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You cannot get what you’ve never had unless you’re willing to do what you’ve never done.


When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it - always.
- Mahatma Gandhi


The Lion asked the Wizard one time, "When does a slave become a king?"

"When You start acting like one! "

Otherwise You remain a slave all Your life.

 Our Future 
Our Future 

Part of this Interview Appeared in the March - June 2004 Issue
Copyright © 2004 Seth Returns Publishing. All Rights Reserved.

MB How do you feel as an entity you are best described?

Seth A witty, charming philosopher, of course. I am an enigma of sorts, a spectacle of myself once again woven into the fabric of the Third-Dimensional system of probabilities and actualized realities. I am an energy personality outside of the system of physical reality.

MB Why did you choose to come back with books now?

Seth I have never left. Humanity at this time is facing a series of probable events that, if not chosen carefully, could drastically affect the survival of the species. You are in the throes of an evolutionary leap in consciousness. You are presently entering into the next step in the development of your consciousness. I have been summoned to once again prepare you for this journey where you are to come into awareness of your intimate relationship with your fellow man and begin the process of unification as a species. This is what I refer to as the "unity of consciousness dimension," your interconnectedness and unification with all aspects of the materialized forms with which you have chosen to experience your dimensional realities. Eventually you will come into an acute awareness of the soul-self and its many incarnations. It is my task to assist you in filtering out negative stimuli from your energy field, unite yourselves as brothers in humanity and teach you how to bring forward the soul aspects of your divinity. If you cannot succeed in the unification, then you will perish as a species, there is no alternative.

MB Why did you pick this person to come through?

Seth I have once again merely connected with another aspect of the Seth entity that is vast beyond measure in your perception of things. I am able to communicate with many portions of the entity both in your system of reality and that of others. It is an interaction with various levels of my own consciousness in altered states of awareness induced by my own perceptive abilities. I am acting as a conduit to facilitate communications from the higher spiritual realms of consciousness. These communications were always a probable event and due to the conditions present in your dimension and this entity's desire to actualize the probability without allowing fear or misguided perceptions of the ego to interfere, I have manifested my thoughts telepathically into her consciousness. As each identity or personality seeks to know all of its portions it opens itself up to these probabilities.

MB Do you think that many people who valued Jane Robert's books will question the validity of this new one?

Seth I will certainly have nay-sayers, however at this point it is the idea constructs that I convey to you which are far more important than challenging the source. You have entered into a new cycle of conscious evolution and it is my task to bring you into conscious awareness of yourself on a spiritual level. In the past, I was focused on the scientific aspect of your reality and did not emphasize to a great length the spiritual dimension of your divinity. I worked within the parameters of the belief system of my subject at the time and chose not to focus communications too deeply into the spiritual realms. I am an aspect of my own energy source and more as I too have evolved and all communications are filtered through my subjects via their own personal makeup and interpretations of the telepathic data. You will not have an identical conceptualized version of my thoughts as before, for I am communicating through a completely different brain and personality structure. This communication you will either accept or deny based on your own personal beliefs. I do not wish to be idolized or followed like some new age guru, but to continue my service to humanity in a most humble and humorous way. In the distorted perceptions of some it would appear that I agreed to be silenced for all of eternity thus putting a wrench into my own evolutionary path and there are many who have tried to deny me this right. I have remained in service to humanity as part of my chosen path and will continue to do so regardless of the belief systems of those who will focus their energy into the negative arena of doubt and hostility.

MB In Jane Robert's' books you have a unique way of viewing time. Can you speak to that?

Seth Time is a loophole in the window of illusion. Time as you know it does not exist outside of your system of reality. It is a product of the vitality that forms your camouflage system and your perception of it. It is a state of mind. It is a conceptualization of the lower-vibrational energy fields which do not allow for instant manifestation of thoughts actualized into form as is possible in the higher vibrational dimensions. You are somewhat forced into a perception of time because you view your actions in a series of moments in which a lag is created between the thought and the actualized thrust of the action. In other systems this would be instant. Therefore time is a perception in your lower vibrational field for you to comprehend your thought-action responses and manifest them into form. Time itself will lose its meaning when you can begin to approach life from the inner spiritual form and unite as one with the rest of humanity. Then and only then will you develop a true concept of time and its inherent limitations.

