor allows any resistance from humans.  We have seen the incredible challenges thrown up against current processes so this is relief for FCUSA ELITE MEMBERS.



As a special thank you for your unending dedication to the truth and awakening, Creator has a very unique financial blessing for our ELITE MEMBERS.  Here at the steps to become an ELITE MEMBER.

1) Be An FCUSA Member in Good Standing


       Place $300 Membership Order

   then Make Payment

  Toll Free Help with Placing an Order:
  9-4 Monday - Friday Eastern


-- OR --

2) Listen to Last 2 VIP/Member Calls and receive
    Elite Member 'CODE' on latest call (do not share)
    & listen to last 2 Creator Calls

3) Read Newsletter & Earth News


4) Understand Requirements for Creator's Financial Gifts


5) Do Total Cleanup (1-6)


6) Elite Study Guide Preparation


7) Elite Study Guide


8) View Your Elite Member Status

Cell Users copy URL below and copy to site

Elite Member Page


ELITE MEMBERS – Monthly Compensation

Since the fall of the corporate US government at the fake Biden inauguration, the sovereign US government was reinstated.  What ensued was the fall of the old bankrupt fiat financial system being replaced by the quantum asset based world financial system.  This has extinguished all claims against the previous bankrupt fiat system (AR's and GSA's) plus the RV could be unresponsive or untimely. 


Recognizing these possibilities, Creator is providing very unique financial gifts for all ELITE MEMBERS.  This will provide:

* Substantial Funds for all your monthly needs and enjoyment

* Funds for a New Vehicle

* Funds for a New Home


It will further grow a substantial monthly savings account from all unspent monthly funds for your discretionary use.  If you have active paid uncompensated AR and/or GSA processes and/or have RV currencies unprocessed, you will receive:

* Additional Compensation added each month for each. 


These gifts are NOT dependent on any government or financial system or its employees, it is in total control by Creator.



To help others with your benevolent desires, simply enroll others as members with like minds for truth and guide them to learn at our site, calls, newsletter, Earth News and become members following the release of ELITE MEMBER'S gifts.  As they progress, they can complete the steps as you did to become ELITE MEMBERS.   They too will then receive Basic Creator's blessings as you did but without the additional AR/GSA/RV monthly compensation for ELITE MEMBERS.


When one door closes, another opens!

Rev. Tom

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