When Good Men Do Nothing 
When Good Men Do Nothing 
The significance of October 17, 2005

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmond Burke

Several people have e-mailed me requesting more information about the significance of October 17th, 2005, and also what exactly is the "October Surprise" about that is being discussed on the low in powerful political circles.  Now October 17th, 2005, is the date when the new bankruptcy laws go into effect, and also the little known fact that this will change the U.S (corporate) bankruptcy Status from a Chapter 11 Reorganization to a Chapter 7 Liquidation.  The foreign creditors that own most U.S. citizen's bonded birth certificate security, will now be able to come in and liquidate all of their tangible & intangible assets.  Yes, including the people aka U.S. citizen, because based on unrevealed non disclosed "adhesion contracts" they will be held as surety for their Strawman.
The people fall under the category of intangible assets and thus have the "privilege" to work off their personal debt & the national debt (see # 11) in one of the up and running National Concentration Camps located through out the country.  (see # 12).  All that's missing is another 9-11/"national emergency".  If you're watching the news I'm sure you see how they are mentally preparing the people to accept the Al-Qaedaians as this months new demon terrorist.  What a perfect excuse to take away whatever residual rights left from 9-11.  It is advised to keep Chicago US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald in your prayers as he seems to be one of the few people that has the guts to try and bring these tyrants to justice.  (see # 15)
These links will cover the basics, so you may overstand the impending chaos, which is consciously being orchestrated around us. See for your self.  The Creator has given us all FREE WILL.  The choice is yours to believe or disbelieve.  Let your conscience be your guide. Yes it is understood, that under these heavily laden circumstances denial is an acceptable form of coping.  Although not useful, but it is expected and acceptable.