MB What do you feel is likely to be taking place on Earth in the next decade?

Seth The next decade holds many probabilities for mankind. The mass consciousness has prepared for itself polar opposite scenarios, a sort of culmination of all it has learned. Like a balancing scale, it has the potential to tip one way or the other and all will manifest in your reality or some probable other. Your system however, carries far more psychic energy and will have greater affects multi-dimensionally. There is a probability for crisis or peace, which lies in the perceptions of the mass consciousness. The collective consciousness is highly influenced by the abundance of media programming that is systematically injecting fear into the masses thus separating you from yourselves. One cannot elevate their consciousness into the higher vibrational levels and allow for the soul aspects of the self to manifest if the physical vehicle and mental framework is saturated in fear. It halts the production of the mental enzymes needed for the transformation of consciousness. If you can tap into the collective consciousness on a mass level and begin the transformation into a state of unification with each other you can effectively tip the scales out of darkness and despair and into the love and light of All That Is.

MB Please be as specific as you can about what you know of what we believe is our future.

Seth It is exactly your beliefs about your future that will create it. If the majority of the consciousness believes that they are going to perish in some Armageddon then the stage will have been set to receive the event. There are many beliefs circulating within your system - many from the lower Astral planes which have no validity and promote fear. The idea constructs that take hold will have the most psychic energy thus attaching themselves to the perceptive beliefs of the collective consciousness as the current reality. The reality will then be formed with this energy and played out. Each country has within its psychic makeup a belief system that has been widely accepted by its citizens. In order to affect change within these boundaries the belief systems need to have a new psychic energy attached to them. Accepted ideas whether ego-induced or formed within the collective consciousness in both the dream and waking state all have the ability to materialize into form if given enough energy. Therefore your future remains as a seemingly endless potpourri of probable events unless enough psychic energy can be directed telepathically towards an agreeable probable outcome in which all the inhabitants of your world have an equal share in its benefits and resources.

MB Will new economic, political, religious, and labor systems evolve?

Seth Everything is always evolving and I am not in the habit of giving predictions simply because events are worked out on many levels of consciousness and not actualized until the last possible moment based on your limited free will. All of the above will evolve, it is a question of which of you will experience evolution in your current system of beliefs or in the Fourth-Dimensional plane of higher consciousness. Both are quite different in their conceptualization and reality construct. At present you are being presented with two separate paths of energy with which to continue the formation of your reality. Humanity will be divided for some time until the collective consciousness can realign itself with its purpose.

MB What will they be like?

Seth If you succeed and do not destroy the blueprint for humanity there is much to look forward to. If allowed to manifest you will enter into a golden age of immense wisdom, peace and divinity. If mankind moves towards right thinking your dimension and its resources will be shared equally by all and you will respect your intimate relationships with each other as one in alignment with All That Is. At present you have a few nations hogging all the planetary resources for themselves thus misusing their energy and creating much suffering for the world's poor. You are divided as a species with some nefarious entities controlling the belief systems of entire nations thus perceiving themselves as rulers of your dimension. This is having a negative effect on your psychic energy fields. As you begin to merge your consciousness into a Fourth-Dimensional awareness, you will be acutely aware of the necessity to realign your relationships with each other and take back your power. The voice of the people has demonstrated its willingness for change recently with the worldwide protests against the war in Iraq. This is a significant step and your voices must be heard if change is to take place lest you perish. As you move into this new field of awareness you change the parameters of your root assumptions thus expanding your energy field and creating a new reality with which you will form your experience.

MB Is humanity likely to become more telepathic?

Seth Humanity has always been telepathic and without this form of communication you simply would not exist. The awareness of this ability however is beginning to manifest itself in many of you and will continue to do so. In the process of expansion of consciousness this ability is used with greater frequency. You are quite adept at using this sense in the dream states and to varying degrees on a conscious level during the waking state. The perception of your world's camouflage system is predominantly based on telepathic communications of others and this highly subjective form of communication has been used subliminally to sway the beliefs of the masses. The telepathic agenda of the nefarious entities that control the media in many nations has successfully created a fear-based society and many of you have willingly and unknowingly participated in the acceptance of this form of communication as it is natural to you. As you begin to develop your skills both individually and collectively you will be able to negate this form of stimuli and the misuse of telepathic energy will no longer be tolerated.

