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 Former Bank of England Gov Arrested 
Former Bank of England Gov Arrested 



Thursday 5 July 2007 01:27WANTAGATE UPDATE

Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York: Press NEWS and the ARCHIVE Button on the Home Page for 'Wantagate' reports since April 2006. [Note: A new panel giving details of our latest publications as they are made available, has been added].

LONDON: On 2nd July 2007, the former Governor of the Bank of England, Sir Eddie George, was reported to have been arrested, after he had been apprehended ‘in flagrante’ interfering with the banking codes and sequences affecting the Wanta Settlement.

Also arrested on that date, according to sources special to this service, were a group of between 15 and 20 bankers, consisting of central bankers in the United Kingdom, and key international bankers in the United States, found to be involved in the Eddie George criminal ring – one of the groups that has been sabotaging the Wanta Settlement payment of $4.5 trillion, thus bringing the whole world to the brink of an historically unprecedented financial and economic catastrophe.

Sir Eddie George has therefore joined the former chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Dr Alan Greenspan, in disgrace, and for the same generic reason: his illegal retention and exploitation of banking codes and information acquired when he was serving as head of his country’s central bank.
Our sources confirm that there have been ‘multiple confirmations’, since we first reported the matter, that Greenspan himself was arrested. Although there have been conflicting reports from unreliable sources about his fate, the preponderance of authoritative reports from Group of Eight intelligence community and Gold Badge informants, reiterate that Dr Alan Greenspan is in solitary confinement, with no access to a telephone, and that he was not granted bail (1).

The arrest of the former Governor of the Bank of England was the latest of a swathe of watershed developments arising out of the Wantagate nexus of scandals, which include (a) the continuing illegal diversion, exploitation and misappropriation of Leo Wanta’s $4.5 trillion Settlement funds, and (b) the outright stealing of The Queen’s gold by US criminal operatives holding high office, in collaboration with crooks in the Bank of England, which is now emerging as a profoundly corrupt institution that is overdue for a drastic purge (2).

In another dramatic development, we are authoritatively informed that massive ill-gotten’ ‘private’ monies acquired by former President George Bush Sr., President George Bush Jr., US Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson and Vice President Richard Cheney, have very recently been retrieved into the US Treasury. These ‘assets’ represent accruals generated illegally by former President Bush Sr. and the present holders of high office for private gain, exploiting the Ambassador’s $4.5 trillion Settlement funds.

It is illegal, and an impeachable offence (‘High Crimes and Misdemeanours’), for the holder of any office under the United States to exploit his position and power for personal gain, which is what these criminals have been doing. The good news is that they have all lost 100% of their ill-gotten gains. The next ‘good news’ should be their arrests and impeachment. In this connection we are (again) authoritatively informed that Cheney and Paulson are being ‘hidden’ by co-conspirators under deep cover, not least so that they ‘can’ avoid being served with the Ambassador’s Court documents as respondents to his action in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria [Case # 1:2007 cv 00609 – TSE – BRP] (3).

According to the sources, the Wanta Settlement was ‘attempted’, yet again, on Friday 29th June, but was torpedoed by further interference with the codes perpetrated by the criminal operatives and bankers referenced above. When President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin took his leave of George Bush Sr. and Jr. after their ‘fishing trip’ (during which they imagined that American and foreign intelligence eavesdroppers could not hear what they were discussing), the Bushes promised Mr Putin – who is owed $30 billion under the Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols to be implemented by Ambassador Wanta in accordance with his obligations to the late President Reagan and under the Settlement – that the Wanta payment would be effected that very day.

However no funds were placed in the securities account with Morgan Stanley, New York, operated in the name of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., Ambassador Leo Wanta’s Virginia-based Corporation – so that either President Vladimir Putin was lied to by the Bushes, or else the information that Putin was promised that the Settlement would be honoured that day, was false.

A third, and obvious, alternative, is that the Bushes have bribed President Putin so that he may have ceased to be a powerful and reliable advocate for the Settlement. We are inclined to dismiss this hypothesis, on the grounds not least that the Russian GRU-President, who is extremely well informed, would be aware that we would come to know that he had been bribed, and would likely publicise this fact.

