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Why is Maintenance Mandatory?
During the early Obama administration, Obama was noticed by FCUSA via letter of the banking fraud on loans and the AR legal remedy to resolve them. Rather than support the defrauded people, Obama choose to approach the SEC and directed them to terminate the club and founder Tom with a phony claim and put an Obama appointed federal judge in charge of the suit. By court order they stole the bulk of club money and froze most of the remaining. They sent 10 US Marshals to Tom's home in the middle of the night to raid, rough-up and arrest Tom in cuffs and leg irons then taken to federal prison. The sham trial ordered FCUSA to cease and desist in all matters of the AR processes. Failing to do this would send Tom back to prison permanently. Upon Tom's release 2 attempts were made on Tom's life, the second one sent him to the Emergency Room saving his life.
What happened next?
To find ways to support our members, we initiated the GSA process for a time but in time realized the same solution needed for its success would likely end the way the AR did. We closed our office, terminated and the bulk of the staff.
Can I get a refund?
Your agreement with FCUSA and each order clearly states the processes are on a 'best efforts' basis and there are 'no refunds'. P.S. Your founder, Tom, has never drawn a salary or commission from the club. All proceeds have paid staff, referrer commissions, rent, equipment and monthly services common to all businesses.
Who was to pay the AR/GSA claims?
The cabal owned FED. They had been given a 99 year contract to replace the legitimate US Treasury in 1913. The FED created the fraudulent banking system where banks can create virtually unlimited loans via simple book entries without expending any of their own funds. As borrowers pay their monthly debt, all of the principle and interest is 100% profit as nothing was expended by the bank when making the loan. Thus the fraud.
Does the cabal FED still control the enormouse wealth stolen from borrowers?
No. Since their contract has ended, slowly the US Treasury has taken over the FED and their ill gotten wealth. The FED exists in name only and is being run by the US Treasury. Thus, any potential cabal liability from claims would have little or no assets to pay.
How has FCUSA existed in recent years?
Voluntary maintenance by our dedicated members.
There is mention of a new payout. What is that?
The old corrupt banking system has been replaced worldwide with the Quantum banking system. This system is not controlled by the banks but by you, the depositor. New resources are coming available to compensate all members in good standing with substantial monthly payments plus funds for a new home and new car. Details will be forthcoming.
Is it fair that only early maintenance volunteers will be eligible for these new payouts?
Yes. These Elite members supported us during the most difficult times and go to the head of the class for payouts. However, since maintenance was made mandatory 2+ years ago, all members who wish to join in the new program will need to get current on their maintenance or have utilized the 'hardship' option during that 2+ year period. Those who also enlist for the Elite program will receive more extensive benefits and payouts.
The focus of FCUSA for the last 7 years has changed to ending DARKNESS. Why?
This paradigm is one of duality, light and darkness together. Every known problem on Earth is due to darkness and every positive action is light at work. For 13,000 years darkness has prevailed. Even with bringing love and truth thru Buddha, Moses, Jesus and others, the deeply engrained darkness continues to this day. Darkness is an invisible force with endless forms and in infinite numbers. Lois and Tom are blessed with the gift to intuitively find these and Tom has the ability to extinguish them. This has meant daily attacks against us by the enemy that influences humans to do harmful and heinous acts. We see it in illegal taxes, abusive laws, killer COVID JABS, fraudulent financial systems, illegal invaders worldwide, diseases, wars, political corruption and on and on. Every known problem that exists on Earth is the influence of these dark invisible entities, essences and energies.
Has this darkness stopped funding?
Most certainly. Any actions that will free humanity from their control is viciously attacked by invisible entities, essences and energies of darkness. The recipient of their control think their actions are their own as the darkness blocks critical and rational thinking. We see this in many groups such as democrats, liberals, far left individuals, politicians, major media, legal system, judges, banking and many more. These influences manipulate the recipients to enforce open borders, global warming taxes, supporting wars, oppressive laws, forced Jab, illegal foreclosures and repossessions, media lies, corporatized governments to name a few. Most certainly their harmful influence has thrown roadblocks stopping club funding of ARs, GSA and the worldwide RV.
So will ending darkness allow funding to occur?
Yes, by removing the destructive influences in humanity and allowing humans access to their hearts will allow them to function from truth and do what is best for all. In some cases, certain humans have gone totally dark and are not amenable to return to light and thus they will be needed to be removed from their positions of control.
Are we close to ending darkness?
Yes. In the last 7 years, Tom has done 37,000+ sessions ranging from helping an Elie Member with a health issue to clearing centillions of nasties affecting all of humanity. The dark have had a 13,000 year head-start to implement, hide, backup, copy, shield, veil and protect with attackers. Anyone finding them and attempting to extinguish them pays a price. As in any war, there are casualties, wounds inflicted by the dark causing daily physical pain, electronics disfunction, furnace failure, AC failure, attacks on loved ones, sleep disturbances, legal challenges, financial obstacles, etc. All of the things humanity is experiencing but magnified against those who are here to end their existence.
I had no idea what FCUSA was doing for members and humanity. What is our future?
As darkness ends, humanity will find and function from their hearts, their center of truth rather than their ego that is easily controlled by darkness. This is why we offer the 6 step deep cleanse Wellness Program at our sister company www.BioRenew.com. For those who choose to continue further, the next step is the Elite Membership. Access to all of these is outlined in previous newsletters found here https://freedomclubusa.com/newsletter_history2/. Our future is to ascend to a New Earth of light. It is ready for us now and will be available to those who have learned their lessons in this duality school, found their hearts and cleared their baggage. There will be only a small percent of humanity that will graduate from this very tough Earth school. Most will/have dropped out, others will flunk out, others will squeak by and the few who excel will ascend to the awesome New Earth. I hope that will be you! May you be blessed, Rev. Tom, Lois, Debbie and our FCUSA team.


Over the last 2+ years a lot has happened to society and our members beyond their control.  Loss of employment, home foreclosure and illness have prohibited members from keeping up with the ever changing mission of FCUSA.  Your recent feedback has reminded us we needed a better way to assess your challenges and sincere desire to retain your FCUSA membership if your situation has prohibited you from "knowing" maintenance was mandatory for 2+ years.

Click here for the form and briefly explain your situation that prohibited you from knowing maintenance is mandatory and kept you from utilizing the previous 'hardship' option. 

NON-HARDSHIP MEMBERS: If you are now just discovering mandatory maintenance or have ignored prior notices in weekly newsletters and on calls, get current by the 2/11/24 deadline or your membership will end.

Mandatory Maintenance

Catch Up

       $30+ Catch-up Maintenance

       -- OR --

Mail check/MO to:

Our New Earth

4002 Hwy 78

Suite 530-321

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