MB Do individual actions make any difference on a cosmic level?

Seth All actions affect all levels of consciousness both in your system of reality and that of others. Your negative thoughts must be constantly neutralized so as not to affect other dimensions as the psychic energy associated with them continues to follow its path. The energy of the actions that follow those thoughts also affects the multidimensional layers of your planetary system. On a cosmic level diffusion is necessary for the survival of other life forms many of which you have no concept of and are unable to interpret for they are formed outside of your own system. All is not as it appears to the Third-Dimensional eye in other systems of reality. There are many other spectrums of light, sound and vibrations that are simply unavailable to your limited Third-Dimensional senses. No matter what your scientists may discover, matter and its aspects will still be perceived within the limitations of your dimensional and vibrational interpretations.

MB What actions make the most difference in the scheme of things?

Seth The action of right thinking in relation to your intimate connection to each other is a significant step. In the world of probabilities there are definite patterns established for your greater learning and evolution that have the potential for actualization. You would benefit by using your intuitive abilities and Inner Senses to guide yourself and assist the rest of humanity out of its current perceptive course. Any probable action cannot manifest unless you individually or collectively consciously make the decision to allow for the event to form. In the 9-11 event there were many opportunities to negate the situation that were not actualized in the collective consciousness to prevent the materialization of the event. If you wish to change the current perceptive reality I would suggest a mass meditation worldwide focusing your energy field on visualization of a world benign of the present atrocities and then physically and spiritually set the course to actualize the vision. This has enough psychic energy associated with it to reform your current reality in the mass consciousness. It will also allow for greater understanding of your evolutionary goals as you participate in this unification of consciousness event.

MB How would you suggest people best prepare for any coming changes?

Seth That is the task at hand. I am once again giving you some truths that you have forgotten through the form of books to guide you through the coming changes. The first step as I mentioned is to focus on using the Inner Senses, as it will be imperative that you have demonstrated a proficient use of these abilities if you are to elevate yourselves out of your current perceived dilemma. You cannot evolve in consciousness without relying on these senses as they are intimately connected to the next dimension of awareness and will bring you into a clearer understanding of what you must do both individually and collectively to reform your world and live the truths and justice that you were meant to. Accessing your own internal wisdom and intuition without threatening the ever-burgeoning ego and listening to its distorted illusions will lead you to many truths. It is this internal wisdom, accessed through the Inner Senses that will begin the awakening of humanity to its current reality and allow for the manifestation of change.

MB Do you have suggestions about how our readers can best improve their quality of life?

Seth Take care of each other on a worldwide scale and do not live in fear of your brother and the rest will fall into place. When one focuses on ones ego-self only, one does not enter into the realms of expanded consciousness and remains trapped in their own isolated illusions, forever seeking and never finding. The quality of ones life generally depends on the perception of the ego. Quality of life on a soul level is quite different as the soul-self will seek out relationships with humanity on a spiritual level and will not be influenced by the trappings of an over-developed ego to find itself. It is secure within its environment and knows itself. Materialistic gratification means nothing to the soul. It is a desire of the ego to maintain status quo. As you begin to move into the realms of expanded consciousness, you will begin to abandon that which does not belong and find yourself living a more simplistic life with a greater connection to your fellow man. You will have changed the illusion and your perceptions of the quality of your life will be greatly expanded.

MB Can and should anyone channel information or entities like yourself?

Seth One must be prepared if one is to effectively channel entities as there are nefarious entities roaming the Astral planes that would love to misguide humanity. Generally the intellect must be of high quality and open-minded yet highly aware. One must know how to protect themselves from unsavory entities with less than honorable intentions. As your consciousness expands and you become proficient in your abilities to use your Inner Senses and intuitive abilities, many more of you will begin to be able to access communications with higher levels of your own energy source.

MB What in your view are the biggest factors that affect people's health experiences?