Since he is presiding over a clean-up operation at home, any hint that he has accepted a bribe at this late stage of the crisis, would be liable to be counterproductive from his point of view.

So the obvious likelihood is that President Putin was lied to by the Bushes, who lie to everybody and whose assurances are notoriously worthless.

Another of the Bushes’ characteristics is, of course, the familiar problem of double-mindedness and double standards. The latest example of this concerns President Bush Jr.’s ‘decision’ to commute the 30-month prison sentence imposed upon Vice President Richard B. Cheney’s side-kick, Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby. In June 2007, Libby was sentenced to a mere two and a half years in prison, fined $250,000 and sentenced also to two years of probation, having been convicted in March 2007 on four counts of perjury, obstruction of justice and making false statements in connection with the unmasking of Valerie Plame as a CIA operative.

This Presidential ‘decision’ gave rise to 18 immediate public statements by prominent personages, including Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, Senator Dick Durbin [D-Illinois], former Senator Fred Thompson [R-Tennessee], Senator Patrick Leahy [D-Vermont], Rep. Roy Blount [R-Missouri], Senator Barack Obama [D-Illinois], former New York Mayor, Rudi Giuliani, Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid [D-Nevada], Senator Hillary Clinton [D-New York], House of Representatives Speaker, Nancy Pelosi [D-California], Senator Joe Biden [D-Delaware], Senator Christopher Dodd (Stalin’s grandson, D-California), Senator John Kerry [D-Massachusetts], the Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, and Valerie Plame’s husband, Joseph Wilson (4).

Most (but not all) of the comments immediately forthcoming from these figures were critical, but not a single one of them divulged the REASON for President Bush’s deciding to ‘commute’ Mr Libby’s 30-month prison sentence.

What was the reason? Why, it was because Lewis Libby had threatened, as rats in a sack are apt to do, to rat on Vice President Richard Cheney, and to spill the beans on the hornets’ nest of financial corruption over which Cheney, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Paulson, Chertoff and the other scum who are collectively responsible for bringing the whole world to the brink of financial calamity, have been presiding. And if anyone knows, IN DETAIL, what abominations these people have perpetrated, and the scale of the financial corruption and theft that continues to this day, it is ‘Scooter’ Libby.

One of Mr Libby’s clients was none other than Marc Rich (Reich), exposed by this Editor as the long-range German Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD) operative Hans Brand (5). DVD is the Nazi Continuum HQ, located, of all places, in Dachau.

Note that the ‘Great and the Good’ who immediately rushed to provide the American people with the benefit of their ‘take’ on the commuting of Libby’s prison sentence are also, each and every one of them, practitioners of double standards. Those who commiserated with Libby and implied that the punishment handed down to him may have been too harsh, have had nothing whatsoever to say about the grotesque miscarriage of justice that has been perpetrated for 14 terrible years past on Ambassador Leo Wanta – the Presidential Financial Warfare expert who orchestrated the operation to ‘take down’ the Soviet Union.

He languished from 1993 to 2001 in the horrendous US GULAG, and was then subject to probation until 14th November 2005 – although, had this not been shortened in the manner described in our reports, he would have languished on probation and confined to a certain geographical area until 28th November 2010.

All because of trumped-up tax evasion charges which this Editor and others have proved were fabricated – the notorious illegal Civil Tax Assessment of $14,129 having been paid twice in 1992, and a third time (with this Editor’s loan funds) in July 2005.

Which brings us back, once again, to the matter of the Wisconsin tax fabrications. Several weeks ago, the Editor wrote to The Honorable Judge Michael B. Torphy, Jr., and to the relevant Court, demonstrating and proving that Wisconsin Case # 92CF683 was settled by Attorney Thomas A. Wilson’s check and covering letter to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue dated 12th June 1992, this being the Case Number against which the Editor provided Attorney Steven Goodwin with loan funds of $35,000 and which is stated as such in the Escrow Agreement prepared by Goodwin for the transaction. Therefore, the Editor was induced to part with funds in 2005 to resolve a matter which had been resolved on 12th June 1992.

