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Creator's Upliftment of Humanity


As darkness is ending, upliftment of humanity is beginning.


We are now progressing significantly with the upliftment of humanity.  As this reaches 100% all accumulated changes will become apparent worldwide.  At 100% there will be no more darkness, crime, or any aspect of fear.  At 100% a magnificent thunderbolt of change will occur resolving all fear, pain and suffering from spiritual, mental, emotional and physical  aspects.  


Thank you Creator


Note: Creator has gifted humanity with the eradication of the COVID-19 several weeks ago, ALL REPORTS OF NEW CASES ARE FAKE.  Let's get back to work!

Thank you, Creator

You are becoming…
“Unlimited Essences of light
... Creator

”Much progress has occurred in many areas with profound importance affecting all paradigms in readiness for divine awakening for all.  As we align with our inner self we will come to understand the purpose of the illusion and why we have chosen to agree to experience it.  With total divine guidance we accepted our mission with total trust.  With great delight we began the blind adventure of duality for the purpose of inner growth by experiencing limited abilities producing challenges that could only be achieved with a veil limiting our true self.  It became so real that we forgot we were playing in cooperation with Creator’s esoteric construct of duality.  Our higher selves will be guiding your transition back to your true selves, ‘unlimited essences of light’.” 

Prime Creator of Light


Creator: “Tom, it is with great pleasure that I now address FCUSA participants on your journey seeking truth and healing.  We all have come here to planet Earth for a common purpose, to be challenged and to learn great lessons for your soul’s growth.  Each of you has exhibited your dedication to discover insights within that will never again challenge us as all darkness will be extinguished and we return to our natural state as beings of light.  Each of you has been gifted with unique abilities that will serve you as you return your focus to your life mission.  Join with Me now as we complete our mission bringing with you the incredible lessons you have come to acquire from your multitude of obstacles that you have overcome.  Delight in knowing you have expanded all previous adventures while in the illusion of limitation.”

Since the discovery and removal of the two hidden aspects of the "Y", a greater body of darkness was revealed. Thus the percent of a larger body of darkness appears as a smaller percent. The end result is ALL remaining darkness is being purged from our lives and ATI (all-that-is).

Creator: "Tom, we are entering an interesting period that will challenge humanity.  This will be highly invigorating for humanity resulting in deep exploration of life’s meaning and questioning the truth of everything.  It will break loose core beliefs challenging all that is not supported with truth.  Dissecting every particle of each core belief will consume the minds of humanity as they attempt to make sense of the cascade of new concepts to explain man’s purpose on your planet.  It is about awakening the self-conscious aspects that will reveal inner truth and your connection to the spirit.  It is essential for humanity to understand that we are first divine souls experiencing a physical expression of divine possibilities.  Next it is paramount for humanity to comprehend the purpose of your journey on your planet.  This will take a more genuine inspection of ourselves to arrive at a conclusion.  We underestimate how complex your essence is and how it is intricately connected to every other particle that exists.  As humanity continues to wrestle with disappointment and lack the greater dynamics allow unlimited abilities for humanity to connect with their spiritual essence." 



Memories of past dark actions are deeply captured within humanity even after the removal of all darkness.  These memories still pull humanity’s strings even when the dark energies are gone. Creator is transitioning humanity’s memories to ones that are heart centered and filled completely with love and reconciliation.

Creator has also Instilled a strong connection with humanity and Earth by grounding humanity to Earth and connecting them to their hearts.


Creator messages to humanity: 

A)Let us bring inner blessings to fruition for all of humanity for their upliftment for the return to eternal wisdom and peace.”

B) “Dear beings of Earth, each of you has come to our planet in this life for a very special awakening. Each of you has come with a purpose to fulfill.  To find your purpose, it will soon be revealed to you.  As you discover your purpose, you will be asked to deliver on your assignment.”

Prime Creator of Light    

Upon the removal of the “Y” two years ago, two aspects of the “Y” were placed on Earth and continued to 1) remove light and 2) send aggressive darkness. These were discovered and removed by Creator ending all support of darkness in every form (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

We are already seeing the extinction of darkness by 100%.  As the darkness leaves, it will revert to a neutral state and be dissipated to the void.  All that will remain will be Creator’s light!
Prime Creator of Light   

Thank you Prime Creator of Light

Creator’s message to humanity:  “Dear beings of Earth, each of you has come to our planet in this life for a very special awakening. Each of you has come with a purpose to fulfill.  To find your purpose, it will soon be revealed to you.  As you discover your purpose, you will be asked to deliver on your assignment.”

Prime Creator of Light    

Below is a recent chat with Prime Creator of Light.


Creator:  “There has been a dynamic shift occurring that is dividing our ability to recognize that it is vital that there is a supreme guidance available.  Our most important task now is to revitalize humanity’s heart connection.” 


Creator: “Next, we need an abundance of love to flow into the lives of humanity.” 


Creator: “Next, we need to allow humanity to integrate their enhancements with their divine Creator.” 


For humanity to be lifted from their limitations…
Creator: “First, we will need a generous amount of praise for humanity for their ability to keep on working to overcome the darkness.” 


Creator: “Next, humanity will need a way to overcome their distrust of their own selves.”


Creator: “We will first reflect the difficulty of duality and free will.  It was impossible to function in 4D without help coming from the light.  Despite this extreme disadvantage humanity persevered through every obstacle.  It is this inner quest for freedom that has kept the spirit of humanity alive.”


Question: What is it that drives humanity (you) to continue on even when faced with devastating challenges? Are we all here to learn our final lessons that will end darkness forever?


Is this Creator’s message to humanity?  If so, what is the overshadowing lesson we need to acknowledge? 


Creator: “Our purpose indeed was to validate humanity’s futility of existence devoid of My light.  Time to end this adventure and return to the heart of Creator.”


Creator: “We (humanity) are ascending to our new wonderful domain rising above all limitations.  Let us rejoice in awesome heartfelt ways.” 

Creator: “A wondrous time of jubilance and celebration will ensue unparalleled in this paradigm’s history since the arrival of darkness.”


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