Seth Your own thoughts and beliefs create much of your perceived dilemmas whether it be of the physical nature or that of the mental or emotional nature all of which is not the soul's nature. I have some very beneficial exercises to allow for recognition of these alternate realities and how to charge them off and diffuse them with love and light. If you would listen to your own inner guidance instead of that of the poor, woeful ego, you would find that anomalies are but an expression of a dissatisfied and overindulged ego in competition with the soul aspects of the self. The ego is powerfully creative in usurping your own innate authority and wisdom in favor of its pitifully mundane agenda. It will go to great lengths to convince you that its perception is authentic thus circumventing your own inherent wisdom to the contrary. This allows for a chain reaction at the cellular level and the projected dis-ease then becomes manifest into form. Following the instructions of the ego which has created a belief within the mind, the body then prepares for the invader. Since the response was made at the cellular level it will follow its path of energy as directed by your own thoughts and beliefs. The second factor is fear. A fear-based society will find itself rotating in and out of every imaginable anomaly, once again at the prompting of the fearful ego. If the nefarious entities have their way, they will tether you to every conceivable concoction of drugs and keep you there thus stymieing your own evolution. If you do not question their validity or motives, you are handing them the power over your own spiritual evolution which can not happen in a drug induced state. If you succumb to this belief system, you will once again find yourself making the reincarnational journey into the Third-Dimensional negative arena until you can evolve out of the experience.

MB Is the human race on Earth at this time in history unique in any special ways?

Seth You are presently experiencing a dimensional shift in consciousness as you enter into the Aquarian age of cosmic energies, which is an unprecedented event in mankind's history. You are undergoing both chemical and biological changes, which will change the root assumptions of the physical system as you currently know it. You are also experiencing a culmination of your incarnated experience and that in itself will form new idea constructs of your present system of reality as you evolve yourself into higher energy fields. The strands of your DNA are also taking on new formations in connection with the chakra centers of the physical vehicle to allow for a greater transformation of experience and perceptive awareness.

MB How do you advise people to become clear on their life purpose?

Seth Go within and begin to access the Inner Senses and intuitive abilities. This will allow for the boundaries of the ego to broaden to accept the new incoming data. When one learns to rely on the Inner Senses, the current focused reality then manifests a new clear and undiluted set of parameters with which to create your experiences. The soul will reflect itself through its physical vehicle and abandon all that does not belong or is a perception of the distorted ego personality. That is the life purpose of humanity: to evolve the soul aspects of itself into its physical experience. When that is completed the reincarnational cycle into physical form will no longer be needed.

MB Our image of who we are as personalities or egos and what happens to our souls upon death is only a small part of the larger picture. Is that true and how would you explain that?

Seth Yes. You are concerned with your present reality as if it is a linear event in time when it does not conform to that rigidity at all. In your present system you have but one ego to contend with and it finds its security fully grounded within its physical framework and operates within this system of reality. However it is a byproduct of the physical vehicle only and does not continue its experience in the full sense upon reincarnation. Although experience is retained on a soul level it is not transferred to the physical form in the new experience. These manifestations of form and formless energy are interconnected and woven into a fabric of experience unique to you, yet a part of All That Is. You are on a path of learning experience tied to your dimension and when the experience is mastered you will move on to higher levels of consciousness and eventually evolve into the cosmic realms of All That Is.

MB What exercises do you feel would best assist our readers?

Seth I have given many but once again it is the navigation of the Inner Senses that is most appropriate for this critical time in your world. Focused meditation on connecting with the soul-self and accessing your inner wisdom is the impetus that will thrust your experiences into new dimensions of clarity of thought, inner peace and a harmless approach to your fellow man. Seek out to interact with the energy of your fellow beings on a spiritual level focusing away from the mental thoughts of the oftentimes misguided ego, bringing a positive experience into their energy field. If you will, each morning and night consciously tell yourself that you will be aware of the ego when it is out of alignment with the soul's purpose. Practice with your immediate family members to begin with and then extend the energy out to strangers without fear of rejection, for it is only the distorted perceptions of the ego that inhibit your abilities to reach out to others in a loving and harmless way.

MB Speak to us of the role of relationships in the development of the soul.