The Editor also provided Judge Torphy and the County Court with documentary proof that a so-called ‘Delinquent Tax Warrant # 44-00162088’, referencing Wisconsin Department of Revenue Tax Code 5QJLF7VS, was certified as having been pronounced ‘Fully Satisfied’ by Outagamie County Court on 1st June 1993. When the Editor obtained a copy of the Wisconsin State Department of Corrections’ cheque dated 4th August 2005 for $24,900.91 (using the Editor's funds) purportedly representing satisfaction (for the third time) of the illegal and fabricated State Civil Tax Assessment against the Ambassador, it was noticed that Tax Code 5QJLF7VS had been written by hand on the cheque; and the Department of Corrections confirmed to the Editor that they had not themselves applied this reference to the cheque. Therefore, the Editor’s funds were corruptly credited by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue to a ‘Case’ (albeit a fabrication) that had been pronounced by the relevant Court, as having been ‘Fully Satisfied’ as of 1st June 1993, and certified by a Notary Public as such.

Added to which the Wisconsin Department of Corrections have now supplied the Editor with a copy of their cheque (using the Editor’s funds) for $4,167.64, also dated 4th August 2005, made out to the Wisconsin Public Defender’s Office. This is an illegal payment because Ambassador Wanta asked for his own Counsel, being in a position to pay for one, but was refused – and instead was fobbed off with a Court-appointed Counsel who was controlled by the Prosecution, which used perjured evidence, lies and fabrications to mislead Judge Torphy into sending Leo Wanta to jail for offences that he never committed (6).

In jail, five attempts were made on his life – including the occasion when a Deputy Sheriff changed into prisoner’s clothing, attempted to murder him in the bathroom, failed in that attempt, fled back to the administration area, changed back into his uniform, and made away in haste in a County car. In addition, at least five attempts were made to have Leo Wanta certified insane. All failed, as did the murder attempts.

Meanwhile, the criminal gangs controlled by the head of Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, namely the former Director of Central Intelligence, George H. W. Bush Sr., and his cooperating buddy William Jefferson Clinton, presided over the ransacking and illegal exploitation of the $27.5 trillion of funds accumulated by Leo Emil Wanta, of which he is the sole Principal, and which were held in accounts attached to his Title 18, Section 6 USG intelligence corporations, the assets of which were at all times reported annually by Leo Wanta to the General Accounting (‘Accountability’) Office.

Given this appalling record, and the barbarity and incompetence of the US military in Iraq, it is little surprise to us that the Rest of the World considers the United States these days to be by far the most dangerous and wayward country in the world. Nor is this finding a product of crude foreign anti-Americanism. On the contrary, it has emerged from a survey of 45,239 people taken by one of the American elite’s leading polling organisations, the Pew Institute.

The American organisation found ‘a broad and deepening dislike of American values and a global backlash against the spread of American ideas’. The Co-Chairwoman of the Pew project, the former US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, who introduced the Pew report, spoke of the growth of ‘nihilism’ and the ‘disarray’ of international governance. Some 80% of the respondents polled in France, Germany and Spain were found to have little or no confidence in President Bush II, while 70% of British people surveyed were found to share that sentiment.

The most prominent among them, one imagines, must be Her Majesty The Queen, who has suffered the indignity of having the Monarchy’s liened gold, held in New York, stolen by the American office-holding criminals on 29th-30th March 2007, and has not yet had the gold returned.

On 27th June, the outgoing intelligence operative, Tony Blair, was driven in the official Prime Ministerial car to Buckingham Palace, where he tendered his resignation to The Queen. Instead of indulging in parting pleasantries, the outgoing Prime Minister spent 35 minutes with Her Majesty, who was reported on reliable authority to have informed Mr Blair that she holds him personally responsible for the return of her stolen gold. (This information could only have been obtained from intercepts of subsequent conversations between Mr Blair’s successor, and foreign leaders).

Not long afterwards, the incoming Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, was driven with his elegant and much respected wife Sarah, to the Palace, where Mr Brown spent no less than 55 minutes with Her Majesty. Constitutional experts pointed out that for an incoming Prime Minister to have such a long audience of the Monarch was historically unprecedented, and it was.

For the Queen and her new First Minister, who she knows well, were not discussing flowers or football. The subjects of their extended conversation?

Why, of course they were (a) the crisis over the stealing by the American office-holding criminals of the Queen’s gold and the grave implications of this outrage for Anglo-American relations; and (b) the Leo Wanta Settlement, which The Queen has been pressing for, given not least that she knows Ambassador Leo Wanta and awarded him an honorary knighthood in recognition of the exceptional services that he rendered in the past to the United Kingdom.

The Editor noticed recently that readers of these reports became almost hysterical after we had reported the arrest and incarceration of that fallen monetary god, Dr Alan Greenspan, but that not a single comment was forthcoming from any US source (other than an unfortunate statement that ‘I find that hard to believe’) concerning the extraordinary damage that has been inflicted on relations between Britain and the United States as a consequence of this banditry. This damage will take a long while to repair, if it can ever be mended, which is questionable. The fate of the incarcerated financial crook Greenspan concerned people greatly: but the fate of The Queen’s gold, and the growing likelihood of a breakdown in relations between the two countries, appeared to be of no concern whatsoever. At one point, the Editor even speculated privately that some parties were rather pleased that The Queen’s gold had been stolen.

Whatever people may prefer to think about this, it should be understood that the stealing of The Queen’s gold, by the same US criminal operatives in high places who have exploited Ambassador Wanta’s funds and have alienated the international financial and diplomatic communities (with the exception of the diminishing cadre of criminalised bankers, who are being ‘picked up’ around the world ‘as we speak’), is a matter of the most extreme and enduring international gravity.

Certainly, the gold heist was a criminal act and an ‘Act of War’ too far, which has at last galvanised the Gold Badges into doing their duty – after we had criticised them for their apparently lily-livered fear of these serial official gangsters. We have exactly the same problem, by the way, in the United Kingdom, where the Serious Fraud Office, for instance, has gained a reputation as a Quango (Quasi-Autonomous Government Organisation) that may exist specifically to cover up serious fraud.

We are reliably informed that the latest outbreak of 'mock' terrorism perpetrated by 'radicalised' Muslims in Britain (who have turned out to be operatives infiltrated into the country as doctors) was orchestrated specifically in order to distract attention from the stealing of The Queen's gold.

Given the impeccable provenance of this information, we are in a position tentatively to try to deconstruct the chain of command. Although one or more of these operatives was trained as a doctor in Iraq, the home base of these terrorists is Pakistan, which is controlled by an intelligence community that was established and is directed, to this day, by the organised criminal colossus known as the CIA – to serve as the 'cutout' dialectical 'enemy' spawning the 'Revolution' over which the revolutionary United States is presiding. After serving its 72 years (a key Babylonian esoteric number) as the main source of global revolutionary operations, the Soviets were told by their European controllers to step back and allow the United States to take over – a fact of the greatest possible importance which few Americans (let alone anyone else) have yet understood.

Since the United States has a clear motive to cover up the stealing of The Queen's gold (which its intelligence strategists rashly presume can be kept confined to this website), and also controls the radicalised operational terrorists through its proxy, Pakistan, it is probable that the order for these botched atrocities was originally given by cynical US intelligence, which couldn't care less about the 'Special Relationship'.

The hurried and obviously scripted routine, and the failure of the attacks, also strongly suggests that the botched atrocities were orchestrated at the last minute – in the light of The Queen's known and understandable fury at having been scammed by these American official criminals. The only comfort here is that the crooks are cornered and have been deprived of a colossal portfolio of ill-gotten 'private' gains. And the likelihood is that each and every one of these criminals will finally be stripped of all their assets, so that all their machinations will wind up having been a waste of time.

If the botched attacks in London and Glasgow were indeed intended by the controllers as a distraction, given The Queen's fury over the US gold heist, the underlying purpose has not been achieved – as the office-holding US criminal operatives and corrupt bankers (those that have not yet been arrested) are now severely cornered and in extreme distress. But old habits die hard.

Instead of placing the funds belonging to and tagged in the name of Ambassador Leo Wanta in the relevant securities account with Morgan Stanley, these funds are understood to he held illegally overnight with Citibank – so that it would appear that our publishing the name of Mr Charles O. Prince, Chairman and CEO of Citicorp and Citigroup recently (in the list of Wantagate Directors: see our posting of 11th June 2007) has made not the slightest difference to this man’s behaviour. That seems a trifle foolish, given the numbers of high-level bankers that are being arrested these days.