Seth All relationships are interconnected both in the actualized system and that of probabilities. They are the building blocks of your evolution. They extend well beyond your current focused system. At present your societies are predominantly ego-driven, leaving very little room for the soul to express its qualities. Relationships are the thrust of your development and the reason for entering into your system to begin with. In your world of probabilities it would benefit you to begin to reset the parameters and master your energy fields on a soul level. As you move in and out of these various fields of experience you oftentimes do so with the same members of a family group each taking on a different persona and set of probabilities during the reincarnational cycles. Oftentimes you will do so with many aspects of your own source energy incarnating into form, to form experience thus learning from yourself with yourself. When you begin to understand the human connection, this will not be difficult for you to conceptualize.

MB Is Gaia or Mother Earth a true goddess entity which exists?

Seth There are many members of the spiritual hierarchy of your planet both male and female. Many are ascended Spiritual Masters that were once men and women who have gone on to remain in service to your planet. There are also others associated with the Creator who have not lived in human form. All of these are the caretakers of the planet Earth which is a living breathing multidimensional organism. They ensure that the Divine will and the plan of the Creator is maintained. Their energies stay within the dimensions of the planet overseeing and overshadowing its inhabitants without violating Universal Laws or interfering with your free will. They have had many names since the inception of mankind and many of them at this time have once again entered your world in physical vehicles to teach you the way. When humanity as a whole begins to realize that your planet is a living organism they will view her delicate inner and outer membrane with a new respect. As this thought form permeates the consciousness of the masses and the needs of the Earth body are put into action you will find that your weather will calm down as well.

MB Is there one God or many Gods and Goddesses?

Seth In your solar system there is a planetary and solar Creator. But realize there are many solar systems, therefore many Creators. But we are focusing on your system at present. If you go beyond your system within the multitude of galaxies there is an infinite Being - the energy of all creation - which represents your concept of God. Within your system as I have said there is a planetary hierarchy of Spiritual Masters both male and female, the Creator and several other highly evolved beings that hold up different aspects of planetary functions. Their job is to ensure that the Divine will and the plan of the Creator remains in alignment with its purpose. As always they assist with your own evolutionary path.

MB Are there extra-terrestrials on the planet Earth who play a role in the course of history?
Seth There are many, some with honorable intentions aligned with the love light of All That Is and some nefarious entities that are aligned with the forces of dark. The nefarious ones are going to great lengths to halt your evolution at this time but they will not succeed. The chemical changes in your physical vehicle that are necessary for expanded consciousness are being systematically altered by these forces and you are responding as willing participants under an auspicious guise. Beings of Light from many systems have been patiently communicating with your species in an effort to alert you to the critical juncture that you are embarking upon. The misuse of nuclear technology in the hands of these unsavory entities will most certainly be cause for concern within the planetary hierarchy. You will not be allowed to destroy your planet even though this probable reality certainly does exist. The nefarious ones have lost the battle and will soon be sealed off into their own dimension, however they will try to take as many of you as possible with them. It is imperative that you abandon the misguided perceptions of the ego by realigning your thoughts and actions towards each other into the light and bring the soul aspects of the self into manifestation, otherwise you may end up in their dimensional time warp with them. This is the most important thing that I can say to you, as time as you know it is closing in on you.

MB What role does diet play in an individual's health and clarity of thought?

Seth When you understand your interconnectedness to All That Is, you will find much of your diet repulsive and begin to change. Animal forms which share the planetary camouflage with you will be the first to go. Eating the meat of these materialized forms creates chemical reactions in the physical body that do not promote clear connections to the multidimensional layers of the self. It is not necessary to ingest animal proteins and after one has attained a higher state of consciousness it will become clear to you. Suffice to say it also slows down your evolution and that of the animal. Your society largely lives on chemically produced food sources which also slow down the evolutionary process of expanded consciousness and soul expression thus clogging up the mind and body which is precisely what the nefarious entities are focusing on.

MB What role is today's media playing in human development?

Seth I have devoted nearly an entire chapter to the deceptions of the media in this book. All is not what it appears to be when it comes to the media. The media in the nations of power are largely controlled by the nefarious entities. You have given your power to sources other than yourself and in your complacency have been manipulated to bend to the agenda of others. The almighty dollar has become the code of ethics in the corporate world, which if allowed to continue will continue to create the deaths of many thus halting your own evolution. Your media is taking you on a path of self-destruction in this actualized system of reality. But the path is not set firmly as yet and your collective wills on a mass scale can prevent dis-ease and disaster. The media have effectively manipulated the consciousness of humanity into a fear-based society. You cannot evolve on this path. The byproduct of fear creates an intense energy field of negativity and raises certain chemical levels in the physical vehicle. The nefarious ones use this as their food source so to speak as darkness thrives on hate, fear, anxiety, guilt and other forms of negative energy. It becomes the fuel behind the impetus of their actions. It is essential that you take back your power which is rightfully yours and unite your wills as brothers in humanity, not separated and isolated but united as one in divinity.

MB Do you have any advice for MB Media and our two magazines Magical Blend and Natural Beauty and Health?

Seth Focus your energies on humanity and better serving your fellow man. It is one thing to convey a thought through the verbal medium and another to act upon it. Take action and use your voices. If the current reality construct is not what you want then only you collectively have the power to change it. Seek out and find the teachings of Spiritual Masters that have incarnated into your world at this time and bring forth the ideas of these energies to the masses. Bring forth support through your media endeavors for these new energies that have incarnated into your system at this point, for they have the task of creating the webworks that will weave into experience the new thought forms of creative energy. Use your media expertise to reach out to all levels of humanity and come together as a unified front to change the current energy pattern. In the worldwide consciousness all is a liquid matrix of probabilities waiting for their actualized moment of form. The materialized scenario will be thrust into action where the highest levels of psychic energy are the impetus of its manifestation. It is equally essential to keep the physical vehicle free of chemical pollutants and negative sources of fuel.


Using Your Inner Senses
Appeared in March 2003 Issue of Sedona Journal of Emergence
Copyright © 2003 by Seth Returns Publishing
All Rights Reserved.

Humanity at this time is about to embark on a journey into its next level of awareness. Your central nervous systems are being prepared for an abundance of external and internal stimuli as you move forward in your evolution. Proficient navigation of the Inner Senses during this time of rapidly expanding consciousness is imperative if you are to remain fully focused within the grid system of Fourth-Dimensional awareness.

The pathways you take through your inner reality are beginning to open up different fields of reality to you. The depths of your interactions with each other are taking on a new vitality. Your perceptive awareness has allowed you limited experience of a given situation. However, accelerated consciousness expansion now allows feeling the experience from both your personal perspective and that of others.

The energy fields surrounding you have intensified as the magnetic fields surrounding the Earth have decreased, bringing you into a closer perspective with your multidimensional reality and that of others. Your personal perspective of a physical experience is no longer left just as an event to be told, it is also becoming an event to be felt even though it may not have been your personally experienced event in the materialized physical sense. You are now beginning to connect with your Inner Sense of feeling as an instant manifestation rather than a delayed thought manifestation. This increasing awareness is bringing you into alignment with all living things on a highly expanded level. Multidimensional time fields previously accessed through meditation and highly focused concentration are becoming increasingly easy to traverse. These time fields have always been used by the whole self in dream states. As you begin to connect your present reality with all aspects of your multidimensional reality, these fields will begin to be utilized consistently in your present perceived reality and not just as isolated aspects of other portions of self to be experienced in dream time.

Humanity is moving into this heightened state of awareness as a whole and your Inner Senses are the necessary guides to bring your consciousness into the Fourth-Dimensional grid. What used to be considered psychological babble is now being utilized in your every day lives as a means of expanding your experiences. What you identify as your consciousness is quite literally the many aspects of yourself, as a whole, telepathically communicating and interacting with you on various different levels. At this point in your evolution it is your Inner Senses that will be needed to guide you through this uncertain experience. In the dream state all experiences are freely shared with all aspects of self and brought into perception when needed by any portion of self to navigate its current reality. If you will remember as a child how easily you were able to connect with the elements of your world through your imagination, you will begin to get a glimpse of what Fourth-Dimensional consciousness is like. If you wished to pretend to be the neighbor's cat or a bug on the pathway you would simply take yourself through multidimensional time and move your awareness into that experience, becoming it and feeling it.