Meanwhile the so-called Plunge Protection Team, run by the US Treasury, which falsifies the values of US stock prices when the market goes into free-fall, as happened on 29th June, has stretched its elasticity to such an extreme extent, that it has effectively run out of resources, after moving into the market in New York last Friday.

This means, to be blunt, that we will be lucky to get through July without a global stock market and generalised financial crash, absent the Wanta Settlement – some of the tax proceeds of which will become available for use to ‘stabilise’ the stock market, although the Plunge Protection Team itself, using fiat money resources taken from ‘off the books’, has been closed down.

For the PP Team is incompatible with the incoming 'on the books' regime, see.

People seem not yet to have fully understood that under the ‘new regime’ that will accompany and follow the Wanta Settlement, ‘every dime will be accounted for’. In layman’s language, this means that all financial transactions, including those of all components of the US and State Governments, their agencies and the entity serving as the central bank (which is to be the Treasury itself) will be conducted ‘on the books’. The days of untaxed fiat money proliferation offshore, are 'over'.

Hence, one way of interpreting what the criminals have been doing since the Ambassador's funds were first alienated illegally in June 2006, is to assume that they have been corruptly misusing the privileges and powers of their high offices, to accumulate as much ‘fiat’ resources as possible (which they have been stashing in locations such as Iceland, Albania, Northern Cyprus, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, India, Vietnam, Hong Hong, Vanuatu, and any other exotic prospectively non-compliant bolt-hole they can think of), before the new ‘compliant’ system, which will embrace all the leading metropolitan countries and many others, comes into force.

But a more sinister explanation for the behaviour of Cheney, the Bushes, et al, given their dubious foreign connections, and given that vast amounts of the fiat resources they have generated and stolen by exploiting the Ambassador’s assets, have been translated into Euros and into pounds sterling, may have been to collapse the dollar – thus enabling their clients, answering to the ‘Black Nazi’ continuum based at Dachau, to buy up US assets at fire-sale prices.

We cannot possibly exclude such treasonous intentions, given for instance that Libby’s client was DVD operative Hans Brand (Marc Rich) – President Clinton’s buddy and the man whom Clinton or his treacherous CIA handlers activated, to get the Swiss authorities to seize Ambassador Wanta illegally and to thrust him into one of their stinking dungeons on 7th July 1993.

Once he was 'inside', the Swiss proceeded to try to murder him on behalf of ‘the syndicate’ by feeding him poisoned cheese. As previously reported, since Leo Wanta does not eat cheese, he gave it inadvertently to a fellow prisoner, who died shortly afterwards. A Swiss prison doctor subsequently instructed Leo on what food was safe to eat in the jail, pointing out that the Swiss authorities are in the habit of murdering inmates considered to be political prisoners.

On 28th June 2007 – immediately following the departure from the stage of the corrupted and compromised former British Prime Minister-operative, Tony Blair, the forced removal of the much disliked operative Paul Wolfowitz from the Presidency of the World Bank, and the incarceration of the disgraced monetary god Dr Alan Greenspan (but prior to the arrest on 2nd July of the former Governor of the Bank of England) – the current Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Rodrigo de Rato, suddenly announced that he would be leaving his post almost two years ahead of the end of his term in office, to ‘spend more time with his family’. (Actually, the reason he gave was that he needed to attend to the education of his three children against the background of separation from his wife).

Given that de Rato launched a far-reaching overhaul of the IMF’s operations, structure and funding in September 2004 – a process that is only partly complete – it was immediately clear to observers that ‘family reasons’ may not fully explain the IMF Managing Director’s sudden departure. On the contrary, while there has never (to our knowledge) been any suggestion that de Rato has been engaged in any form of impropriety, the way this matter was put to us was that ‘it may be that he was asked to do certain things that he preferred not to undertake’.