Because you live in a highly conditioned society, you have wandered away from using these Inner Senses. You have been conditioned to experience through the physical body, the physical senses and the ideas of the ego. The conditioning has brought you as a species out of balance with yourself and with All That Is. Moving oneself into multidimensional time daily through meditation will bring you into full awareness of these Inner Senses. Take any aspect of your present reality and go into it, feel it, and become it. Move into it and experience it in all of its realities - past, present and future as you know it in your current focused perception. Learn to navigate its experience even if it is an object such as a vase. Imagine the elements of the vase in their raw form that participated consciously in the creation of the vase with all of the molecular changes and feelings associated with its transformation from one form to another. Feel and sense its energy vibration and its feeling of oneness with itself and its Universe. This will give you a tiny glimpse of the vastness of your own reality and creation of self. Release your thoughts away from your limited Third-Dimensional perspective into higher realms of consciousness, conceptually opening your present reality into other fields of experience. Your Inner Senses are the navigational system that directs your inner and outer vitality and within that framework alone there is a vast expanse to explore.

Now, at present most of you are still unable to enter into one of your other encapsulated personal reality fields, however the ability to do so is one of the elements of the Fourth-Dimensional consciousness. As you enter into the Unity of Consciousness dimension, all thoughts, whether yours or others, are instantly manifested into reality. You may at will merge your consciousness with that of others for dual experience, knowing, understanding and feeling all aspects of your manifested reality together as one. As this ability is neurologically activated you will spontaneously be able to walk into another's reality field and merge their thoughts with yours, thus allowing for instant understanding of each other on a highly intuitive level. In your present though, this experience is limited mainly to psychics and clairvoyants, but none-the-less quite valid in its own perspective. As you become accustomed to removing your conditioning and merging your inner self with your ego, limiting the need for the ego to be in command, there will be less filtering of this data and more cognitive experiences will come forth.

If you are guided by your intuition then you are relying on the use of one of the Inner Senses. Rather than relying on external stimuli to color your perspective of life, your own intuitive perception can be a far greater source of guidance, as it is a pool of experience and knowledge from all aspects of the self, not just your limited, present incarnational manifestation. Intuitive experience allows for data to be made available to you from past, present and future experience. Whether you consciously choose to access the information or not, it is always being used by the self for its greater learning and understanding. Your intuitive self will give you a far richer experience, bringing forward fragments as needed from the greater entity of self as a whole and beyond that, for each whole of self connects to a larger whole and so on. In a way, since you are all part of the great energy gestalt of All That Is, your experience comes from everything around you. However, the intuitive self is the most accessible portion of that gestalt and will have the greatest influence in your present daily reality since it is most directly connected to your present focused experience. If more people would follow their own intuition rather than the often misguided ideas of the ego, there would be a greater stability in your world and you would find yourselves living in balance with the harmonics of the universe. You would have a greater amount of peace in your world as well.

Another way to use the Inner Senses is to travel in the astral body outside of the dream state where you are accustomed to using this vehicle. For some of you this may present a problem due to your conditioning. The concept of visualizing yourself out of your current body may seem foreign to some, yet each and every one of you in the dream state accesses this Inner Sense quite easily. One does not have to be in the dream state to experience astral travel, as you experience this each time you use your imagination. Daydreaming is a highly valid form of astral travel. So you see you are already quite adept at using this Inner Sense. You are moving in and out of your current illusion construct into another quite valid one leaving your body in its suspended state so-to-speak as you astrally travel. Oftentimes you will know when someone is astrally traveling in the limited sense that you are presently used to, as their eyes will take on a distant look as if they are not fully focused in their present reality. Children are quite adept at this and often take their current body with them in this interactive astral illusion.

At present you have been wavering in and out of Third and Fourth-Dimensional fields of reality. As one moves fully into the next dimensional grid of awareness, the inner self will eventually merge completely with all of its aspects and release itself from current illusions of perceived reality into its next reality field of learning experience. As your vibrational fields and that of your planet are raised you will release yourselves from the density and limitations of the third dimension. Learning to proficiently navigate the Inner Senses will greatly improve your abilities to sustain yourselves and remain in the next level of consciousness.

Copyright © 2004 All Right Reserved.


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