Or, to put the matter more precisely, given the shock waves that Wantagate and the reforms that it will trigger, have sent reverberating around the international financial community, absolutely no risks could be considered which might, shall we say, ‘go pear-shaped’ in these circumstances.

With senior figures and both central and international bankers being arrested and jailed all over the place, people are quitting their powerful positions and taking their money as fast as they possibly can, before the whirlwind reaches gale force – as a consequence of the obtuse, bone-headed, blind arrogance and serial corruption of the US intelligence operatives and office-holders who have been lining their pockets for decades, for whom financial corruption is a way of life, and who all thought that the party would continue for ever.

If some of them haven’t woken up to reality yet, they soon will. Indeed, we suspect that almost as soon as this report has been posted, it may be overtaken by further events – not least, following the recovery of all the 'private' fiat money resources derived from exploitation of the Ambassador's assets that had been accumulated by the Bushes, Paulson and Cheney, quite possibly ever since the Ambassador's funds were first hijacked in June 2006.

Instead of governing the country, the high US office-holders were engaged in an obscene orgy of private self-enrichment – certain, in their haughty arrogance, that they would get away with what they were doing. Wantagate has ensured that their ill-gotten financial gains while holding office under the United States, have been retrieved and confiscated. Decisive action HAS BEEN TAKEN.

It is not hard to imagine what may happen next. The American people will surely demand nothing less than their impeachment and removal from office. Retrieving and confiscating these private accruals is not enough. Failure to impeach these people would itself be a criminal offence

Otherwise there may be a Second American Revolution.

Notes and references:
(1) Given that intelligence such as this is derived from either law enforcement or intelligence community sources, even when (as is the case with the information in our reports, including this report), we have multiple such sources for the information in question, any further information or ‘verification’, is by definition not available. People who attack us in knee-jerk fashion asking for ‘verification’ and complain that they have not read about what we publish in the ‘mainstream’ press, are often the very people who complain that the ‘mainstream’ press fails to inform them adequately, and instead provides dumbed-down ‘entertainment’.

The fact that information has not been published in the ‘mainstream’ press, does not mean that the information is untrue. All it signifies is that the indolent ‘mainstream’ press have not published the information. Complaints along such facile lines should be addressed to the ‘mainstream’ press, not to us. They should be asked why they are not covering the worst financial corruption crisis in world history. (We don’t want to hear their excuses and explanations either.

Frankly, we are relieved that the ‘mainstream’ have been ordered by the likes of Karl Rove not to cover this crisis and so have refrained from doing their clear duty as the Fourth Estate towards the abused British and American peoples. Their complacency saves us a great deal of precious time having to correct the false interpretations, shallow understanding, deep prejudices and biased misconceptions that are liable to bedevil reports by ‘mainstream’ journalists who have missed the greatest financial corruption story of all time).

(2) At 12.05 am on 3rd July, the Editor of this servive telephoned the Press Office at the Bank of England (implicated in colossal financial Wantagate misdemeanours: see text) to ask a question about the Governor of the Bank of England. The Press Office said that it did not deal with such enquiries, and put the editor through to a surly character who did not give his name. When the Editor gave his own name, he announced himself and said who he was. When the Editor asked the same question, he went away and came back saying he couldn’t get through to the Governor’s Office. The Editor, who was then unsure who had been arrested, said that he was not surprised and when asked why, the editor told the employee about allegations of one or more arrests.

After some time, all of a sudden the Bank's Press Officer telephoned the Editor (previously, the Press Office had been unable to handle the enquiry). After the Editor had been informed by a source citing two Group of Eight intelligence agencies, confirmed by our other sources, that Sir Eddie George, the previous Governor of the Bank of England, had been arrested, he telephoned the Press Officer who said that he had ‘no knowledge of this. It doesn’t ring a bell with me at all. We can’t comment on the activities of a former employee of the Bank’.

He added that he had never heard about the arrest of Paulson in Germany, or of the incarceration of Greenspan. Yet he acknowledged that he knew all about the frustration of the Wanta Settlement. When the Editor pointed out that he had been informed that Sir Eddie George had been arrested after the banking codes referencing the Wanta Settlement had been tampered with, and that the tampering had been traced back immediately to Sir Eddie, and that the banking codes in question had necessarily been.


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